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Choosing the proper outerwear requires a lot of forethought depending on the weather and the type of working environment you’ll be involved in. Choosing high-quality outerwear cannot be overemphasized. You need the protection and comfort regardless of the weather out there. You want to enjoy durability, or you will be forced to keep buying outerwear garments all the time. If you are choosing a top brand like Bulwark outerwear, there are several factors that determine the perfect outerwear to purchase.

When you understand the weather conditions within the site or region you will be working, it helps to consider aspects such as water resistance, breathability and windproofing. In sites with high risk from fires, you need to consider outerwear with fire retardant technology. You want to be assured of utmost protection from harsh elements; nevertheless, it’s imperative that comfort is an important part of the garments you will select.

Bulwark outerwear garments are usually the first line of defense when you hit the construction or any other demanding workplace. Even though it’s an important layer, you need to assess whether your pieces are the right size given that you already have other clothes inside. Choosing tight outer layer can leave you with lots of discomforts and restricted mobility. Again, you need to avoid oversized outerwear; they can flap around and leave you vulnerable to accidents.

The outerwear you pick should offer excellent usability, functionality, and organization. You need to know how to pick jackets, pants, and visibility outerwear. With Bulwark outerwear, you can’t miss the right garment that complements the climate, flexibility, color and protective requirements. When you select outerwear garments, the choice has to be of high quality. Don’t just pick a jacket because it appears flashy. You need to know whether you are covered from the harsh elements or even sharp objects.


When you head out to a work site in a cold region, the outerwear you choose should be able to stand up to the chilly or freezing conditions. Anything less will affect your comfort and health, different types of Bulwark outerwear are made with hot or snowing conditions in mind. You should look for outerwear with the appropriate linings or event to suit either condition.

Mobility Requirements

When you come across a great outerwear garment, you need to consider the construction and fabrics. At the same time, you should look at the mobility factor. If you choose heavy jackets and pants, they might hamper your ease of movement. Additional weight in cold or hot areas can be a liability. Remember, you also need to evaluate how far you will be moving to and from. If you are up on a mountain site, you want to feel comfortable, but the outerwear such as a traditional parka should protect you from the winds or ice without having to feel overburdened.

Utility features

High-quality outerwear will offer you the right features that make it easy to access your gear or tools. For instance, your work jacket should have pockets that come with easy access. Also, fasteners, release mechanisms, and flaps should facilitate fast removal in sensitive situations. You need to avoid outerwear that will give you headaches when you try to strap it on top of your standard work wear.


Your outer layer is the most noticeable garment when you adorn Bulwark outerwear. Other than looking sharp, you need to ensure that the colors you pick are matching with the job requirements or site conditions. You need to decide whether you want a uniform look with the rest of your clothing. Equally, you need to check whether other workers are wearing the same colors for a harmonized look. Unless you want to create workplace hierarchy, the uniform look is still viable.

What to Consider

Test of Time

Workwear trends do change every now and then. It’s the same with outerwear. You need to read the trends emerging with fabric technology, construction and changing work site requirements. This will allow you to purchase outerwear that won’t need to be replaced in no time. However, you should be cautious not to rush for trendy at the sacrifice of functionality. If you keep outerwear simple, it tends to be timeless compared to flashy garments that are short-lived.

Function and Comfort

Whether it’s a construction site, restaurant or an automotive workshop, you need to consider comfort over other aspects. Outerwear that offers superior protection will give the employee added a sense of safety; they are likely to feel motivated. If you don’t have protective clothing or outerwear, your crew is likely to be overly cautious and less productive. If you have a sensitive worksite with biohazard risks, you need to consider specialized work wear or risk lawsuits.

If you have work sites where visibility is already compromised or if your crew has to work at night, consider investing in proper high visibility outerwear. You need to know the different types of reflective and hi-visibility outerwear classifications before you spend money.

 Our Bulwark Outerwear

When you want appropriate work outerwear, come to UniformsInStock; you won’t be disappointed. We have a huge selection of Bulwark outerwear for all industries and professions. We have the right sizes, styles, and designs for men and women. For those in sensitive work sites, we have flame resistant and high visibility outerwear. We have fabrics that offer utmost protection from hazardous spills and chemicals. We stock disposable outerwear as well.

Our site is easy to navigate and we can help you choose the right outerwear for your kind of profession. We don’t compromise on safety, durability or comfort with our range of Bulwark outerwear. Pick from our superb collection of protective vests, reliable visibility wear, not forgetting jackets and coats. You won’t be disappointed! If you request a refund, we have a 90 day period to honor your request.

For more information about our selection of Bulwark outerwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Men's Flame Resistant Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt


    Men's Flame Resistant Zip-Front Hooded Sweatshirt
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  2. Men's ComforTouch Parka with CSA Compliant Reflective Striping - 7 oz.


    Men's ComforTouch Parka with CSA Compliant Reflective Striping - 7 oz.
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    Men's ComforTouch Lined Bomber Jacket with Reflective Striping - EXCEL FR
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  4. Parka - Reflective Trim


    Parka - Reflective Trim
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  5. Men's Flame Resistant Insulated Bomber Jacket - 7 oz.


    Men's Flame Resistant Insulated Bomber Jacket - 7 oz.
    $269.95 As low as $175.47
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