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Over the years, the necktie has proven to be an integral piece of accessory in a man’s wardrobe. Since you don’t want to leave home without it, it’s imperative that you pick high-quality necktie to round up your desired image. Formal or casual occasions call for dazzling ties that make the perfect statement. There are thousands of neckties that offer various tastes, styles, and statements to different personalities.  When you choose high-quality Cardi neckties you won’t be left behind. The good thing about ties from Cardi is that they come in different colors, materials, and patterns for those who want to look their absolute best.

When you invest in quality Cardi neckties, you are assured of a flattering effect with the formal or casual ensemble you wear. Unfortunately, many men who opt for cheap options are likely to end up with a bad appearance. Cardi neckties are designed to offer the flattering look while putting to consideration aspects such as color coordination size and fabrics. You can’t get it wrong with these highly-coveted accessories. You only need to know what to look for your tastes and where to shop for Cardi ties.

Proportion and Symmetry

When you opt to invest in several Cardi neckties, it helps to look at the proportions. Cardi ties don’t compromise on length and width and also, how they fit with different body types or physique. The ideal tie is one that has all the symmetry with the rest of the outfit that an individual has. Cardi ties are perfect for the small and big body types. If you are a bit massive, you need to choose neckties that are equally bigger and longer. Smaller physiques need shorter lengths and widths. If you are unsure, you can consult the designer’s tie size calculator to get it right.

When you get the tie width and length right, you will need to consider the type of jacket or blazer you wear. Cardi neckties are made to complement different jackets or coats. This makes it for an individual to create the right statement for an event they are attending. For instance, the jacket or coat lapels have a major impact on the type of tie you should pick


The color of your neckties says a lot about your personality. You need to find a balance between your outfits and the best colors that can work with them for utmost versatility. When you opt for Cardi neckties, you get a full range of colors ranging from bright neutral and the more daring shades. No one color is suitable for all occasions and outfits; you should take time and browse the palettes offered by Cardi before you pick one. For instance, you will get the perfect neckties for the black-tie events and there are countless options for casual to semi-casual occasions.

For the professional or corporate workplace, you can pick the deep blue or red colors since they exude lots of confidence and power. If you are in the casual engagement, you can opt to choose Cardi neckties with appealing colors. However, you should take note of your outfits first and the look you want to sell. It’s important that you look at the season as well; it’s never difficult to find Cardi neckties that suit winter or summer perfectly.


After identifying the right necktie colors, you should look at the ideal patterns to buy or wear. There are specific but not strict rules that govern how to pick a patterned tie for a given look. It’s important that you choose patterns that are not overwhelmingly present in the rest of your outfit. The pattern styles offered by Cardi neckties come in a superb variety that can match a number of outfits.

For instance, stripped shirts will not do well with striped ties. If you are a beginner, you can choose light or semi patterned designs form Cardi. Instead of fully pronounced patterns, smaller patterns, dots and ambiguous checks are also a good starting point. Necktie patterns with solid colors are equally versatile. If you feel that a given pattern ids too loud, you may need to drop patterns.


The necktie collection form Cardi comes in different fabrics. It’s important that you know how to choose fabrics that are easy to maintain and care for. Cardi neckties are made of different materials that require minimum cleaning and care. It’s important that you take time to learn the pros and cons of different tie fabrics like cotton and silk. Sometimes, silk has an added advantage over other materials due to its aesthetic and elegance value. When shopping for silk neckties from Cardi, check the prices and assess whether you are within range.


Different Cardi neckties are designed with top quality and craftsmanship in mind. Any man who wants to accessorize with the perfect tie needs to choose a quality necktie. You should ignore the cheap fabrics or you will end up with frayed, or worn out neckties. It’s advisable that you invest in one quality necktie instead of buying three cheap ones at a time.

Our Cardi Neckties

At UniformsInStock, we have a tie for every fashion savvy man. For instance, our Cardi collection is known for the suave neckties that fit al dress codes and occasions. We have a generous range of materials including silk, cotton, lined and polyester and top notch blends. We stock ties that have a rich feel in texture and thickness.

 We have neckties for the big and small builds and the color palettes re out of this world. We have exceptional prices and we ship your small or bulk order on the same day you shop with us. We have a knowledgeable team of experts who can guide you on necktie etiquette or simply help you to pick the perfect necktie. Talk to us today and enjoy neckties designed with exceptional flair and style.

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