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Vests have been a controversial addition to a man’s style and wardrobe for quite a while. The history of vests dates back centuries ago, but the vest seems to have succumbed to less than expected changes. Today, choosing the right designer vests can add the taste needed to formal wear. When you choose brand vests such as Cardi vests, you reinforce your outfits in a suave manner, which can be good when you want to exude style under tight budgets.

Previously, wearing these vests seemed like a daily routine. Nowadays, it’s more or less like optional and by preference. However, it takes a lot to understand the workings of the vest, especially when you want to pick one that can work the fashion miracles expected. Men’s vests are nothing short of a sophisticated accessory. Wearing the right vest, the right way, will give you confidence and young looks, but you need to know the intricacies involved in choosing an elegant vest.

If you want to ensure that the vest you pick works for you, it helps to evaluate the event you want to attend donning the garment. At times it means classifying Cardi vests that are suitable for day and night events. Even so, the ideal vest should complement a man’s build and bring out his waist and chest in the most flattering of ways.

Choosing Your Suit Vests

Initially, a well firing vest was thought to be perfect, if it was long to cover the waist; hence the other name for these garments is waistcoat. When it comes to the shoulders, the vest should be flat against the body, and under the collar areas the v shape of the vest on the upper side should be visible enough when worn with a suit coat. If you want perfect results and feel, you need to pick the right fabrics while taking note of the seasons.

It’s advisable to pick striking finishes and details such as flashy buttons and collars that come with a mix and match effect. The good thing with Cardi vests is that they come in a wide range of colors that can be used to create enticing contrast with jackets or coats. When you understand the fabrics, it will be easy to pick vests suitable for different occasions and times.

Why Vests?

Many people will be perplexed with the reason why they would need a vest in their wardrobe. However, this garment can do wonders when you want to roll around with magnificent outfits while in actual sense, you only have a few jackets and vests. If you invest in a few vests, with odd or light colors, they will help you to mix and blend coats to give you a unique ensemble each day. In fact, quality Cardi vests can help you save a lot or allow you to rotate coats and jackets without raising eyebrows.

The Light Colored Odd Vest

When you wear odd colored vests, you may be confused about the best colors that can have excellent effect paired with your coats. It’s wise to kick off with a solid color vest that is lighter than you’re the jacket since it is versatile. For instance, white vests can be superb with flannel and muted colors.

 Characteristics of a Great Vest

Before you choose a vest there are things you should pay attention to:

  • Length of the Vest

 The length of the vest matters a lot; you should know how to pick the perfect vest length in relation to your trousers. As a cardinal rule, the vest should stay on top of the waistband. You need to look at your head, torso dimensions, and the height that your trouser rises to. At times, you can cool off the look by leaving the bottom button of the vest undone; however, you can skip the belt and make sure that your shirt doesn’t peep out of the vest.

  • Big Armholes for Easy Movement

Vests have no sleeves, unlike the conventional jacket. To facilitate easy movement, make sure that it’s designed with big arm openings. If they are tapering or restricted, it could have a negative impact on the hands and general body movement.

  • Lined Back

Vests are designed with lined backs. The lining material should be light such as silk or viscose. Hardly will you ever see the same material on the front on the back, this makes it light in weight and the smooth lining makes it easy to hang your coat or jacket conveniently. When the coat is removed, the differently colored line creates a solid statement.

Vest Rules

There are many acceptable ways of presenting the vest as part of your dress code; the vest gives you a compact look as long as it’s worn right. If you break some of the known vest rules, you will look bland and unconcerned. Always make sure that the vest doesn’t hang or overextend your belt buckle. Don’t wear too small or too baggy vests, they will look like they were unprofessionally cut. With Cardi vests, you will get exceptional styling and designs.

Our Cardi Vests

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