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Chef Works

UniformInStock has a range of Chef Works uniforms available. Our range includes headwear, aprons, chef coats, shirts, and chef pants. These items are available in a wide range of colors, and allow you to be comfortable and stylish in your working environment. Working as a chef means you need to dress the part, while being able to work productively and enjoy a clean working environment.

Chef uniforms are often chosen in specific colors such as white, or even black. But we have a wide range of color options for you to choose from. Chef Works has a wide range of colors and their uniforms can be found in 45 countries around the world. They are a leading provider of high quality chef work wear, making their products popular, durable and cost effective.

About Chef Works

Chef Works is a worldwide leader in culinary and hospitality apparel and uniforms. They have a list of collections available, including their Urban, Cool Vent, and Front of House collection. Each of these collections has a range of quality items to offer, making Chef Works uniforms versatile and perfect for any restaurant environment.

Chef Works uniforms go through a rigorous quality control process, to ensure that their work wear is comfortable, high quality, and versatile. Only the highest quality materials are used, and special attention is given to the final trims and details. These uniforms are made to last for years at a time, and you can always benefit from quality workmanship when you buy Chef Works uniforms.

Chef Works Uniforms

We stock a range of stylish chef wear. This includes the white European style le toque, which is made from a viscose blend, and available in white. You’ll quickly look the part and enjoy a professional appearance as a chef. You can also choose from various aprons, like the brown multi-striped bib apron. This apron is available in brown, and made from a polyester and cotton blend. It is machine washable, and has a pocket for added convenience.

The black chef hat is constructed with a comfortable poly/cotton blend and has an adjustable Velcro closure in the back to help you find a perfect fit. It has a traditional design, and there are many different colors available to choose from. One size fits most, so this hat is very comfortable too.

We also stock the cotton neckerchief, which is available in colors such as red, blue, white, and more. It’s made from 100% cotton, and is soft and lightweight. The Chef Works Headwear and Neckwear Collection offers styles to mix match & coordinate with all our Chef apparel, full of traditional favorites and modern solutions to make every day a little more comfortable.

Our phoenix orange bib apron is perfect for any kitchen environment. With colors taken from the desert sunset, phoenix bib aprons are part of Chef Works’ new Urban Collection, and provide a flash of style to help your staff shine. The adjustable neck buckle and contrast ties of the Phoenix Bib Apron make it as stylish as it is functional while reinforced stress points ensure extra sturdiness. Double front pockets on the Phoenix Bib Apron make a perfect addition to keep you organized while the tone-on-tone stripe pattern gives you a clean, fashion-forward look.

The Portland indigo wait apron is 12 inches long and made from a polyester and cotton blend. It is machine washable and has one pocket for added convenience. It has a solid pattern and comes in different colors. A popular chef apron is the phoenix black half bistro apron, which is very modern. You can also choose the Harlem yellow half bistro apron. You can buy bulk aprons, to allow for additional stock whenever needed. Having your employees change regularly will allow for a very impressive environment for customers to come and visit.

Our chef wear is available in many different patterns, like striped, windowpane, solid and more. You can also choose from colors such as green, grey, blue, white, black, pink, and more. This means you can get as creative as you want! You can choose between materials such as cotton, polyester, viscose blends, and more. You can even sort our products by price, to make sure you stick to your budget.

When it comes to chef aprons, we have a selection of waist, bistro, bib, and specialty aprons available. This gives you plenty of options to consider. You can choose the aprons that will work for your staff, and even have them customized with your company branding and logo.

We have a handy sizing chart available to help you get your size just right. This is a great tool to have, especially since you will be ordering online. Speak to one of our friendly sales representatives today to find out how we can help you choose the best chef uniforms for your entire team. We can help you to compare different sizes, colors, styles and more, so that you get the items you need. You can also buy aprons and other chef wear in bulk, and benefit from even lower prices.

You can also have us embroid or print your company logo or slogan on your uniforms. This gives you the opportunity to brand your Chef Works uniforms, and dress your employees in professional work wear. You can also have your customer immediately recognize your employees and your brand.

For more information about our Chef Works uniforms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Cotton Neckerchief


    Cotton Neckerchief
  2. Chef Hat


    Chef Hat
    $10.95 As low as $7.12
  3. Beanie


    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  4. Cool Vent Baseball Cap with Color Trim


    Cool Vent Baseball Cap with Color Trim
    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  5. Cool Vent Color Baseball Cap


    Cool Vent Color Baseball Cap
    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  6. Baseball Cap


    Baseball Cap
    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  7. Women's Total Vent Beanie


    Women's Total Vent Beanie
  8. Total Vent Beanie


    Total Vent Beanie
    $11.45 As low as $9.07
  9. Black Sized Beanie


    Black Sized Beanie
    $11.95 As low as $7.77
  10. Basic Colored Beanie


    Basic Colored Beanie
    $12.95 As low as $8.42
  11. Double-Rimmed Beanie


    Double-Rimmed Beanie
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  12. Color Cool Vent Beanie


    Color Cool Vent Beanie
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  13. Cool Vent Beanie


    Cool Vent Beanie
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  14. Color Cool Vent Beanie


    Color Cool Vent Beanie
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  15. Black Beret


    Black Beret
    $14.95 As low as $9.72
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