Devon & Jones Dress Shirts

Over the years, the shirt has become an influential piece of the man’s wardrobe. The garment has evolved with the shifts that have taken place in regard to the ever-changing styles in menswear. Apparently, the continuous transformation of the dress shirt is a clear indication of the advancing production for quality short brands. Also, it shows the reality of a fashion driven market that yearns for creativity and sophistication. Some time back, shirts were purely functional but nowadays, they represent different meanings when it comes to defining fashion.

It’s common to see men, who dress shirts that do not fit as they should. Here, you need to know that it’s only a well-designed and cut dress shirt that can help you cut the image you have always visualized. For example, an ill-fitting dress shirt; probably a cheap quality one, can send the wrong message about your personality and sense of style. Minus the coat or jacket, Devon & Jones dress shirts will help you send a powerful message; there are literally ideal when you want to communicate non-verbally.

Devon & Jones dress shirts come in different styles, colors and designs. There are factors such as the fit, its components and suitability to other garments that you need to know. It’s imperative that you have essential dress shirts in your collection, but knowing how to fit them rises above everything else. Apparently, it’s not about the flashiest of color you see. If you choose a dress shirt at random, you should be prepared to look the odd one out every time you step out

The Proper Fit of a Dress Shirt

With the dress shirt, one of the most striking aspects is the fit. This feature will help determine the style. If you have a ballooned shirt or a baggy one, it’s difficult to discuss style. There are specific guidelines you can follow to ensure that your Devon & Jones dress shirts are the ultimate embodiment of your personal sense of fashion. When it comes to dissect fit, many people are likely to be torn between choosing shirts that are ready to wear or other made to measure dress shirts. Whatever the preference, the shirt should represent your genuine tastes.

One of the cardinal rules when it comes to fitting your shirt such as the Devon & Jones dress shirts is that you need to realize that fit doesn’t mean the same for everyone. What will probably work for one individual will reflect badly on another. Also, the fit will depend on your personal taste. Remember, you need to ensure that every component of the dress shirt including the collar, the sleeves, torso and the like are well rounded to handle your features. You can still make adjustments to achieve the perfect look with your idea of the right fit.


When you want to fit Devon and Jones Dress Shirts, you need to take note of the collar. It should sit around the neck without grabbing it too tight. If you feel constricted every time you move the neck, it’s probably not your size. When buttoned up, the collar shouldn’t turn with your neck. Always make sure that you can squeeze one finger inside the collar without feeling strained at the neck. If you can fit two fingers, perhaps the size is a tad too big.


With the shoulders, you need to fine tune the shoulder widths such that the shoulder seam is symmetrical and running right from where the shoulder stats sloping down to the arms. If the seam is already past the slope, it means you need a smaller size. If the seams are stretched back before the slope, it’s too small.


Dress shirt armholes should be flexible and comfortable, especially when you are on the move. You need to ensure that they don’t press tight on the underarm. Also, they shouldn’t be loose such that there is a lot of baggy fabric hanging around the armpit. To make sure they are fit, tuck in your shirt and lift your arm. If moving up your hand, pull out more than an inch out of your pants, your armholes could be too low.


Shirt sleeves shouldn’t be too tight such that you can see the outline of your arm next to the fabric. Also, you should avoid sleeves that balloon up and puff at the wrist if you bend your arm, the cuffs shouldn’t move up more than an inch. The cuff should stop right at the joint of your wrist. If you button the cuffs and place your arms straight downwards, the cuffs shouldn’t cover the top of your hand. This length is ideal since it ensures that your sleeves are slightly visible when you wear a jacket or coat.

The length of the dress shirt does matter. You need to evaluate it when untucked and when tucked, whereas dress shirts are not to be worn untucked, they should barely go past the middle of the crotch area. When tucked; which is how they should be worn, they should be long enough such that they don’t keep popping up past your waist when you bend.

Our Devon and Jones Dress Shirts

Devon and Jones Dress Shirts from UniformsInStock are the ideal dress shirts for the discerning men’s’ fashion aficionado. We have a stunning array of dress shirt colors that can turn your style game around. Pick from French blue, burgundy, pink silver and crystal blue among others. We have a fulfilling range of sizes and designs. When you want clarification, we have an excellent team of design experts who can help you find the perfect Devon and Jones Dress Shirts. When you order, we ship it the same day. If the shirt doesn’t appeal to you, you can return it in 90 days and get your money back. All the same, we strive to offer the best customer service you can find on the web.

For more information about our Devon & Jones dress shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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