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Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for different work environments, especially where food handling and processing is involved. Notwithstanding, other industries and workplaces require the use of aprons for safety and worker protection. Whatever the industry you might be in, buying quality aprons is a process that requires careful planning. For a discerning buyer, there are many advantages that come with purchasing aprons in bulk. If you are looking for quality Edwards Aprons, there are factors to consider before placing an order.

The diverse collection of apron brands out there can leave you in a bind. You will have a host of colors, styles designs and sizes to choose from. To make it easy, you need to start by thinking what you want to achieve with the aprons in the specific profession or workplace. Choosing an apron at random is the biggest mistake you will make, you are likely to end up with something too big or too small; this will compromise safety and convenience. Remember, an apron made for the restaurant will not be functional in a workshop.

The primary function of a quality Edwards Apron is to keep the employee safe and cool. For those who work in hot environments, it pays to evaluate the type of fabrics suitable for hot conditions. Also, you need to check the durability factor. Heavy density fabrics are ideal, if you want to keep kitchen staff safe from hot spills or sharp objects. You need durable fabrics that can withstand intense abrasion in the kitchen. You shouldn’t sacrifice on comfort and flexibility, if you expect high performance from your staff.

What Are You Doing With The Apron?

Before purchasing an apron, you should know the type of work you are engaged in. This will help you to identify the right Edward Aprons style and design to pick. For instance, if you are a chef, you need one that comes with certain features and a specific color or style. Kitchen aprons should provide features that make work light. You will need pockets to carry around items. Also, you want a fastening method that makes it easy to wear or remove your apron.

The style of an apron is a crucial consideration. You don’t have to kick aside functionality, but you should ensure that it’s stylish, modern and compatible with the job in hand. Today, the hospitality industry for example draws a lot of inspiration from aesthetics and you want your restaurant aprons to speak on your behalf. Remember, the apron will be worn for long hours and comfort should also be taken into consideration.

The aprons you buy have an impact on the overall budget of running the business. This is where you need to choose high quality and durable aprons. These garments are exposed to dirt, grease and all manner of stains. Since you want the staff to look neat and professional, choose aprons that can be washed easily without wearing and tearing off too soon. The fabrics should be able to withstand repeat washing and show little signs of fading.

Types of Stains

Even before you think about frequent washing, it’s important to assess the kind of stains you will be exposed to. Different work environments have different types of stains. Food stains, oil, paint, blood or soil can land on the apron any time. Some of these are stubborn stains that won’t come out. If you want the staff to look neat despite the stains, choose darker colors for the aprons. Again, if you know the stains to expect, you will have the right treatments to use when they splash on the apron.

Mobility Issues

Other than comfort in the workplace, you need to factor in mobility. If there is a lot of movement between workstations, you need an apron that will give you all the freedom you can muster. Aprons made out of stiff, or heavy fabric could hamper easy movement. You need to choose stretchable material that allows you to dash around easily. You need to include convenience by ensuring you have utility pockets, since you can leave some tools or utensils behind.

Is Cost A Factor?

Choosing quality Edwards Aprons is something that requires serious financial decision. You should consider quality before quantity. It’s useless to buy many cheap aprons that won’t last. Instead, choose to spend a little more and get aprons that last long. You will always get what you pay for and with aprons, it’s no different. Cheap aprons reflect badly on your establishment and they can hamper safety and comfort.

If you are buying Edward Aprons for your restaurant, you should think about the image you want for the establishment. It’s a creative thing to choose branded aprons that come with logos and monograms. Even if there is a cost factor to it, you will be telling your customers that you are in control and your style is built on sophistication and attention to detail.

Our Edward Aprons

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