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For a man who pays attention to detail with his wardrobe, blazers and jackets are not pieces that can be picked at random. There is a lot to think about if you want to enjoy the versatility offered by a man’s jacket or a blazer. These garments come in formal and casual designs. When added to specific outfits, they can help you to pull the perfect look you have always visualized. Blazers can either be single or double breasted. The double breasted one is more formal than its single breasted counterpart, but how do you get to wear them?

If you want to capitalize on the versatility of Edwards blazers & jackets, you should know the right occasion or times to wear a single or a double breast jacket. To understand these jackets, you need to note that they have been designed without matching trousers like what normally happens with suits.

These blazers give you the opportunity to try out a wide range of looks by combining them with anything deemed as acceptable. You can pull a look with blue jeans or any other conventional trouser with different colors. With a single-breasted blazer, you can transform your outfit from one event and head to another looking savvy; you only need to do a bit of tweaking or not!

If you are out shopping for a blazer or a jacket, which usually comes with patterns, there are things to look out for. You already know that the blazer is not part of a suit. However, you should avoid making it look like one. Never try to wear a pair of pant with the same color as the blazer jacket. Such a combination will never work; they are hardly cut from the same cloth and their texture or shades will always show glaring differences.

When it comes to Edwards blazers & jackets colors, the options are not limited. You can choose as many as you desire. Apparently, there are colors that won’t fit when you want to bring out sophistication. Before you decide on the jacket color, take a close look at your wardrobe and use the different ideas in there to help you pick the jacket that will complement what’s in the wardrobe. Remember, the color you eventually pick must go well with a significant number of clothes; tops and bottoms in your collection.

Things to Look Out For In Our Edwards Blazers and Jackets


Like with any other garment, you need to look at your size before you can select an Edwards blazers & jackets. Even when you are choosing top brands such as the Edwards Blazers and Jackets, you need to be sure it fits well on your frame. The shoulders should fit perfectly and the jacket seam should sit above the edge of the shoulder. You need to know that buying blazers that are too big doesn’t help; even your tailor might not offer much relief when you want to resize the jacket.


Jacket sleeve length matters a lot. You need to choose sleeves that stop about half an inch away from your hands. This gives you the chance to show off your shirt’s cuff. If you want to get the perfect fit, always wear long-sleeved shirts when you try out different blazers and jackets. It will guide you on the best blazer sleeve length to opt for.


Choosing the right jacket for your body size cannot be overemphasized. You need to find a balance between fit and baggy. Blazers are designed to offer a structured look and you shouldn’t go to the extremes. If you realize that the body of the jacket is off size, you can opt to have it resized. You should avoid jackets that stretch way below your butt. The end of your sleeve and the blazers bottom should be somehow on the same line.

Choosing Men's Blazers and Jackets

The most versatile colors for blazers and jackets are gray and navy. These two and their corresponding shades allow a man to combine them with countless types of the shirt with exceptional results every time. Remember, you should be alert when purchasing these garments. Don’t get carried into the brand hype, but stay with reputable designers such as Edwards. Some brands are just into marketing, but you will be shocked to find that the quality of the jackets and blazers they offer is below par.

Importantly, you need to pay close attention to the detail and jacket finishing. Always scrutinize the construction in and out. The seams should speak excellent workmanship. The material too should have a flattering texture. Even though the name is important, you shouldn’t override the crucial aspects like fit or comfort just to buy a name.

To make it easy for your outfits and your personal style, you should buy a versatile jacket or blazer. This makes it easy for you to mix and match at will. Every time you do, you won’t be worried about looking sharp. A versatile jacket will nail it for you every time. Think about what a multipurpose blazer can do for you, when you want to pull off a casual and a formal look in one day.

Our Edwards Blazers and Jackets

Come to UniformsInStock and get wowed by the dazzling collection of Edwards blazers & jackets. We have pieces that can transform your outfit from casual to formal in a magical way. We have fitted to relaxed styles for all body sizes. Our sizes are perfect and you can refer to our sizing chart on our friendly website.

We have experts who are ready to help you pick a suave style to pamper your sense of style. With Edwards Blazers and Jackets, you simply can’t go wrong. Check our prices and you will never want to shop anywhere else. Our standards are top in the industry and we have excellent customer service. If you are unhappy with the delivery, we have a 90 day return period and we promise to refund your money. Talk to us today and enjoy value for money with our Edwards Blazers and Jackets.

For more information about our selection of Edwards blazers & jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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