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Housekeeping, especially in the hospitality industry, has been an important profession over the years. Housekeeping staff provides services that make your establishment hygienic and orderly. The demands of the housekeeping job require the staff to wear a uniform that looks the part and one that keeps them comfortable all day. This is one draining undertaking, but you can give your employees reason to perform better if you provide quality housekeeping dresses from reputable brands.

Even when the housekeeping chores are being handled in a domestic setting, it still helps to choose the right uniform or dresses. This is a job that requires heavy lifting, bending, dealing with messy situation on top of being on your feet all day. If you are wearing a dress that makes you uncomfortable or one that restricts your movement, there is a likelihood that you will end up underperforming.

If you want a happy housekeeping crew, you don’t have to restrict them to wear traditional styled housekeeping dresses. Nowadays, there are trendy outfits that can put a smile on your workers. Also, stylish housekeeping uniforms like the ones you get from Edwards Dresses will have a positive impact on your business as an established brand.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to think that there is no need for quality housekeeping dresses, since the staff rarely interacts with your customers. Here, you need to note that there is a need to depict your establishment in a professional manner. A place where housekeeping crew dresses in casual clothes will hardly get noticed. If you have workers who don chic uniforms on the job, it speaks volumes about the professionalism and the sophisticated culture your business has to offer.

Housekeeping dresses are designed to offer functionality and convenience. It’s important to choose dresses that are made to make work easier. Choose a dress that has utility storage features to enable your workers to carry around useful stuff including paperwork. Edwards dresses are designed with pockets; large and small to facilitate such. Plain uniforms can still do, but dresses with added features make your staff more productive. If they have all the tools within reach, they will perform their duties more efficiently.

 Practical Features of a Housekeeping Dress

The right housekeeping uniform is ideal for identification purposes. Choosing quality dresses for this purpose will make your staff visible and it will have positive effect on your brand. Drab housekeeping dresses will make your staff to feel de-motivated to do their work. Equality, it’s a turn off for customers. Stylish dresses from Edwards will help you to inculcate a team spirit and the crew is likely to feel like they are part of an appreciated team.

Style and elegance aside, housekeeping dresses are more of a functional garment. Don’t choose style and forget comfort. For instance, you need to choose the right kind of sleeve design. Short sleeves in particular are ideal for the job. Theses dresses should have flexible arms to allow easy movement and task handling. If the weather turned chilly, long sleeved dresses will help keep your workers warm. It’s wise to have sleeves that can be adapted for long to short as the situation demands.

Pockets for Paperwork

Housekeeping staff are sometimes faced with the need to cry around paperwork, pens, or cleaning lists. These lists help in keeping hygiene records. Paperwork can be used to ensure all duties are carried out. Also, supervisors may need to keep progress of the workers on a daily basis. The dresses you choose should provide pockets and ample storage for the paperwork.

 Before you choose dress colors, it’s important to look at their size and fit. You want your workers to spend the day feeling comfortable and flexible. It’s important to get the measurements of the crew before you procure. Sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to discuss with them and get to know their preferences. You should avoid buying dresses that are too tight or too baggy; it’s a demanding job and your workers will be happy if they love what they wear.

Choice of Fabrics

Housekeeping dresses need to be made from appropriate fabrics that feel comfortable against the skin. Your workers always have to bend and pull. If they wear dresses with abrasive material, it affects their comfort. Equally, you need to choose a fabric that can wick away heat and leave the worker feeling cool. Cotton or spun polyester is ideal for the job. Remember, you need easy to wash fabrics that come with wrinkle resistant materials.

There are many benefits you will get when you pick quality Edwards Dresses for your housekeeping staff. You need to choose dresses with utility features to make work fun. You shouldn’t go for plain dresses when you can get stylish and featured-packed garments that enable workers to perform their duties efficiently. Convenient informs in the housekeeping industry reduce time wastage and they give your establishment a god image. Like with any sensible investment with staff uniform, you should choose quality dresses that will last.

Our Edwards Dresses

For your housekeeping needs, try the Edwards dresses collection from UniformsInStock. We have sophisticated housekeeping dresses that ooze style and elegance. Let your business stand out by choosing from a variety of dress colors that come in the most exciting shades and hues. We have alluring colors such as Chestnut, Glacier Blue, Teal and navy away from the conventional White, Black and Brown.

Our dresses are suitable for different settings and we have all sizes for the ladies. Check out the pleated Navy Junior Cord Housekeeping Dress that comes with side seam pockets. You can choose the Black Premier Housekeeping Dress for superior flexibility, while the Teal Junior Cord Housekeeping Dress with back pleats and ties facilitates easy movement in a busy workplace. Our Edwards dresses will never disappoint. Talk to us and get expert advice on the best housekeeping dresses to choose!

For more information about our selection of Edwards dresses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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