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During the hot summer season, it’s perfectly okay to sport a pair of shorts in place of the typical full-length pants. However, choosing the right pair of shorts has never been easy. Many men face the same problems when finding shorts, just like the way they fumble getting quality pants. The variety of short styles designs and color out there doesn’t make it any easy. You will need to sift through a number of factors before you can confidently purchase shorts like the ones you get from Edwards shorts collection.

The range of shorts components and details are just as many as the varieties. Some people may base their decision on the fabric, while others according to the visual appeal. However, you will only find the pair that flatters your shape if you are working with a combination of many factors. Also, your personal preference will determine what you need as long as it fits with your body size and it’s just about the acceptable length.

Perhaps the short’s fabric is a major consideration but so is the fit. If you find short’s fabric that appeals to you from all angles, it will be a disaster if it can’t fit you. Away from the personal taste, there is the importance of this garment to the wearer and whether natural or synthetic fibers are the best buy.

Finding the Perfect Fit

One of the challenging aspects when it comes to choosing shirts is finding the right fit. Many people tend to think that baggy shorts are the best when it comes to making a statement. However, the look of oversized baggy shorts is just as bad as with any other garment. It’s important to use the ideal rules that you would use when choosing the perfect pair of pants. It helps to take the time to check out shorts that will wrap around your thighs without being too tight. The shorts should stretch down to somewhere above the top of the knee.

If you want the Edwards shorts to bring out the style sense in you, you need to look at the fabrics used on the pair. There are many fabrics used and they suit different occasions and outfits. If you want to achieve breathability and comfort, you can pick cotton. Remember to buy cotton shorts a size bigger just in case they shrink after a few washes. If you want the perfect pair for hot weather, you can pick microfiber shorts. However, it’s upon you to decide what gives you maximum comfort.

Shorts like other garments require perfect fastening. Your preferences should dictate what you want on the garment. Sometimes, you may not want any at all. There are shorts that require just an elastic waistband. Others will come with zippers, snap closures, or just buttons. Again, you will have the prerogative to decide what work best for you.

Different short designs come with a variety of features. Top of this list is the shorts pocket. There are people who fancy having shorts to hold their gadgets and useful stuff. The number of pockets can be two; maybe ten. There are pockets that serve as mere adornments on the body of the shorts, while others are real utility features. Remember, you shouldn’t overburden the shorts with too much stuff. The bulges may end up looking odd.

When to Wear Shorts

Whereas shorts are an interring piece of garment, there are rules that stipulate that they cannot be worn everywhere. Actually, there are rules that point out the times when you should wear a pair. For instance, it’s okay to use hot weather as an excuse to get your shorts game on. Alternatively, you can sport your short anytime you are not handling official business or attending a formal event. Family time at home in the backyard is a good time to relax in shorts. The beach, sports events, and other recreational outings are fine to attend in shorts.

 How to Wear Shorts Perfectly

When you contemplate on adding a pair of Edwards Shorts to your wardrobe, the number of question in mind are likely to be overwhelming. You will be agonizing about the best length, width, the number of pockets to pick, or whether you will be looking chic with a belt on. When it comes to length, personal tastes matter, but you need to keep it midway through the top of your knees when standing. Remember, it’s more fashionable if the length hides your thighs when you bend or squat.

If you have to do short lengths, it’s advisable that you know ideal situations and occasions for the short garments. You will be okay with something at the middle of your thighs if it’s an athletic event. For instance, running short will not raise an eyebrow, but try walking into the grocery store with your hot pants on. If you are from a jogging spree, it’s prudent to change into something more acceptable if you have to be seen in public places.

Our Edwards Shorts

At UniformsInStock, we have an iconic collection of Edwards shorts orts. You will find short styles and designs that come in many colors and sizes. We have trendy shorts that are tailored to meet the demands of different occasions. We have a convincing color offering, where you can pick short with colors ranging from khaki, white, tan and navy among others. Our Edwards Shorts fabrics are tough and you can pick from cotton, microfiber, or sturdy cotton blends.

We have unique short designs. You can pick the Women's Pleated Utility Shorts that comes with exceptional moisture wicking for added comfort. The wrinkle resistant Men's Long Cargo Shorts are great when you want easy maintenance, while the easy to wash Women's Flat Front Cargo Shorts is an excellent buy. We have prices that can’t be found elsewhere. We ship fast and offer a generous return policy for defective orders.

For more information about our selection of Edwards shorts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Edward's Women's Utility Shorts


    Women's Utility Shorts
    $22.95 As low as $19.51
  2. Women's Pleated Utility Shorts


    Women's Pleated Utility Shorts
    $22.95 As low as $19.51
  3. Men's Tan Pleated Shorts


    Men's Casual Pleated Shorts
    $24.95 As low as $21.21
  4. Men's Tan Cargo Shorts


    Men's Long Cargo Shorts
    $27.95 As low as $23.76
  5. Women's Navy Cargo Shorts


    Women's Cargo Shorts
    $27.95 As low as $23.76
  6. Men's Black Utility Shorts


    Men's Utility Shorts
    $27.95 As low as $23.76
  7. Men's Tan Chino Shorts


    Men's Chino Shorts
    $28.95 As low as $24.61
  8. Women's Black Flat Front Shorts


    Women's Flat Front Shorts
    $28.95 As low as $24.61
  9. Men's Navy Chino Shorts


    Men's Chino Long Shorts
    $30.95 As low as $26.31
  10. Men's Navy Cargo Shorts


    Men's Cargo Shorts
    $32.95 As low as $28.01
  11. Women's Tan Flat Front Cargo Shorts


    Women's Flat Front Cargo Shorts
    $32.95 As low as $28.01
  12. Women's White Business Casual Chino Short


    Women's Chino Shorts
    $33.95 As low as $28.86
  13. Men's Black Pleated Shorts


    Men's Pleated Shorts
    $33.95 As low as $28.86
  14. Men's Black Chino Shorts


    Men's Chino Cargo Shorts
    $35.95 As low as $30.56
  15. Women's Black Flat Front Shorts


    Women's Microfiber Flat Front Shorts
    $37.95 As low as $32.26
  16. Men's Black Microfiber Flat Front Shorts


    Men's Microfiber Flat Front Shorts
    $37.95 As low as $32.26
  17. Men's Tan Soft Touch Shorts


    Men's Soft Touch Shorts
    $37.95 As low as $32.26
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