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A high quality and fitting sweater are perhaps one of the most coveted pieces in a man’s wardrobe. These garments are the perfect solution whether you want to dress up or inject some warmth into your outfit. Sweaters are versatile in that they can add volume to a slender figure while slimming down a bulky frame. If you want functionality, a sweater will keep you warm, while it can be worn as a change to the dreary shirt wearing routine.

When all the benefits of a sweater come to the foreground, it’s evident that most men don’t know how to go about the sweater game. Only a handful knows how to exploit this garment to its full potential. There are many styles and patterns available, if you know how to weave your hand around them, you will always be looking sharp. There is an imperative need to understand the sweater from all fronts. Knowing the right fit, style, ideal fabrics, colors and the like will make you seriously stylish. However, you should stick to the top brands such as Edwards sweater.

Know Your Brand

When you grasp the thing about quality sweaters, it’s easy to dress in a way that pampers your individuality. Arguably, the best way to go about it is to take time and get to know the trusted brands that fit well with your tastes and preferences. Don’t choose low-quality brands when you can pick something from Edwards. You need to realize that in order to find the right fit, you need to know the different sizes and dimensions that different manufacturers construct and supply. If you know your measurements, stick to a brand that makes sweaters that are aligned to your size.

Sweater Colors

The color you pick can help you create a certain mood and feeling about yourself or the surroundings. If you are attending a formal occasion, darker, conservative colors are the best. If you want to draw attention during the fair seasons, you can opt for lighter colors given their popularity. Extremely bright sweater colors are exclusively for those who want to be visible and for entertainers.

Rules for Choosing a Sweater

Even though you should buy a new sweater all the time, it helps to pick a size that feels bigger at first. This is because they tend to shrink as they go through regular washing and wearing. It’s advisable to check the sweaters allowance in relation to whatever else you will be wearing. The sweater’s arms should be light around your arms instead of clamp tightly on them and the torso too. When it comes to the cuffs or wristbands, they should be slender and firm. This helps to keep the garment in place instead of sliding down every time you drive the sleeves up your arms. It’s the only way you will feel comfortable.

Where you buy a sweater, always make sure that it represents your style to the best. Don’t buy an oversized sweater; instead, chose one that will complement you in the best way possible. There are details you need to consider such that the sweater rounds up all your features in a savvy manner.

Different types of sweaters have different types of necks. You need to think about the neckline and how it’s supposed to look on you. Whether it’s a turtleneck, crew or V-neck, it should serve the ideal purposes it’s made for. You can pick a turtleneck if you want to enjoy warmth but it can still offer lots of flexibility when you wear it with a jacket.


The volume that a sweater offer requires close scrutiny. You need to check the style you are intent on wearing and then decide the volume to pick. For instance, if you want a relaxed look, you can opt for a loose fitting sweater which gives you more flexibility. However, don’t choose one that will end up looking baggy. For a structured, lean look, choose the sleek fitted sweater.


Another important aspect to consider with sweaters is the fabric. You will have a variety of options to choose from. You can pick from wool, cashmere fleece, or angora among others. If you want to stay warm, avoid light fabrics and if you want to keep off the sweat, stay away from the heavy knit sweaters especially in hot weather. You need to choose natural fibers since they will always trump their synthetic counterparts. Also, they tend to last longer compared to synthetic. Even though you have to pay a little more, you will enjoy value for money on top of the durability they offer.


The best way to pull off the sweater look is by knowing what sweater to wear to what occasion. If you are doing a formal event, pick the fine, thinner and form-fitting sweater with neutral colors. The V-neck is a staple feature for business settings. The Edwards sweater collection has a rich variety of these and you need to keep the patterns and textures smooth. The coarse, thick and loud-patterned sweater is okay for casual events.

Our Edwards Sweaters

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