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At UniformsInStock we have a wide variety of Fame uniforms available. These products include aprons, shift codes, headwear, high visibility clothing, shirts, and more. These are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as different styles and materials to allow you the perfect fit.

You can choose from colors such as black, brown, lime, mango, pink, gray, and white. You can also enjoy materials such as polyester cotton, and our Fame uniforms are very cost effective. Whether you need a principal your kitchen staff or stylish clothing for your sales representatives, we have you covered.

These uniforms are ideal for a variety of industries. This includes the hospitality industry, restaurants, maintenance, and more. You can have your employees always look professional and stylish, with a range of high-quality items and accessories. If you have a construction team all anyone involved in outside labor, they have a great range of high visibility clothing available.

About Fame

Fame was founded in 1956 and it is employee owned and operated. They are a distributed and manufacturer of the range of uniforms and personal protection clothing items. They also manufacture clothing under the ERP Safety and Fame Fabrics brand. ERP safety is a leader in the production and development of a variety of safety gear, such as helmets, high visibility clothing, and eye protection.

Fame Fabrics is a specialty uniform manufacturer that distributes the products or around the world. They are very flexible around the customers’ needs and provide products in a wide variety of materials and styles. The products are manufactured according to ANSI’s (American National Standards Institute) standardization requirements.

Fame uniforms undergo rigorous quality assurance test and they applied personal attention to all the product lines. The company also provides customized clothing items for a variety of industries, thereby allowing Fame to be a great option for any business.

Fame Uniforms

Some of the most important products include aprons. These are ideal for chefs in the kitchen, as well as weight staff for your restaurant or hotel. There are different types of evidence available, including bistro, cobbler, bourbon, dealer, and more. This depends on the style you are after, as well as the specific function that an employee will have within your team.

We also have a selection of waist aprons, which is ideal for your wait staff. Our work aprons, made from comfortable materials, are ideal for daily use. They are very comfortable, and they can easily be adjustable to have a loose yet firm fit.

We also have a range of chef coats, shift, headwear, and female chef apparel for all your employee needs. Our chef coats come in various styles, including our executive chef coat, our black chef coat, and our 10-button chef coat. We also have a neckerchief, which is very stylish and perfect for any upmarket kitchen or restaurant. It's a great way to add some style to your chef outfit, and you can even choose from a range of colors so that easy fit into your uniform.

You don't have to only focus on your kitchen staff. You can also take care of your employees at the front desk, offering stylish and modern clothing to wear. This is especially ideal if you're working with customers, with your image and appearance always important. Fame uniforms include a range of formal items, like stylish vests, neckties, and even pants.

Our unisex vest comes in various colors and it has two separate patch pockets at waist level. It is made from altered durable poly cotton material and it is also protected by a stain release finish. This means you get value for money and a high-quality vest to wear at your workplace. You can move these great feasts with a range of shirts, including our selection of polo shirts. They are available in colors such as black, white, maybe, green, and Burgundy. They are made from a poly-cotton blend fabric, and they are available in sizes ranging from small up to 4XL.

The great benefit of buying from our uniform stories that you can color coordinate all your clothing items. This means you can buy items for all your employees, keeping within your company's image and colors. This is a great way to ensure that everybody has a professional appearance. By providing a professional working environment. You will encourage your employees to be part of the team and to be more productive. This will naturally help to build your brand within your company.

Fame uniforms also include a range of high visibility items. This means that you can easily have your employees be more visible and safe while working outside. This is ideal for deans in construction, maintenance, and even security work. It allows them to be visible from afar, and also comply with various safety requirements.

Another great benefit is the fact that we can assist you with branding your Fame uniforms and clothing. We can add your company logo and slogan to your clothing items, thereby offering you a cost-effective way to boost your marketing efforts. Your customers will immediately notice your employees, and associate them with your brand. It's also a great way to have your brand introduced to potential customers, simply by having your entire team where the uniforms.

For more information about our Fame uniforms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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