Henry Segal Blazers & Jackets

Blazers and jackets have been considered a blessing to the fashion industry for more reasons that just one. Suit jackets were often worn before the advent of blazers in the 19th Century. As such, blazers and jackets have in the recent day and age, served up the same functions that suit jackets used to serve. However, the roles of blazers and jackets cannot be equated entirely to that of suit jackets – far from it. The roles of blazers and jackets are much more fulfilling than those of suit jackets in our wardrobes, a reason why blazers and jackets are preferred to suit jackets.

Scratching just but the surface of the functions of blazers and jackets, you will notice that, blazers and jackets can be rocked on both casual and official environments which by and large make them a darling and a favorite to a lot of people. Consequently, blazers and jackets can be worn by people of all ages and sexes – young and old, male and female – you name it, all can wear blazers.

Essentially, blazers can be considered to be a progeny of the suit jacket but there exist a few, say two to three discrepancies between the blazer and the suit jacket. For starters, an ardent observer would note that the cuts appropriated on a blazer are more relaxed and to say the least, a bit casual. Conversely, the cuts appropriated to a suit jacket are more punctilious and finicky as these are often worn in formal workplace environments.

Subsequently, blazers have plenty of embellishments on their surface, a factor that makes them entirely dissimilar to suit jackets which have much fewer embellishments. Embellishments appropriated on blazers include but are not limited to; buttons of different colors from the material used to make the blazer, pilot vents as well as an increased number of pockets. Conversely, suit jackets have low key silent embellishments that are by and large aimed at reducing any kind of flamboyancy (the formal environment has little or no room for flamboyancy).

Features of the suit jackets include but are not limited to; buttons of the same color as the material that has been used to make the suit jacket. Consequently, suit jackets are often available in low key silent colors that are dark. You can get a blazer in any color you can think of. Last but not least, blazers come as lone apparels whilst suit jackets are often accompanied by suit pants of the same color as the material that has made the suit jacket.

Henry Segal Blazers and Jackets

Among the many blazer and jackets designers, Henry Segal blazers & jackets have stood out as one of the best blazer designs in the fashion industry. The reason behind the latter is that Henry Segal has majorly capitalized on producing high-quality blazers for the prevailing fashion market, a factor that has seen their blazers and jackets preferred to others in the same fashion industry. The ensuing is a little preview of some of the aspects that make Henry Segal blazers ooze of extraordinary quality.

Before all else, the materials used in designing their blazers and jackets are of high quality themselves. These materials are majorly polyester and cotton. Their fabric is overly flocculent and tender enough, a fact that warrants their comfort and resilience to say the least. Consequently, Henry Segal designers have ensured that their blazers meet the quality test by ensuring that their blazers are colorfast. This corresponds to the wide array of colors in which they design their blazers and jackets in. The fact that their blazers and jackets are colorfast means that their respective colors won’t fade, decolor e. t. c. As such, you can be also sure that they are laundry friendly to a very large extent.

Our Henry Segal Blazers and Jackets

At UniformsInStock, we have the "Maggie" Women's Eton Jacket which is made of polyester material. The latter fact makes it overly durable and laundry friendly. It has no vents but harbors an exquisite solid pattern. It is one buttoned and harbors shawl lapels. It is a women’s fit and available in five distinct colors. As such, you have a few good options to choose from. Also, we have it stocked up in a wide range of sizes to let you choose to get the correct fit for you. Catch it at a pocket-friendly price too.

The "Holden" Men's Eton Jacket is also available at UniformsInStock. It is available in five distinct colors and a wide array of body sizes to let you have good choices to choose from. It is made from a polyester material which warrants its durability and resilience. It is a classic fit and harbors the only button on its front. Its pattern is solid and has no vents. We have also made it available at a fair price which makes it readily available to you. Consequently, its fair cost lets you replace it or even obtain two or more for variety purposes – variety is the spice of life remember?

This blazer is also laundry friendly as its material is of high quality. This means that it won’t shrink off easily and exceedingly. It has shawl lapels and has received a very good reception from our customers. You can wear it in plenty of environments as we have colors that can be received with alacrity in both official and off-the-cuff environments.

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