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The presence of security personnel at the workplace says a lot about your business. Having the right uniform for the security officer is an important consideration when you want clients or customers to feel safe when they interact with your establishment. The uniforms you provide for your personnel helps you to depict a professional image, but it’s only possible if you are providing the right shirts such as the ones you will find within the exclusive Horace Small Shirts collection.

It’s important that your security officers look sharp and up to the job. Personnel, who look shabby, will not send the right message across. You want your employees and patrons to feel secure and one way of achieving this is by providing the right uniform shirts for the guys in charge. It’s true that with the security sentinel around, criminals will feel deterred to steal from you or your customers; it’s a win-win situation all around.

Choosing quality Horace Small shirts for the security officers has many benefits. First, your crew will appear credible and ready to handle any eventuality. However, for you to succeed in providing your staff with the perfect uniform shirts for the job there are many questions you need to get answers for. For instance, you need to ask whether you need a non-formal look or do you want your staff to look like the authorities in charge? Also, you need to check whether you want to buy shirts that are compatible with cold or hot weather conditions.

 Like with any other work wear garment, you need to check the job requirements before you choose Horace Small Shirts for your staff. Some shirts will depict a stronger sense of security, while some styles display a mix of authority and brand culture. You need to have your officers looking uniform and united. If your security staffs have the same shirts, they look united and they are easily identifiable.

Benefits Of Quality Security Uniform Shirts

Instant Recognition

With the right type of uniform shirts, your security personnel is easy to identify. In the case of an emergency, your clients can reach out to them fast. It’s important that you invest in shirts that have a higher degree of visibility. When you choose quality shirts, your officers will execute their duties comfortably.

Deterrence of Crime

If you have easy to identify uniform shirts, criminals will feel apprehensive about committing a crime. If your sentry guards cannot be seen, or if they appear amateurish from the outfits they wear, criminals are likely to get bold and they can commit a crime. If they feel the authority displayed by professionally dressed security officers, they won’t dare.

Increased Peace of Mind

Your clients and employees want to work in an environment that is safe and secure. With the perfect work shirts from Horace Small Shirts, your officers will offer your patrons and staff a sense of security. Also, your business will be perceived with a high degree of professionalism. With quality shirts, you will be sending a message that you value your patrons and business.

 What to Consider When Choosing Security Work Shirts

Clearly Identifiable

Your security team needs to be noticeable and identifiable round the clock. Whether it’s during off or high peak hours, your customers should be able to reach out to these officers fast if they are threatened or when they see something suspicious. Choose shirts with high visibility properties such that the personal stands out from the rest of the crowd. If individuals with ill intentions face your well-dressed security team, they are likely to chicken out fast.

Versatile For Indoor-Outdoor Environments

Your security personnel may be dispatched to indoors or out of door workstation. The shirts you chose should be versatile for both environments. If they have to spend long hours monitoring the security desk, or if you have designated them to an exterior workstation, you need to think about their comfort offered by the shirt. Choose shirts that can stand up to weather extremities. However, avoid the mistake of picking shirts designed for cold weather for your officers, if they are working in extremely hot environments and vice versa.

Fit For Purpose

You need to look at the sizes you buy for your officers. Check for body types and pick sizes that match with every individual. Don’t choose the same size for everybody; at least, every person has a unique body size and build. It’s important to do your research and choose garments that will outlive their lifespan. Security uniform shirts should be cleaned regularly and it’s important to pick durable materials that don’t wear out or fade easily.


The cost of quality security officer shirts is something to ponder over. Always, cheap is expensive. You might be tempted to skip Horace Small shirts and instead opt for low-quality fabrics that cost you less. You will make a mistake in choosing cheap shirts since you will pay a lot more since they need frequent replacement.

Our Horace Small Shirts

UniformsInStock is the go-to retailer when you want to enjoy the benefits of quality Horace Small shirts for your security personnel. We have a huge collection of shirts that suit different work environments. We can provide the perfect shirts for officers in different professions. We have styles that are suited for firemen, police officers, emergency response teams and the like. We have a range of professional styles and colors. We will go out of our way to provide the shirt designs you need for your unique needs.

We will ship your order fast and we can refund your cash, if you feel disappointed by or products. Choose the perfect Women's Deputy Deluxe Short Sleeve Shirt, or the classic fitting Men’s Sentry Action Option Long Sleeve Shirt for exceptional flexibility. The Unisex Sentinel Basic Security Short Sleeve Shirt is a good choice for men and women.

 For more information about our Horace Small shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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