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A blazer or a custom jacket is one of the must-have items a man should own. These blazers or jackets help to dress up or down without having to look like the formal piece of the man’s suit. Blazers can be paired with a variety of shirts, pants, and other accessories to give off a formal or casual look. The process of choosing the perfect blazer is like an art. You will have to think about the material, the style, colors and the fit. Before you buy Neil Allyn Blazers and Jackets, you should take the time to consult your inner sense of style. Remember, not all blazers are created the same.

If you are bothered about looking sharp when you don’t want to wear the official suit, the blazer is the quintessential choice any day. The good thing with these garments is that you can throw in a pair of jean and a t-shirt and still impress. If you want to savor the potential of jackets or blazers, you not only need to try out several, but you need to invest in a few pieces. Since these jackets are versatile, you need to know how to choose the colors but never think that the jacket will play the role of the traditional suit jacket or coat.

There is a lot that goes into choosing the perfect blazer. First, you need to look at the fabrics used. At the same time, you need to check the weather conditions in your area. For the hot season, you need fabrics that have a higher degree of breathability. The material you choose, wool, silk, or denim will determine the overall look and feel of your blazer.

 How to Fit Blazers

The ideal blazer should fit in a way that complements your body type. These jackets should fit just the way a typical sports jacket should fit. The shoulder area shouldn’t go past half an inch on the slope, and they should offer ample room for movement. On the chest, there should be enough room such that you are not struggling to button up. When it comes to blazer sleeves, they should stop at about half an inch from your wrist such that they give room to show off the cuffs of your shirt. Also, the blazers length should be perfect such that it covers your back fully.

To get the perfect look with Neil Allyn blazers & jackets, you need to pick the fabrics that flatter your build. Before you buy, make sure that you have your measurements right. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s size, since there are discrepancies between brands and retailers. Also, you need to pick the custom look jacket for additional flair. Sometimes, ready to wear jackets are designed with little creativity. If you buy and feel that some parts require modification, it’s okay to get your tailor on the job.

Tight & Short Sleeved Blazers

When you want to enjoy comfort with your blazer or jacket, you should pay attention to the fit. You can check the measurements on the manufacturer’s label, but verify them practically. The more you try out blazers, the easier it is to grasp the real deal with these garments. With Neil Allyn Blazers and Jackets you will get a superb range of designs and styles that fit in with your desired look. It’s wrong to wear a blazer that is too tight and with ill-fitting sleeves.

Choosing Blazer Fabrics

The perfect blazer fabric can be determined by a number of factors. However, your personal taste will help you pick one that feels comfortable and well suited to your style needs. If you are planning to wear the jacket to the office, you can opt for fabrics like wool or silk, since they speak volumes about the executive look. You only need to know how to care and maintain such fabrics. If you want a casual, relaxed look, go for cotton, rayon or linen, you can easily hand wash them at home.

Wool fabrics

If you want a timeless look, wool is a perfect fabric. You will enjoy the comfort since wool doesn’t shrink or wrinkle. Remember, there are many wool blends and you need to assess whether you need a breathable version or the type that will keep you warm all day.

Classy Blazer Colors

Choosing the color of the blazer is even more hectic. There are many colors and shades to sift though. Remember, if you want a versatile blazer to go with many pieces in your wardrobe, choose navy since it’s neither too formal and it can be paired up with almost anything. You need to think about the texture of the jacket too. Highly textured blazers are fine for the casual look, but it’s upon your discretion to decide what pattern appeals to you. With the colors, you will have to decide how far you can go with the bold options.

Quality versus Price

High-quality blazers such as the ones from Neil Allyn will come at a price. You don’t want to spoil your looks by opting for cheap stuff. Low-quality jackets are easy to identify, they not only hurt your looks, but they say bad things about your sense of style. You need to look for quality blazers that are affordable. With time, you can venture into more expensive brands if your budget allows.

Our Neil Allyn Blazers and Jackets

Revive our sense of style with the amazing Neil Allyn blazers & jackets collection at UniformsInStock. We have the right jackets and blazers that help you dress up and down at will. Our jackets are made from superior fabrics and they are suitable for different weather conditions. You will get the right array of colors ranging from, Grey, Navy, Black and Red among others.

We have the perfect fit for your body type. Our blazers and jackets are suitable for men and women. Choose the polyester "Veronica" Women's Blazer, or pick the "Caitlin" Women's Eton Jacket for convenience on the job. You can choose the two-button "Oliver" Men's Blazer for a relaxed formal look. We are ready for your order and we will ship it as soon as you place it. We have a helpful team of experts to assist you with your questions and orders. Talk to us and sample the amazing Neil Allyn Blazers and Jackets collection.

For more information about our selection of Neil Allyn blazers & jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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    "Oliver" Men's Blazer
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