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Pants are an important piece in every man’s wardrobe. Many people find it a tall order to choose the perfect pant. However, the moment you know the secret behind finding the ideal pair of pants, you will always look sharp with the rest of your attire. When it comes to choosing quality pants, it’s important that you stick with the trusted brands. Choosing Neil Allyn Pants gives you more than value for money. Regardless of the type of pants; khaki or dress pants, there are several first rules you need to work with.

Every time you wear a pair of pants, there are several aspect that determine whether you look good in them or not! It’s advisable that you know the guidelines to follow when you step out to shop for Neil Allyn Pants. There are rules that apply for dress pants and others for casual trousers. However, you can work with a combination of both. The thing is, today, there are many pants designs and styles and you need to work with cardinal rules if you expect your pants to play a major role in helping you master your desired look.


The ideal length of your pant should stretch from the waistline and stop somewhere on the edge of your shoes. However, it’s okay if the trousers cover a small area of the shoe. If you wear pants that cover you shoe to a greater extent, it can give you a sloppy look down there. In such a case, you need to note that pulling the extra long pair of pants and fastening it high with a belt is no solution. If you want to get it right, you have better buy long unhemmed pants and ask your tailor to get the right measurement for you.


A pair of pants is never one if the waistband is off the mark. The waist is one of the factors you have to consider before you can delve deeper into buying a pair. You will need to get your waist measurements right before you pick a pair of Neil Allyn Pants. At times, you need to ignore the number on the waist tag and do things practically. Pant designers have discrepancies with these numbers and you need to get it straight from your wait. Remember, for the pants to look good, they have to fall at your natural waistline.


After you are sure about your pant’s size and length, it’s important to choose the number of breaks or folds you want to have. These denote the number of times the pants fold up when they meet your shoes. Your personal preference here comes into play. You need to choose whether you need a single fold or two. For a professional look, it’s recommended that you have one fold or none at all. For those who want to show off their shoes, it’s okay but you need to be careful not to pull the pants up too high. Also, you need to avoid pants that are cut too low or those that come in a smaller size; it will end up looking bad on you.


When it comes to pleats on the pants, there has been a raging debate as to whether they are ideal or not. For some, pleats are okay while other people will opt not to go for them. Again, your personal discretion will help you to make a choice. Pleats go out of fashion and keep coming back time to time. Before you opt for pleats, it’s important to know the pros and cons associated with pleated and flat front pants.

With a pleated pair of pants, you will enjoy the classic look. Pleats amp up the details on your pants and they are suitable for people with bulky frames. Since they even out the upper and the lower body, they will work well for those with a bigger torso. The number of pleats on different pants varies. There is no set rule about the number of pleats to have. You need to try out different pleated pants to find one that gives you the ideal look.

With flat front Neil Allyn pants,, they are more of a contemporary look and they are suitable for semi casual business look. These pants are tailored to look slimmer and they are perfect for those with slender to medium body builds.


Before you pick any Neil Allyn pants, there are pant cuts that you need to be familiar with. You are likely to come across slim-cut, regular-cut, and loose-cuts. The regular cut is a staple for every man regardless of their body size. If you want to over or underemphasize a given part of your frame, you can choose a different cut. For instance, the slim cut pants tend to hug your body and they are ideal for people who want to appear slimmer.

If you opt for the loose cut, you will be wearing pants with a bigger allowance. They tend to have a wider look and they are roomy. However, you shouldn’t confuse them with baggy pants. These pants are the perfect choice for people with bulky frames, who want to use additional space without having to opt for baggy pants.

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