Uncommon Threads Chef Coats

Choosing the right chef coat contributes a great deal towards productivity in any commercial kitchen. Whether you are buying one for personal use, or whether you want to outfit your staff, there are many factors to consider. You will be wearing the chef coat for long hours and as such, you need the coat to be comfortable. You will need a durable chef coat, or you may end up burning your wallet with frequent replacements. Choosing these coats doesn’t have to be technical, but you need to stick with quality garments every time you shop for Uncommon Threads chef coats.

How to Choose

When choosing a chef coat, you need to check the fabrics used in construction. There is comfort and breathability to consider for a hot kitchen environment. You need to choose fabrics such as spun polyester. This material comes with many advantages compared to conventional cotton and linen. Spun polyester will not shrink, requires no ironing, and it has excellent color fastness. You need to be wearing a chef’s coat that looks sharp and spun polyester will suffice. The fabric is also stain resistant and you won’t have to worry over stains any longer.

Fit And Style

Chef coats, like any other garment, should come with the perfect fit. You are working in an environment where you need to feel comfortable all day. This is one reason why you need a coat that fits well. Remember, you shouldn’t choose a tight coat, since it could aggravate sweating in a hot kitchen; loose-fitting aprons are not the solution either. When it comes to coat styles, you are likely to find long, half, or short sleeved coats. You need to know the pros and cons of these coat variations. Chefs need to enjoy convenience and at times, the short sleeves will be handy when attending to different tasks round the clock.

Chef Coat Features

 The ideal chef’s coat should come with useful utility features. These features contribute positively, when it comes to usability, comfort, convenience and safety. It’s important to check out features such as pockets, quality buttons and cuffs. You will be working in hot environments and it helps to go for the coat with vents and sweat wicking properties. Uncommon Threads Chef Coats have a variety of utility features that make them ideal for restaurants and busy commercial kitchens.


Chef coats serve different purposes in a kitchen. You need to make sure that the one you pick offers value for money and high performance. The chef’s coat should keep the chef safe from hazards and still give off a stylish look. There are busy kitchens that are best managed with coats that have fire retardant qualities. Also, the material should be thick enough to keep heat away, not to mention chefs’ need to be safe from hot steam and sharp objects like knives.


Many kitchens are usually fast paced. In the process, there is likelihood that you will be prone to spills and slashing liquids. These end up being nasty food stains. Other than the switchable double breast design, you should also chose coats made out of satin resistant materials. If your kitchen isn’t a messy one, you can opt for single breasted chef coats form Uncommon Threads. When picking Chef Coats, the colors should be dark such that they hide in the dirt and stains. Bright colors will be fine, but they cannot stay neat all day.


Chef coats are made to serve various purposes. Away from protection, you need to note that they help you to build a professional look for your establishment. You need to invest in high quality Uncommon Threads chef coats that will help you to drive the brand message across. When you or your staff is outfitted in the wrong coats, it speaks negatively about you and your restaurant.  Nowadays, there are different designs for these coats. Some of them are creative and trendy. You don’t have to stick with outdated traditional styles, when you can enhance your brand image with chef coat colors and styles.

When buying chef coats, personal preference is important. However, there are rules that you need to stick with. For example, you need to choose high quality chef coats all the time. If you go for cheap coats to save money, you will be forced to spend much more to replace the low quality garments that tend to depreciate and wear away in no time. Cheap chef coats cannot keep you safe and they will not give off the professional look.

Whereas it’s advisable to pick a fitting chef’s coat, you should factor in care and maintenance. The stations that the coat picks up everyday require regular washing. As such, you need to choose hardwearing materials that can’t take the pressure at work; also you need durable fabrics that will withstand regular washing. Chef coats that are made from fabrics with fast stain releasing properties are easy to clean and maintain.

Our Uncommon Threads Chef Coats

When you want the best chef coats for your kitchen, try Uncommon Threads chef coats from UniformsInStock. We have an impressive array of chef coats to suit all your needs. Our coats are designed with durable fabrics that can stand the rigors of any fast paced kitchen. Our designs are ideal for men and women. We have an enticing array of chef coat colors and you can choose from black, red, chambray, brown, slate and other colors.

Choose from a wide array of coats such as the classic fit Tahoe Chef Coat. The black or white Montego Chef Coat is ideal for busy kitchens, while the White With Black Trim Newport Chef Coat offers comfort and convenience on the job. Shop with us and we will ship your order immediately. We boast of the best customer service and we have experts on call to answer questions or offer useful shopping advice.

 For more information about our selection of Uncommon Threads chef coats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Single-Breasted Server Coat


    Single-Breasted Server Coat
    $14.95 As low as $9.72
  2. South Beach Chef Coat


    South Beach Chef Coat
    $14.95 As low as $9.72
  3. Black 3/4 Sleeve Chef Coat


    3/4 Sleeve Chef Coat
    $14.95 As low as $9.72
  4. White Chef Coat


    White Chef Coat
    $14.95 As low as $9.72
  5. White Tahoe Chef Coat


    Tahoe Chef Coat
    $15.95 As low as $10.37
  6. White Moroccan Chef Coat


    Moroccan Chef Coat
    $15.95 As low as $10.37
  7.  Classic Poplin Chef Coat


    Classic Poplin Chef Coat
    $15.95 As low as $10.37
  8. Classic Chef Coat


    Classic Chef Coat
    $15.95 As low as $10.37
  9. Montego Chef Coat


    Montego Chef Coat
    $16.95 As low as $11.02
  10. Delray Chef Coat


    Delray Chef Coat
    $16.95 As low as $11.02
  11. White Classic With Mesh Chef Coat


    Classic With Mesh Chef Coat
    $17.95 As low as $11.67
  12. White Monterey Chef Coat


    Monterey Chef Coat
    $18.95 As low as $12.32
  13. Black Classic Poplin With Mesh Chef Coat


    Classic Poplin With Mesh Chef Coat
    $18.95 As low as $12.32
  14. Antigua Chef Coat


    Antigua Chef Coat
    $20.95 As low as $13.62
  15. Black Rio Chef Coat


    Rio Chef Coat
    $20.95 As low as $13.62
  16.  Classic Knot Chef Coat


    Classic Knot Chef Coat
    $20.95 As low as $13.62
  17. White Sedona Chef Coat


    Sedona Chef Coat
    $21.95 As low as $14.27
  18. Black Napa Chef Coat


    Napa Chef Coat
    $17.95 As low as $11.67
  19. Stone With Black Trim Bristol Chef Coat


    Bristol Chef Coat
    $22.95 As low as $14.92
  20. Red With Black Trim Newport Chef Coat


    White With Black Trim Newport Chef Coat
    $22.95 As low as $14.92
  21. Berry Havana Chef Coat


    Havana Chef Coat
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  22. Classic Knot With Mesh Chef Coat


    Classic Knot With Mesh Chef Coat
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  23. Steel Orleans Chef Coat


    Orleans Chef Coat
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
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