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Many chefs have found themselves with the wrong chef pants simply because they went for the next available piece. Most of them are enticed into the wrong buying decision by crafty marketers, whose only mission is to earn profits without any worry about the quality of the uniforms and their impact on their customers’ comfort and output. If you want good chef pants, consider the Uncommon Threads Chef Pants collections that are made with the user end in mind.

The uniform is one of the main expressions of prestige in the chef’s profession. However, it should be designed in such a way that its functionality is at its best. While there is no harm in settling for fashionable pants, keep in mind their place is in the kitchen, where practical use overrides everything else. It is, therefore, prudent to have a few considerations in mind before making a choice of your Uncommon Threads Chef Pants.

Quality of Material

No matter how appealing or fashionable your chef pants are, it will all boil down to how long they can last. No one wants to go back to the shop after every few weeks. Therefore, the choice of the chef pants material should include sturdy and durable qualities. Some of the most long-lasting materials include: cotton, twill, and polyester. There is also a new material that involves spun polyester, whose texture and appearance is just like cotton. Its main advantage over cotton lies in the fact that it is more stain resistant and does not shrink or wrinkle easily.

Design and Color

The design of the chef pants should have a great bearing on the efficiency, comfort, and appearance. Checkered black (or blue) and white was the initial design of the pants, when the chef’s uniform was first created. The main idea behind the design was to hide spills and stains. In addition, there was need to create a presentable appearance for the chef in instances of movement from the kitchen to the table.

The Chef pants’ color is one of the main elements used to tell the rank of the chef. The head chef’s pants are usually plain black. On the other hand, working cooks wear black or blue with white. For comfort and ease of work, the Uncommon Threads Chef Pants should be cargo or baggy. 


Fashion is one of the most powerful influences, when choosing many different types of clothing. When it comes to chef pants, however, fashion trends hardly get a mention. Here convenience bags it all. Loose and flowing Uncommon Threads chef pants will enable you to move around the kitchen with ease. Remember that the chef’s work involves a lot of bending and turning in the process of lifting and moving one thing or another. Thus, tight-fitting pants will be of little assistance and may end up making your work harder.

The material is also a main player that enables the comfort of the chef while in the kitchen. Since the chef’s place of work is naturally hot, the material should be cool and enable easy breathing of the body through the clothing, a quality easily found in cotton. The material should also be comfortable, relaxed for ease of the chef’s work, and durable. While durability of the materials used in Uncommon Threads Chef Pants in UniformsInStock is something to be proud of, their feel on the skin and general comfort is the main attraction. Breathable, the materials allows you to remain cool and unbothered by the heat that comes from your cooking devices or any source of heat in the kitchen.


Like the rest of the chef’s uniform, the chef pants should not be just any other piece of clothing. They should help in the best ways possible to ease the work of the chef. For instance, they should have large pockets, which will enable the chef to move around with the necessary items including towels and cooking tools.

While zipper pants are the most common types in use today, many chefs prefer elastic waists and tie-waists. Keep in mind that apart from performing other functions, chef pants should help protect the body from spills and splatters of hot liquids. Further, the material should be strong enough to prevent heat from getting through to the body. According to the traditional rule, chef pants should be baggy. This does not, however, mean that you should forsake style while on your job. Uncommon Threads Chef Pants offer you various options for your chef pants, allowing you to combine style with convenience in your choice. While there is no limit to the baggy options, you can pick chef pants which are a little sleeker.

Our Uncommon Threads Chef Pants

Our collection of Uncommon Threads chef pants in UniformsInStock is unrivaled. Choose the different available colors that range from black to brown among other colours. You can buy the Black Classic Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist With Zipper for your chef, or the Chalk Stripe Classic Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist With Zipper for your workers. We have a support system that is open 24/7 to answer any of your quires. We deliver orders on the same day and offer a 90 day period for orders that do not meet your expectations. We will refund you back your money promptly.

Pick the Houndstooth Classic Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist With Zipper, or the Houndstooth Classic Cotton Chef Pant With 2" Elastic Waist for your staff. We offer you any assistance that you may need. Talk to us today and get the wide collection of the Uncommon Threads Chef Pants.

 For more information about our selection of Uncommon Threads chef pants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Houndstooth Kitchen Pant


    Houndstooth Kitchen Pant
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  2. Black Kitchen Pant


    Black Kitchen Pant
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  3. White Classic Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist


    Classic Chef Pant With 3" Elastic Waist
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  4. Black Traditional Chef Pant


    Black Traditional Chef Pant
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  5. Houndstooth Women's Chef Pant


    Houndstooth Women's Chef Pant
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  6. Black Women's Chef Pant


    Black Women's Chef Pant
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  7. Navy Uncommon Cargo Chef Pant


    Uncommon Cargo Chef Pant
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
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