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Wrangler Workwear

If you are looking for Wrangler Workwear, UniformsInStock has you covered. We sell a wide selection of Wrangler Workwear that includes jackets, pants, shirts, and shorts. These items are made from high quality materials, and the perfect for any working environment.

Regardless of the industry you're in unique quality workwear for your employees. This will not only allow them to work comfortably, but also to enjoy durable clothing that will last. This is especially important if you work out doors, as you will be exposed to the elements and new clothing that can handle the environment. We have the perfect solution for this - Wrangler Workwear is ideal for your employees.

If your employees have to work outside, it is especially important that you have reliable clothing. Our selection of outdoor workwear consists of various clothing items that complement each other perfectly. You can choose from a variety of colors and sizes, mix and match selection of great quality workwear. These items are also very stylish, so they are ideal for teams who have to travel or work with clients.

About Wrangler Workwear

Wrangler Workwear is a reliable, and made to be tough. These clothing items made from durable canvas material, and will to outlast the high demands of a workload and laundering. These clothing items are very durable, as they are interlaced to create tighter and stronger and believes then a traditional material. This is why canvas won't tear easily.

Is also comfortable, as it is made from 60% cotton. This gives the fabric a softer feel and allows you to be comfortable at work. This can this material is up to 40% more breathable than other materials, allowing you even more comfort. These garments maintain a very neat appearance, thanks to a special finish that the soil and wrinkle resistant. It also provides period color retention.

Wrangler Workwear is very fashionable, due to the subtle picture of the canvas fabric. It gives an upgraded model look with a slightly rugged feel. Wrangler Workwear apparel is built for unparalleled durability and comfort to give you greater movement and flexibility on the job.

Wrangler Workwear

Our men’s short sleeve work shirt, is available in a variety of colors, such as silver, Olive, charcoal, chocolate, and black. It has short sleeves, offering a classic fit and a solid batting. It is made from cotton blend and therefore very durable and easy to wash.

We also have a long sleeve alternative, with the men’s long sleeve work shirt. It has underarm gussets for ease of motion, and double-needle stitching with a straight bottom hem to keep you looking great. Because you pay close attention to the details, so do Wrangler. That's why their men's short and long sleeve work shirts are made with features that deliver on comfort and confidence. It offers mobility, durability, and capability.

Our men’s functional work short is available in four different colors, including Navy, khaki, charcoal, and black. Whether lifting, bending, or squatting, your job never stands still. So, with double-needle stitching and an inseam gusset, these cargo shorts give you a professional look combined with the range of motion you need to keep going with confidence. And they're long on other features as well – like a professional look, and deep cargo pockets with snap-down flaps to keep all your tools in one place.

We also have a stylish men's work jacket. There's nothing ordinary about your line of work. And there's nothing ordinary about this jacket. With features like a fleece lining, action elbows for additional comfort, side vent pockets for a clean finish, and a full underarm gusset in both the lining and shell of the jacket for increased range of motion—it's is as unique as the professionals who wear it.

The men's utility work pant offers you a double knee, double-needle stitching, and full inseam gussets: these pants, like you, take utility to a whole new level. Climbing, lifting and bending are part of the job – and reinforced pockets, a utility loop on the waistband, and a deeper cell phone pocket are part of the pants. Featuring longer belt loops and a lower-rise fit, these pants look as good as they feel.

You can have your uniforms custom branded by using our embroidery or printing services. We can add your company logo or brand slogan to your employees’ clothing, allowing your employees to always be recognizable. This will also allow them to feel part of a professional team, which is always great for morale in the workplace.

Speak to one of our friendly sales consultants today to find out how Wrangler Workwear can help your employees to feel more comfortable and be more productive at work. Without the juice the best products for your specific industry, while focusing on cost-effectiveness.

For more information about our Wrangler Workwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Men's Silver Short Sleeve Work Shirt


    Men's Short Sleeve Work Shirt
    $32.95 As low as $21.42
  2. Men's Silver Grey Long Sleeve Work Shirt


    Men's Long Sleeve Work Shirt
    $35.95 As low as $23.37
  3. Men's Navy Plain Front Work Pant


    Wrangler Men's Plain Front Work Pant
    $36.95 As low as $24.02
  4. Men's Charcoal Functional Work Pant


    Wrangler Men's Functional Work Pant
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  5. Men's Navy Utility Work Pant


    Wrangler Men's Utility Work Pant
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  6. Men's Navy Utility Work Pant


    Women's Utility Work Pant
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  7. Men's Navy Functional Work Short


    Men's Functional Work Shorts
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  8. Men's Black Work Jacket


    Mens's Wrangler Work Jacket
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  9. Women's Navy Functional Work Pant


    Women's Functional Work Pant
    $80.95 As low as $52.62
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