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Chef Designs Chef Coats

When looking for a quality chef coat, there are plenty of choices available, giving you a number of things to consider. Whether you are buying one for personal use, or whether you are looking for your staff, there are many factors to consider. You or your staff will be wearing your chef coats long periods of times for sometimes days at a time - so, comfort, durability and quality is key. Assuring your chef coats (and uniforms in general), have all of those key features is important, or else you'll be putting more money into re-purchasing chef coats than you expected. With so many brands, styles and materials out there finding brands that you know and can trust is a great way to start. One of the brands that has proven themselves time and time again of curating high-quality and classic chef coats is Chef Designs.

How to Choose

When choosing a Chef Designs chef coat, or any chef wear in general, it's helpful to know the fabrics used in construction. Understanding the different materials used to create your chef coats helps give an understanding at what type of chef coat best suits your needs and your employees. Three important things to consider when looking for a chef coat is breathability, professionalism and comfort. These three things will ultimately make or break your chef coats. Having something that is breathable helps chefs to easily move about the kitchen while working at different stations without being held down. Professional is key when it comes to any uniform. A professional and attractive chef coat is of course included. This is not only for their safety, but for chef tastings, customer greetings and an overall unified appearance. 

Fit And Style

Chef Designs Chef coats, like any other garment, should come with the perfect fit. When working in an environment where you'll need to feel comfortable all day, wearing a chef coat that fits well and feels good is so important. Purchasing a tight coat could aggravate sweating in a hot kitchen; whereas, loose-fitting aprons could end up causing mobility problems. When it comes to coat styles, you are likely to find long, half, or short sleeved coats. Knowing your companies, chefs and personal needs will help management to decide what type of chef coat is best for their staff's needs.

Chef Coat Features

The ideal chef’s coat should come with useful utility features. These features contribute positively, when it comes to usability, comfort, convenience and safety. Deciding on features, such as pockets, quality buttons and cuffs will help you to find your perfect chef coat. You will be working in hot environments and it helps to go for the coat with vents and sweat wicking properties so that they can withstand a long work day. Chef Designs Chef Coats have a variety of utility features that make them ideal for restaurants and busy commercial kitchens.


A big reason chefs wear chef coats is to keep the chef safe from hazards and potential kitchen "nightmares," while still giving off a stylish look. Working in a kitchen is often hectic, busy and constant, so having your staff wearing a chefs coat and other uniform pieces that are able to protect them is key.

Since so many kitchens are fast paced, there is likelihood that you will be prone to spills and slashing liquids and foods, hence causing stains. Other than the switchable double breast design, choosing coats made out of stain resistant materials will help the stains not cause so much damage while still having a long-lasting color payoff. 


Chef Designs Chef coats, like all chef coats are made to serve various purposes. Apart from protection, they are a great way to give a professional look to your restaurant, bar, cafe, etc. Investing in quality chef coats, like the Chef Designs chef coats, are great for providing a professional and uniform look.

When buying chef coats, everyone has a personal preference. However, there are some rules that a lot of people still abide by. For example, the rule of purchasing high quality chef coats. Purchasing high quality and sustainable chef coats over cheaper coats to save a few bucks might not end up being as cost effective as you would think. Since lower quality or made chef coats aren't as durable and strong as a higher quality one, you may need to replace the low quality coats a lot quicker than you would like. Therefore, spending a lot more money on chef coats than originally intended.

Whereas it’s advisable to pick a fitting chef’s coat, you should factor in care and maintenance of your chef coats too.  As such, you'll need to choose hardwearing materials that can take the pressure at work; with durable fabrics that will withstand regular washing. Chef coats that are made with fast stain releasing properties in their materials are a lot easier to clean and maintain.

Our Uncommon Threads Chef Coats

When you want the best chef coats for your kitchen, try Chef Designs chef coats from UniformsInStock. We have an impressive array of chef coats to suit all your needs. Our chef coats are designed with durable fabrics that can stand the rigors of any fast paced kitchen. Our designs are ideal for men and women. We have an enticing array of chef coat colors and you can choose from black, red, chambray, brown, slate and other colors.

Choose from a wide variety of Chef Designs chef coats such as the classic fit Military Bus Coat. This popular coat offers comfort and convenience on the job. It's polyester blend, 4-buttons and solid pattern make this chef coat a tried and true kitchen classic.

When shopping with us, everything is curated to be as simple, current and enjoyable as possible. We boast of the best customer service and we have experts on call to answer questions or offer useful shopping advice.

For more information about our selection of Chef Designs chef coats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch