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Within fashion circles, the cravat has long been associated with the elite and refined gentlemen. This accessory is thought to have originated from Croatia back in the 17th century, and it was worn as part of official battle regalia. Just like the neck and bow tie, the French transformed it into an accessory for fashion savvy men; women too have taken up the cravat with amazing results.

Today, the cravat seems to have made a major comeback. Although it seems to have an on and off relations with male fashionistas, it’s one of the most versatile items for a man’s wardrobe. Cravats can polish off your look as long as you know the dos and don’ts of donning one. There are essential tips that should help you get it right before and after you buy this piece of neckwear.

Making a Comeback

Truly, the cravat has reclaimed its place and its ideal for gentlemen looking for flair and a pleasant formal wear look. Wearing a cravat will keep your neck and chest warm. Interestingly, these cloths come with a wide range of colors, patterns and styles. Unlike the traditional tie, you can swish one across your neck without worrying over the blazing sun. It’s however easy to differentiate it with ascots or ties, since it has a unique style of tying and wearing with a collared shirt. When you leave your shirt unbuttoned at the top, the cravat will style up the rest for you.

Cravats can be described to be between chic and savvy. After its emergence, it was take up by aristocrats and the elite. Fast forward, it’s no longer about class. You can wear the cravat as long as you understand its potential as a fashion accessory. It’s possible to adorn a formal look on any casual dress and turn any boring formal attire into a fashion statement. It’s possible to get a dazzling look by adding a striking pocket square; matched unmatched or plain and still get the complete modern gentleman look.

A cravat is the ideal accessory that adds style to casual clothing. Whether it’s a wedding or the after party, it can help you break the fashion barriers and present yourself as a daring cravat aficionado. For instance, mixing up a paisley patterned design with an in-season shirt and jeans pants is the perfect statement of flamboyance. The good thing about these items is that there is no specific size; it’s easy to adjust since it uses a slip knot to fasten in place.

To make the perfect cravat statement requires sufficient planning. You should assess the occasion first and get picky on what to wear with the piece. Some occasions are suitable with a cravat; especially weddings. Pick your cravat, if you know it’s fashionable, relevant and well within the boundaries of what is acceptable form a fashion point of view.

Types of Cravats

Day / Casual Cravat: The day or casual cravat refers to any cravat worn informally. This one is tucked inside an open collar shirt. It’s unlike its wedding counterpart that is designed for a special purpose and look. This item is usually a self-tie although previously, pre-tie and clip cravats were the norm.

Wedding Cravat: The modern wedding cravat imitates the traditional neck tie, but it comes with a compact scrunched knot. The conventional cravat comes with two fabric flaps that are folded and can be held in place with a pin. Today, the pin has been replaced by the stylish knot. Plain, casual cravats were also fashionable for weddings.

Cravat Fabrics

Cravats can be designed from a variety of fabrics. It’s possible to find silk, cotton and polyester cravats in the market. For instance, all-silk cravats are made purely from silk. They do not have a lining or backing made of other materials. There are pros and cons of choosing an all silk cravat, however, silk is lightweight and provides a sheen finish.

You can get silk cravats backed up with cotton. This enables you to tie one firmly. Cotton backed cravats are comfortable and fit well without issues. Once backed with cotton materials, they deliver a puffed-out look, which is desirable for cravat wearers.

Polyester cravats have their following too. Most people love them because they are durable and affordable. They are not only comfortable, but ideal for people looking for designs that are not available in silk. Overall, choosing a cravat is mostly tied to color and design. Buyers will ignore whether it's all-silk or cotton backed and go for comfort.

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