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Crossover Ties

Like many other types of neckties, crossover ties don’t require regular cleaning. If they require cleaning, it’s likely that you will take them to the dry cleaner. However, you don’t have to do so all times. It’s important that you know the type of material used to construct your crossover tie. This will let you know whether you can hand wash it at home, or whether machine washing is the better option. If you know the right steps to take when cleaning crossover ties, you won’t have to fret over damage or the cost you will have to incur having the tie cleaned professionally.

Cleaning Your Ties

It’s important that you only consider washing your crossover tie when it gets dirty. It’s not recommended to wash the tie after each wear like your standard clothes. Washing a crossover tie might appear simple, but it’s as tricky as cleaning any other tie. After you understand the traits of the fabric used to make the tie, you need to exercise a lot of patience. Even if there are indications that your crossover will look fine after machine washing, it’s better to be careful. After the wash, be sure to air dry the tie since it keeps the lining intact and sturdy.

Crossover ties can give you a decent look and offer you the chance to dress in a versatile manner. Even though there isn’t much to learn about tying this particular piece, you need to know how to mix and match it with the rest of your wardrobe. If you get it wrong with a crossover tie, you will end up with a bland look even when the rest of your apparel looks stylish. Like with any other tie, your crossover needs tender care so as to keep you looking sharp. There are many fallacies about tie care and you need to know what to do when it comes to cleaning your piece.

Tie Maintenance

Even if it’s just a simple crossover tie, you want to get home and remove it. It’s wrong to yank off the tie, since it can lead to damage with time. It’s wrong to pull it by the tips and you need to be gentle unfastening it. Once you unfasten it, it’s wise to hang it up instead of crumpling it up and throwing it inside your drawers. Hang the tie always in such a way that creases smooth out.

Look at Care Instructions

When it comes to cleaning a crossover tie, it’s advisable to read through the cleaning instructions. Some instructions recommend dry cleaning, but the material in use will determine the best method. If your crossover is made from silk, you will be better off going for dry cleaning. If the instructions indicate that the material can be hand washed, you can manage such easily at home.

 If your crossover is made from cotton, you need to avoid washing with hot water. Cotton shrinks fast and it can deface your pricey tie. You can use soap for light dirt, but if there are stains, you can rub gently to avoid damaging the form. It’s important that you clean your tie separately from other garments.

Watch for Bleeding Colors

Some tie fabrics have dyes that run. This is one of the reasons why you need to clean it separately. Equally, you may have other clothes that bleed color when soaked. Some of these can end up staining your crossover tie with a different color and removing it can be hectic. You need to test whether the dye is running such that you light clean to avoid fast fading. If you can handle running dye, its better that you have the tie cleaned by professional dry cleaners. If you clean it yourself, it’s important that you know how to rinse out the detergent. Never wring your crossover tie or you will damage it or cause wrinkles on the material. If there are stubborn stains on the tie, you need to refer to stain removal guidelines for a tie.

Dry Cleaning

There is a school of thought that prefers dry cleaning as the best method to clean your tie. Dry cleaning is handy when you want to remove nasty stains from delicate crossover tie fabrics. For instance, silk and wool can be problematic when you have to do the cleaning on your own. If a professional handles the cleaning, it’s easy to remove the stains with minimal chances of damage. You will be sure that the dye or colors won’t bleed while the tie will retain its sturdy shape.

On the other hand, dry cleaning is thought to be a risky tie cleaning method for a number of reasons. Since your tie will be pressed afterward, it’s easy to disrupt the inner lining. If a material like silk is pressed, it may affect the fabric. Silk is likely to lose its texture and shine, while wool will lose its form if too much heat is applied during the press. To get the best method to clean your crossover tie, you need to research, ask questions and weigh the pros and cons of different methods without forgetting the material used to construct the piece.

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