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Skirts have been on the fashion scene for a number of centuries. Years back, they were worn by men and women - the Scottish still adorn their kilts to date. Apparently, the skirt has undergone transformation to become the sassy elegant garment known to represent femininity at its best. A skirt is one of the most representative garments a woman can wear. This makes it crucial to have the right collection of skirts to suit different occasions and weather.

Individuals have different body types and tastes. It’s important to buy skirts that fit your body type. Skirts, when chosen perfectly, can be used to show off the right places while keeping away attention from areas you want to keep under wraps. To get it right, any fashion conscious woman should know how to select the perfect skirt to achieve the desired look based on the body type.

Skirts have become popular due to their versatility. It’s easy to dress up or down as they can be accessorized with different shoes or tops to create the perfect look for different occasions. There are different skirt lengths, shapes, and designs that can complement women with varied body types and build. You need to note that not all skirts work for everyone the same way. There are skirts that will draw attention to features that would rather stay out of the way.

 It’s important to take the time and understand how different skirts work for different body types. A savvy woman can use the right skirt to draw attention from her midsection or use the same to appear taller. There is a skirt for everyone and you only need to know what skirt to use to create your desired look. These garments are versatile for different occasions, which is why it’s advisable to have a great collection in your wardrobe.

Know Different Types of Skirts

There are different types of skirts in the market. It’s imperative that a woman learns the different skirts, so as to identify the ideal design that works best for your body. Skirts are cut in different lengths ranging between the upper thighs, all the way down to the floor. There are variations in straight lines and form fit cuts. There are different types ranging from pencil, mini, a-line, wrap, flared and tube skirts among others. When you familiarize yourself with the varied features and designs, you can easily tell how a specific skirt will complement your build.

Choose a Skirt for Your Build

With different body types, women opt to take time in trying out what works best for their figurines. If there are features you want to downplay, it’s advisable to pick a skirt that can hide such. The wrong skirt can expose all the parts you want to hide and it can be bad for your self-esteem. For instance, women who sport straight figures cannot look great in skirts intended for curvy figures. Sometimes, it’s important to avoid getting caught up in the hype and factor your body type first.

If you are short, it’s advisable to choose tapering straight skirt and a-line designs. However, you should keep off stiff A-lines, since they can give you a squat look. Take care to keep the length around the knees. You can spice things up with an off the center slit to give off an elongated look

For ladies with large waists, it’s important to choose a skirt that drives away attention from the waists. It’s better to have a skirt that draws attention to your lower legs. Embellishments, especially around the waist, are a no-go zone, they will keep everything focused around the midsection.

If you have a curvaceous figure, it’s okay to choose tapering skirts. Wrap around and A-line cuts are okay, you will do well with waistbands, drop waists or back zippers. It’s important to choose smooth fabrics that float over curves without creating unnecessary attention. You should avoid skirts that are too tight if you have curves.

If you have a large midsection or stomach, lightly tapering pencils and A-lines will do the trick. Try and keep off waistbands and avoid pleats, and front pockets. If you have a boyish figure, long skirts with slits agree great. You can go for pleats, if you have a petite waist and a thick waistband isn’t too bad. You can accessorize with a wide belt to increase attention.

With skirts, it’s crucial to understand hem length. Again, it takes a lot of experimenting.  Before you go shopping, remember to check the skirt in your wardrobe and choose the hem length that you feel comfortable in. You should keep note of where the hem falls; usually mid-thigh or a few centimeters above your knee. If you find three to four lengths that feel comfortable, you should use them as the basis of your skirt shopping escapades.

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