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Working in the restaurant or food processing industry can be challenging, especially when it comes to wearing the right clothing for your working environment. It's important not only to be comfortable, but also have the protection you need, which is why you should shop from our uniforms store to buy food processing uniforms for your entire staff.

When it comes to food processing, you always need to look professional but encourage a hygienic work environment as well. That’s why your clothing items are ideal for your entire team. Made from durable materials, our uniforms are convenient, comfortable, and professional. You can browse through our available items and compare different workwear to find exactly what you need.

Our food processing uniforms consist of shirts, pants, dresses, outerwear and more. We stock only the highest quality items and ensure that you always get value for money. We have a wide range of options to choose from, and you can buy food processing uniforms in a range of colors.

Shirts are always necessary, and we can help. Utility shirts are a great option for you or your staff to wear. They are made from polyester or cotton, and are available from many designers. They offer a solid pattern, and are available as a classic fit, in colors such as white, black, navy, olive, royal blue, red, and more. They are made from the highest quality materials, making them a great addition to anyone.

If you are looking for housekeeping dresses, take a look at our navy women’s housekeeping princess dress. Classically tailored to complement every figure, this dress is the ideal choice for hospitality and housekeeping environments. Made from a wrinkle-resistant poly cotton blend, it features an A-line silhouette, two oversized pockets for your everyday essentials, a neat notched lapel, short capped sleeves, and 8 pearl button fasteners.

If you are looking for tunics, consider our petrol blue women’s uniform blouse. A uniform staple for professional women, this Petrol Blue Women's Uniform Blouse is made from performance blend poly cotton and finished with innovative Touchtex. Another option is our black housekeeping snap front tunic

If you are looking for durable pants, we have various colors available. They are available in black, charcoal, khaki, navy, and more. They are made from a cotton blend, with a solid pattern and various available sizes. Our wrangler men’s plain front work pant is available in black, charcoal, khaki, and blue. It has a classic fit, and a non-expandable waist. 

Food Processing Workwear

You can also take a look at our cook pant with zipper fly. It is available in white or black, with four pockets and a modern fit. It is made from a polyester and cotton blend, making it a very comfortable pant to wear. It’s perfect for a restaurant environment, especially if you work with food processing. 

The chef coats at our uniform store are also very popular, which is why you’ll notice all professional chefs are wearing them. Made from materials such as polyester or cotton, these chef coats are easy to wash, comfortable to wear, and very practical to use while cooking. They are available in many different button configurations as well. You can complete your look with chef headwear, or even a neckerchief for added style and convenience. These options are perfect for any professional chef, especially if you really want your employees to make an impression.

You can even opt for a men’s specialized lab coat, which is made from a polyester and cotton blend, with a solid pattern and a classic fit. It is available in white, and will fit in perfectly into your work environment. These lab coats also help to protect your clothing, making them very effective. They also come in different sizes, start from a XS to a 4XL.

Buy Food Processing Aprons

Aprons are just as handy when it comes to food processing work. We have a great rounded waist apron, with three pockets. It features an ultra-durable 7.5 oz. performance twill fabric. The perfect balance between 65% polyester and 35% cotton ensures this apron is durable enough to take daily abuse at work while maintaining a desired level of softness and comfort. The precision cut patterns and reinforced stress points are meticulously sewn by our proud team in our USA factory.

A popular chef apron is the full bistro apron, available in black or white, or the black chalk stripe full bistro apron, which has a convenient pocket and made from a polyester and cotton blend. These aprons are machine washable, making them very convenient to have. You can also buy bulk aprons, to allow for additional stock whenever needed. Having your employees change regularly will allow for a very impressive environment for customers to come and visit. You can also add variation to solid color chef aprons, by choosing patterned or themed aprons.

We can also assist you with customizing your uniforms with your company logo or slogan. Our embroidery services are ideal for this, and you can have your shirts and uniforms printed as well. We can add your company details to your uniforms, allowing your employees to stand out and feel part of a great team. Customers can also immediately recognize your business.

For more information about our food processing uniforms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.