Uniforms by Category

Uniforms are a great addition to various working environments. Not only are they stylish and enhance your appearance, but they often provide the perfect protection you need for your work. From chef wear, housekeeping dresses and even medical scrubs – you can buy uniforms that will go a long way in providing you with the protection and comfort you need to excel at your job.

Uniforms are also a great way to enhance your business’ appearance; you can have your employees wear uniforms with your company logo and branding on it, to allow people to recognise your employees and get familiar with your brand. Uniforms are usually branded with your company details and it will also help your employees not to worry about clothing since they’ll have workwear to wear on a daily basis.

Our uniform store has uniforms for industries such as health care, security, automotive, construction, fire & EMS, and more. You can browse through our selection, and compare items while choosing from various colors, sizes, and materials. Our products are affordable, and we provide excellent customer service.

Buying Uniforms

There are a wide variety of uniforms available from UniformsInStock.com, and all our products are made from the highest quality materials to offer great value for money. Our uniforms are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials, to give you the best uniform for your industry. You can browse through our collection of products, and filter them by color, material, size, industry, and more. This ensures a very enjoyable online shopping experience with a very easy ordering system.

We have aprons that are perfect for various environments. Our aprons include bib aprons, bistro aprons, cobbler aprons, specialty aprons, and waist aprons. This gives you a wide variety of styles to choose from, with an apron for every work environment. They are stylish, durable, and available in many configurations. You can choose aprons according to size, industry, color, and more. Aprons are especially helpful in the hospitality industry, as they can be used in kitchens, among wait staff, in hotels, and more.

Our housekeeping uniforms are available in various sizes, as well as colors, such as white, aqua, navy, grey, and pink. They are very comfortable to wear and they are available in various patterns such as solid and striped. They are made from materials such as polyester and cotton and are available in various lengths to give you a comfortable fit.

Our uniform store also stocks a range of flame resistant uniforms. This includes work coats, coveralls, and even T-shirts. They are very durable and highly effective in flammable environments. They are also available in various colors such as blue, gray, and red, and you can choose from materials such as enamel, cotton blends, satin, and more. This gives you a durable product that is also convenient and easy to wear.

If you are looking for stylish formal wear, you can browse our selection of jackets, vests, pants, accessories, and more. We have formal wear for male and female individuals, which will make you look very stylish for your next formal event. You can choose from various formal wear items, and match them together to form the perfect outfit. You can add a range of stylish accessories, in a range of colors, such as burgundy, navy, light blue, gray, and black. Whether you are looking for a stylish black tie outfit or formal wear for a daytime function, we have you covered.

If you need to buy lab coats, we have a range available that will offer you comfort and versatility. They are made materials like cotton, polyester, and more. We also have flame resistant options available, which is even more versatile and protective. They have various configurations, including 4-button versions, counter coats, and more.

Business attire is also popular and available from our uniform store. You can choose from blazers, jackets, pants, shirts, shoes, accessories and more. Some of the business attire you can buy include women’s shirts, that are available in many popular colors. These clothing items are great for corporate environments, and they can also be customized with your company branding and logos.

Uniform Accessories

Among our uniform accessories, are belts, socks, garment bags, and suspenders. They complete your look and can be helpful, comfortable and very versatile. It’s always a good idea to have the right accessories when you choose a uniform so that you can be properly prepared and protected at work.

We also have gloves, which are available in white and black, and made from cotton. They are available in sizes ranging from XA to XL. They can be worn with many different uniforms, including housekeeping uniforms, and you can easily match them with almost any color outfit.

Our headwear includes caps, chef headwear, and visors. Chef headwear is very popular, and it completed the look for any professional chef. In terms of visitors, they are very flexible and can be used almost anywhere; they are often seen with wait staff, especially in a non-formal working environment. Caps are often worn outdoors, especially known as baseball caps.

Whether you are looking for a uniform for your kitchen staff or uniforms for law enforcement teams, you can buy uniforms for any industry at UniformsInStock.com. 

For more information about our selection of uniforms, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.