For a fashion conscious woman, a blazer is a must-have clothing item, especially since it’s so versatile and stylish. Blazers can help you pull off a casual or formal look without much effort; as long as you know what to partner it up with. Even though this garment can make you look stunning, when you buy blazers, many people are still stuck when it comes to mastering the art and etiquette of wearing a blazer.

Iconic But Awe-Inspiring

To get the blazer look right, perhaps it’s prudent to learn a bit about the garment’s history. The blazer has a deep history, especially with the navy. History has it that it emerged from a visit by Queen Victoria on the naval ship christened the HMS Blazer. The ship’s captain wanted to spruce up looks on his officers and oared that they wear buttoned navy blue double-breasted jackets. From then, the name stuck and it’s quite fair that you have a few blazers to make a unique statement.

When it comes to buying blazers, the secret to nailing the perfect look lies in the experimenting with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. Being bold with blazers makes you noticeable and attractive. It’s okay to test your sartorial confidence by wearing different colors, prints, and patterns; including stripes. You can also try fabrics like velvets, or linen.

Apparently, your blazer collection can help you pull a mix of looks if you have several of them. Whereas you should opt for top brands and styles, don’t waste your money filling your closet with cheap blazers. It’s wise to take the time to try out fabrics and designs such that you pick the very best. Even though the price shouldn’t be the major factor, you shouldn’t skimp on the blazer budget.

Blazers, unlike other garments, aren’t the pieces you can choose at random. You need to know exactly what you want. This applies to your size and build if you expect to find one that flatters your shape and body type. Don’t be fooled to choose a blazer that looks good on a model. Your body is unique and what looks good on your buddy isn’t guaranteed to do the same for you. Whenever you have trouble choosing the right blazer, ask attendants at your favorite store, they can help you hack the blazer look perfectly.

Men’s Blazer Types

A blazer can be a reserved and classy finisher for to any outfit. This garment has the potential to display our individual taste and style. However, you shouldn’t pick a blazer if you don’t know the several types that exist. It pays to now the graceful blazers types on the market.

Cotton Blazers

Cotton blazers are the quintessential staple garment for summer. The lightweight, breathable fabric hugs your body and rests gracefully on your torso. It helps you to keep a symmetrical appearance with shoulder pads and can do the same if it is unstructured. You can choose your cotton blazer as single or double breast despite the color. You should know the best colors for your cotton blazer and what to match up with them.

Wool Blazers

Wool blazers work well in spring and autumn, in fact, woolen navy blazers give you a classic look. They can also be paired up with modern accessories to spice things up. Neutral and darkened colors deliver a chic look while resting away dandy stereotypes. Wool blazers can be blended with silk or cashmere. They can be mixed up with cotton or polyester to firm things up. It’s important that you try these types before you settle for one.


For the colder months, a tweed blazer can keep you warm. This fabric is heavy density and works perfectly up or down during winter. This blazer is very versatile and it can be accessorized to give off a super modern look.

Linen Blazers

Linen blazers are best worn in summer. They work well for casual evenings compared to wool or cashmere. The good thing is that they can be rolled up on the collar and sleeve. The lightweight fabric is breathable and suitable for unstructured blazers. It only takes your creativity to pair it up with the right shoes, shirts, pocket squares or pants and the rest is a head turning story al through.

A good number of individuals are likely to feel shy, when it comes to trying colors. It’s never rewarding to stick to the same conservative shades. You can try and pull a daring look starting with the mild, not too loud colors. Chose a patterned shirt and push your sartorial limits gradually. When you master the confidence, you can walk head high with just about any blazer color as long as the occasion is right.

Our Blazers

The blazer collection at UniformsInStock is perfect for styling with almost any outfit. We have stunning designs ranging from patterned, classic and chic to help you cut the perfect smart-casual image. We stock blazers that complement our shirts and jeans. We have all types of fabrics like the Women's Ultralux Collarless Cardigan Blazer to help you exude the executive look. We don’t dress up men only, but we have the latest for women too.

Check out our contemporary tweed and wool themes: we will help you to polish a sophisticated look and our experts know how to craft the killer workplace image. We guarantee you a timeless look with brands from top designers. Look no further. If you are not happy with our delivery, you have a generous return period and we are ready to offer you a better choice. For the best blazer prices, talk to us today!

For more information about our selection of blazers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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