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Over the years, the Eton jacket has undergone a marvelous transformation to become the garment it is today. These jackets are highly regarded within the uniform and apparel scene, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. The Eton’s story is quite interesting. According to history, the jacket came about as a novel part of school uniform since the 15th century. Today, it has become a notable addition to industries including the service sector, but the transition has a breath-taking narrative.

 A Brief History

Eton jackets were part of school uniforms in medieval England. However, they were largely associated with the well to do. It was the uniform for younger boys in the prestigious Eton College. Later, it evolved into a fashionable outfit worn for special occasions and Sundays. The well to do schools took it up as their uniform style. Notably, the waist length jacket with wide lapels and straight cut bottom hem still preserves the Eton fame.

Colloquially, Eton jackets were referred to as bum freezers. This was because of the shortened style that exposed a wearer’s back to freezing cold in winter. The Eton jacket originally had a stiff collar that was uncomfortable. In the 1960s, Eton College retired the uniform, but it had already given the jacket an immortal name. Although it was warm as an Eton suit, the jacket retained far more influence afterward.

Today, boy’s fashion has taken a brilliant direction and the Eton theme seems somehow outmoded. The suit, often accompanied by a striped pair of trousers and the waistcoat, is a peculiar reminder of history. The past generation immortalized the Eton suit in a jacket in movies and waiters.  Now, butlers can be seen with these suits in five-star hotels and in the homes of the well to do.

The Eton design spread out from England to the Americas. However, there isn’t one particular designer who can be accredited with the invention of the epic Eton jacket. At some point, the Eton flair spread to the military, marines, hotels and special cause groups and clubs. Whereas the jacket is associated with the modern service industry, it has commanded a formal influence within the working and the upper classes. To cut a distinction, the upper class wore Eton jackets with a special trim, but the original design remained intact. The jacket was later revised to include a refined dress and it became a favorite with wealthy women.

 The Eton Transformation

Today, Etons have assumed a modern look and they can be both formal and casual. The fastening on modern Eton jackets can vary. It can be one button or two fastened by a chain link. Other designs come with single or double breasted Etons with two or three buttons. Some jackets are designed with inbuilt linings that look like false vests.

Creative Eton jacket comes with lined or unlined and with different types of collars. Striking designs feature different colored lapels. Other jackets will come with pockets or without. The lower end also comes with its variations. Some bottoms are cut with sharp pointed edges, while others have rounded, squared, or oval bottoms. Eton jackets are made from a variety of materials. The main fabrics that design these jackets are polyester, wool and even blends such as poly-wool and poly-cotton mixes.

Like many other jackets, the secret to pulling off the ideal Eton jacket look depends on several factors. First, it’s important to know your body size and dimensions. Regardless of the event or profession, it’s important to wear the right fit. Eton jackets that are oversized make you look bad, while the overly tight piece will leave you feeling uncomfortable and gagged all day. Before you chose one, make sure you try several jackets. While at it, don’t forget your personal preferences. You can go for a plain look, but if you are adventurous, pick a contrasting jacket with creative construction.

Eton jackets can exude complexity and style even in the service industry. You want to feel comfortable and confident. Instead of choosing the same color for the jacket, trouser, and shirt, you can decide to break the pieces. However, you should be careful not to shout too loud with the colors. You should stick with neutral colors, but a dash of bold won't hurt your looks.

Whereas there are Eton jackets for men and women, it helps to consider the unisex types. The good thing here is that they will fit either gender. If you are an employer, you can save a lot with unisex jackets. It is important to ensure that all features that contribute towards comfort, usability and safety are on board.

Our Eton Jackets

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