Blazers & Jackets

Blazers and jackets are known to exist from decades and are very popular amongst the masses for the trendy looks they provide and their usefulness. Precisely speaking, blazers and jackets are tailor made for people who belong to the corporate sector. The persona of an individual is amplified with their use and they provide additional comfort as well. Furthermore, they are very easy to carry and are adept for any professional event or regular use. It is the reason we find blazers and jackets used by employs, bosses, business men, etc. as everyday clothing.

Jackets are very popular and people prefer wearing them for both professional and causal occasions. A jacket is described as a one-piece garment, which covers up the waist and the upper body of the wearer. It comes with full sleeves so that it can protect the body from adverse conditions. Jackets are stylish, provide a professional look and they have never been out of fashion from the day they are introduced into the market. They are good over formal dresses, business wear and casual style dresses. It is the reason for their wide use and popular demand.

Blazers resemble jackets in the way they are produced i.e. one piece garment, which covers up the waist and the upper body of the wearer. Most blazers come with traditional navy styled buttons made out of metal giving a classic look. From Oxford to Harvard, we find students wearing blazers while attending classes or special occasions indicating their wide across the world. Their wide spread use is mainly because they are made to last long and are suggested for outdoors and harsh environments. There are numerous varieties of blazers and each one of them owns the right to be called a ‘style symbol’.

Blazers and jackets are similar to each other in many ways, they are suitable for wearing during business endeavors and they work well in casual occasions as well. As the present generation prefers quick fire solutions for everything these garments are preferred to fulfill their socializing aspects and corporate needs. Further, it is found out that people who present themselves with blazers and jackets create a feeling of trust; hence, we find bartenders and waiters with Eton jackets in popular bars and restaurants.

Forms of Blazers & Jackets

Blazers are specially paired up with some special accessories such as neckties and ties for some really formal occasions.  They come with many varieties of material and types which are paired up with some formal suits or with casual dress codes. They can be considered as uniforms for employs who work in corporate sectors and students who attend S-class universities. There are many types of blazers such as coat blazers, Full sleeve blazer, sleeveless blazer and many more.

As there are many types of blazers available in the market, an individual has to take care in selecting the right type and fit, appropriate for the occasion and need. An adept blazer can perfectly compliment all or most of the outfits of the wearer. They can be called as ‘multipurpose outfits’, as they give a professional look while at work, formal look while on streets and give a trendy look while at parties.

Jackets are another great option that can be worn anywhere easily and gives an absolute formal look. They are easily adaptable to any kind of environment and give a sophisticated look depending on the place of choice and use. They are easily matched with variety of colors and can be paired with different trousers or pants. The modern way is to pair up the jacket with jeans and shoes to give a trendy and professional look at the same time.

The fashion industry is fast growing and there are many varieties of garments, which are been invented to suit the interests of both men and women. However, the blazers and jackets are still the preferred garments for men and women because of their adaptable nature, stylish looks and comfort levels. These two garments are manufactured with separate styles and stitches for men and women. Mostly women prefer them to obtain formal attire paired by the trousers and skirts. For women, there are many varieties of blazers and jackets with many designs, which can be paired up by any outfit as they are versatile.

These blazers and jackets are used by the people, who work as the members of airline industries, hotel hospitality, industrial site workers and in the corporate office sector. They are also used as the uniforms in the above listed sectors and as the dress codes for the employees. Many reputed corporate offices prefer the blazers on their regular outfit which gives the formal look and enhances their seriousness towards work.

Our Blazers and Jackets

At UniformsInStock we provide a wide range of blazers and jackets for both men and women which can be used for both professional and casual look. As they are meant to be versatile and comfortable, we provide numerous designs and types to suit every environment. We have a variety of blazers which can be paired up with the neckties and ties for both women and men.

We also provide the blazers without sleeve features as it can be used by the workers who work in the hotels and it’s very comfortable to carry. Our uniform store provides various types of uniforms also with a modifiable option as for example you are a business owner, then you can order any type of uniform for your company along with the features of logo or caption on it. The materials we provide are of high quality and very comfortable for any environment.

For more information about our selection of blazers and jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. "Holden" Men's Eton Jacket


    "Holden" Men's Eton Jacket
    $56.95 As low as $37.02
  2. "Spencer" Men's Eton Jacket


    "Spencer" Men's Eton Jacket
    $52.95 As low as $34.42
  3. "Maggie" Henry Segal Women's Eton Jacket


    "Maggie" Women's Eton Jacket
    $56.95 As low as $37.02
  4. Women's Grey Veronica Blazer


    "Veronica" Women's Blazer
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  5. "Oliver" Men's Blazer


    "Oliver" Men's Blazer
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  6. "Isabella" Women's Blazer


    "Isabella" Women's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  7. "Winston" Men's Blazer


    "Winston" Men's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  8. "Alberto" Men's Blazer


    "Alberto" Men's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  9. Women's Value Blazer


    Women's Value Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $59.46
  10. Edwards Mens Value Blazer


    Men's Value Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $59.46
  11. "Asher" Men's Blazer


    "Asher" Men's Blazer
    $74.95 As low as $48.72
  12. "Caitlin" Women's Eton Jacket


    "Caitlin" Women's Eton Jacket
    $52.95 As low as $34.42
  13. Women's Blazer


    Women's Blazer
    $78.95 As low as $51.32