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Fashion interests are constantly changing among generations, and styles often vary from only a few years back. The current generation is tending to be perfect in their lifestyle and is choosing clothes that would suit any occasion. With a lot of interest in fashion and awareness about trends, people have developed a great love for garments that are simple yet professional at the same time. As the generation contains ‘multitasking’ enthusiasts and can perform many things at the same time, clothing has become essential. One among the popular garment selections that can be worn for any occasion is dress shirt.

Dress shirts are very popular and have been for several years; people tend to wear them as they are very comfortable with the perfect formal look. Dress shirts are a made from a very simple material which covers the upper body and it was traditionally used by men in the olden days. However in the middle of the 1800’s it has become the fashion statement for women too. Today dress shirts are available for both men and women with several designs and varieties in shapes and sizes. A proper dress shirt can be described as a full sleeved, buttoned-up garment with a collar along with wrist cuffs.

There are several types of shirts available and that’s why you should choose your style carefully. Dress shirts create an impact on other people and have become quite important over the years. It’s a well-known fact that the way you dress makes a difference in how people see you; having a dress shirt paired up with formal pants, accessories like belt or shoe would create that ultimate stylish, sophisticated look.

Dress shirts are great to wear while attending interviews and proven through research to create a good impression on the interviewer. Further, it is a great choice for any event, including office gathering, seminars, summits, etc. In short, dress shirts are the perfect choice for official use and regular use without any competition from other garments.

About Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are very popular and have been worn by men and women alike for decades. In fact, there has been a gradual increase in the demand for dress shirts and people wear them to various occasions. Dress shirts come in a large variety of designs along with different patterns and materials. However, all the varieties and materials confuse the individual into selecting the right dress shirt; most confusion arises while deciding the suitable dress shirt for a particular occasion or event.

While choosing what dress shirt to buy, always select the best material which can be used in any event, there are many various types of shirts such as a full sleeve, half sleeve along with the option of long and short size shirts. The collar of dress shirts is of many types such as pointed collars, spread collars and so on. The pointed collar with the long sleeve shirt is the perfect material for the professional wear. There are also varieties in the shirt cuffs such as French cuffs, button cuffs and much more. The cuffs are the symbol for the formal look and a decent outfit.

Dress shirts are not only designed to fit professional wear or casual wear, but they are also used as a part of uniforms. In some companies the workers are supposed to wear uniforms designated only to the workplace, such companies prefer dress shirts as a part of their uniforms. In most cases, the uniform would consist of a dress shirt along with a formal pant for men and dress shirt along with skirt for women.  So dress shirts are versatile and can be used in any environment with a high comfort level.

Our Dress Shirts

At UniformInStock we provide a large range of dress shirts which are ideal for various uses, and they are perfect for both men and women. We make it easy to find the dress shirts you need, with a wide range of options to choose from. We provide a variety of colors such as blue, white, black, maroon, gray, brown and much more. The shirts available in our stock are manufactured with high-quality material. We also provide a guarantee period for dress shirts or in any garment when you purchase from our stock.

The dress shirts we provide comes in different types such as full-sleeved shirt with buttons and cuffs which are suitable for formal wear. For casual wear, we have shirts with half a sleeve, along with a spread collar that can be paired up with a dress pant or any jeans. We also provide the shirts for the women with various types such as full sleeve shirt with pointed collar along with the closed buttons strip attached to cover the buttons. Women’s dress shirts give the authentic look and they also can pair the shirts with the skirts with the accessories to give a formal touch.

Apart from formal and casual wear dress shirts. we also provide shirts which can be used as uniforms. We also offer the facility to design the logo of the company on the uniforms if required. The materials we provide are of high quality and are also very comfortable for any environment.

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  1. Men's White Martin Dress Shirt


    "Martin" Dress Shirt
  2. Women's White Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat


    Women's Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  3. Women's Broadcloth Short Sleeve Blouse


    Women's Broadcloth Short Sleeve Blouse
    $19.95 As low as $16.96
  4. Men's Twill Easy Blend Long Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Twill Easy Blend Long Sleeve Shirt
    $21.95 As low as $14.27
  5. Men's Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Broadcloth Long Sleeve Shirt
    $21.95 As low as $18.66
  6. Women's Broadcloth Long Sleeve Blouse


    Women's Broadcloth Long Sleeve Blouse
    $21.95 As low as $18.66
  7. Roger Dress Shirt


    "Roger" Dress Shirt
  8. Men's Grey Stripe Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Oxford Stripe Long Sleeve Shirt
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  9. Men's Yellow Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Oxford Long Sleeve Shirt
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  10. Women's Yellow Oxford Long Sleeve Blouse


    Women's Oxford Long Sleeve Blouse
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  11. Women's White Oxford Dress Blouse Non Iron


    Women's Oxford Dress No-Iron Blouse
    $31.95 As low as $25.56
  12. Women's Charcoal 3/4 Sleeve Non Iron Blouse


    Women's 3-4 Sleeve No-Iron Blouse
    $24.95 As low as $25.56
  13. Women's Yellow Poplin Short Sleeve Blouse


    Women's Poplin Short Sleeve Blouse
    $24.95 As low as $21.21
  14. Women's Poplin Open-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse


    Women's Poplin Open-Neck Long Sleeve Blouse
    $24.95 As low as $21.21
  15. Men's Navigator Short Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Navigator Short Sleeve Shirt
    $25.95 As low as $22.06
  16. Men's Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Poplin Long Sleeve Shirt
    $25.95 As low as $22.06
  17. Men's Poplin Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt


    Men's Poplin Button-Down Long Sleeve Shirt
    $25.95 As low as $22.06
  18. Men's Caf


    Men's Caf
    $25.95 As low as $22.06