Flame Resistant Shirts

Whether you are working as a firefighter, construction worker, mining and drilling worker, or even a chef in a kitchen, you will appreciate the importance of wearing flame resistant clothing. Flame resistant shirts could provide life-saving protection only if worn correctly. Though your clothing might be compliant with workplace regulations, if worn improperly, it becomes far less effective.

Yes, it’s not just about wearing the flame-resistant shirts, it’s about wearing it properly. Fires could be unpredictable even in a controlled environment. With that in mind, we want to focus on a few common mistakes that some employees make when wearing flame resistant (FR) garments, especially shirts. With some working environments being so dangerous, it’s important to wear the correct clothing.

  • Wearing a non-FR jacket over an FR shirt. Sometimes it might feel so tempting to wear a non-FR jacket over your regular flame-resistant shirt. So even if you are wearing an FR shirt underneath, your non-FR outer garment or jacket could still put you in danger. Outer layers that are not flame resistant could burn up and affect your flame-resistant shirts.
  • Wearing an FR short with a non-FR under layer. This means you are not wearing any inner protection. The flame-resistant concept should be applied on all the clothing layers whether it’s outer or inner. Most workers prefer inner layers made from polyester or any synthetic material to help them with moisture management inside FR shirts. But they are not flame resistant. So, it is advised to wear an inner layer that’s FR material which helps you protect from the burn if accidentally exposed to the thermal hazard.
  • Rolling up your FR shirt sleeves. Working around flames definitely could get hot, and rolling up your shirt’s sleeves might help you get some air flowing to your skin. However, doing so exposes your skin to the flames and this should be avoided. This is very important if you are working in an environment with an arc flash exposure. One can consider having an inner layer made of lightweight FR material so that even if you roll up your sleeves, your skin remains protected.
  • Stripping coveralls and unbuttoning shirts. This is pretty similar to rolling up your FR shirt’s sleeves. It has the same hazardous effect because this again exposes your skin or any non-FR layer that you wore directly to the flame you are working around. So be mindful before you open up your FR outer layers. It is always advised to go for light weight FR garments that provide comfort without sacrificing the safety.
  • Wearing an FR shirt untucked. It might be a trendy thing for you to not have the shirt tucked in, but this is always dangerous. If your shirt has the tail, get it tucked properly, because heat and flames can travel under an untucked shirt and can cause a great injury to your skin. The longer the tail, better the protection.


Other than this, one should also strictly follow the safety standards set by ASTM, NFPA or CGSB. But still, garment manufacturers can’t know every scenario in which their clothes will be worn, so it is up to buyers to decide which clothing items to buy, based on their needs. This is the reason companies give a warning label stating, “the user is responsible to determine that this garment is appropriate for the intended use.”

The best standard to consider when you are working with flames, is NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Their standards are subject to public comments and are renewed every 5 years.

Our Flame-Resistant Shirts

Our men’s short sleeve tagless t-shirt comes in grey or blue, and it’s very modern too. It’s made from cotton and offers a solid pattern with a classic fit. It’s perfect for anyone looking to work outside, who want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

You can also go for our men’s 5.25 oz. button-front dress uniform shirt, which comes in blue, grey and khaki. It’s made from cotton, has a solid pattern and has long sleeves that are ideal for colder climates. It’s comfortable to wear and is very stylish too. It can be combined with flame resistant pants too.

When it comes to flame resistant clothing, be extra careful out there and avoid common mistakes, so that you can reduce the possibility of injuries as much as possible. Speak to our friendly team to help you choose the best flame resistant shirts and clothing items for your needs.

If you need to be visible at all times, go for our men’s comfortouch uniform shirt with reflective trim. It has long sleeves, a solid color, and made from a cotton blend. It offers a classic fit, which goes perfectly with a wide range of clothing items. It comes in a bright orange color, which is perfect for visibility.

For more information about our flame-resistant shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Women's Long Sleeve Henley Shirt


    Women's Long Sleeve Henley Shirt
  2. Men's Short Sleeve Navy Tagless T-Shirt


    Men's Short Sleeve Tagless T-Shirt
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  3. Men's Long Sleeve Navy Knit T-Shirt


    Men's Long Sleeve Knit T-Shirt
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  4. Men's Navy Concealed-Gripper Pocketless Shirt


    Men's Concealed-Gripper Pocketless Shirt
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  5. Men's Button-Front Khaki Work Shirt


    Men's Button-Front Work Shirt
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  6. Women's Dress Shirt


    Women's Dress Shirt
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  7. Men's 5.25 OZ Button-Front Light Blue Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 5.25 OZ Button-Front Dress Uniform Shirt
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  8. Women's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt


    Women's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
    $79.95 As low as $51.97
  9. Men's 6 OZ Uniform Shirt


    Men's 6 OZ Uniform Shirt
    $79.95 As low as $51.97
  10. Men's 7 OZ Silver Grey Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 7 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
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  11. Men's Light Blue Denim Dress Shirt


    Men's Demin Dress Shirt
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  12. Women's Plaid Dress Shirt


    Women's Plaid Dress Shirt
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  13. Men's Long Sleeve Orange Tagless Flame-Resistant Henley Shirt


    Men's Long Sleeve Tagless Flame-Resistant Henley Shirt
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  14. Men's 7 OZ Snap-Front Tan Deluxe Shirt


    Men's 7 OZ Snap-Front Deluxe Shirt
    $91.95 As low as $59.77
  15. Men's Excel ComforTouch Teal/Brown Plaid Uniform Shirt


    Men's Excel ComforTouch Plaid Uniform Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
  16. Men's Plaid Dress Shirt


    Men's Plaid Dress Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
  17. Men's 6 OZ Red Dress Uniform Shirt


    Men's 6 OZ Dress Uniform Shirt
    $93.95 As low as $61.07
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