Bow Ties

Bow ties are often worn to allow for a classy look when you’re attending a formal event. With the rise in popularity of bow ties during the 17th century, the style of wearing bow ties has changed significantly over time as people are now embracing a more modern and contemporary way of rocking bow ties. When you buy bow ties from our uniform store, you’ll enjoy the modern style and convenience that it brings.

Although most people love the modern look that bow ties provide, some still appreciate the older, very traditional way of wearing bow ties. The best thing about bow ties is that one can wear them on casual or formal event, to spice up your tuxedo. With people being overly concentrated on wearing neckties, anybody who wears a bow ties wants to make a lasting style statement.

Bow ties come in different shapes and fabrics, which means that those who love wearing bow ties are spoilt for choice. A bow tie is a must-have accessory for everyone - yes, everyone. The stereotype that bow ties are more inclined to be worn by men no longer apply, as women rock bow ties too. To this effect, nothing stops anyone from oozing the great style that bow ties offer.

Official dinners and formal events have introduced the wearing of bow ties for one reason – bow ties bring out that inner style in any man or woman. So, when you decide to wear your tuxedo complemented with a bow tie, you can be sure that you’ll strike a stylish balance between work and play. With bow ties being a unique fashion statement, most people tend to have a few reservations simply because they don’t know if they will pull it off correctly or not. As a result, they tend to shy away from wearing one.

There are a million and one ways of rocking bow ties; the fact that insecurities come up when one wants to wear one, makes wearing a bow tie an increasingly interesting fashion feature. So, when you buy a bow tie, you can be sure that the versatility that these accessories offer will work well in your favor.

Who can wear a bow tie and when?

Whether you are a banker, politician, financier, professor, lawyer or architect, you can comfortably rock a bow tie. Are you a pediatrician, teacher, waiter, musician, pastor, president, secretary of state or a congressman? Well, you can definitely wear a bow tie! Bow ties are for everyone, which is why they are available in so many different colors, styles and material. They can be worn by a variety of individuals and are not only reserved for specific people.

August 28th is marked World Bow Tie Day and if all the people who wear bow ties on this day are anything to go by, then it shows just how popular bow ties really are. Bow ties can be worn for events, when going to work, and generally when one wants to look and feel good.

The convenience that bow ties offer is simply impeccable. For instance, pediatricians have a flair for bow ties as infants cannot pull or play with them as they work with them. Infants love to play with neckties of pediatricians, which is why most prefer to wear bow ties to avoid these inconveniences. The latter is just one of those few instances where bow ties come in handy. Weddings too warrant the wearing of bow ties. They make the event stylish and worthwhile.

If you own a hotel or restaurant, it might be a good idea to get your waiters to wear bow ties. This will go a long way in making your business look stylish and classy. It will also be good for your customers, as they will prefer to dine in a professional, stylish environment.

Our Bow Ties

In need of bow ties? Look no further than UniformsInStock. We are your one stop shop for all your bow tie needs. We stock a wide array of bow ties, each offering something unique. Have a look at the tapestry type of bow ties that we have; these tapestry bow ties come in different colors, a factor that helps you choose the color that’s more appealing to you. They are pre-tied and go for a pocket friendly price too.

You can also have a look at our Striped Satin Bow Tie. It comes in different colors too and is also pre-tied. Our glittery bow ties are stocked up in an array of colors, are easy to wash and pre-tied. We also stock Palermo bow ties at pocket friendly prices too. They come in different colors so that you can easily choose a color that will work for you.

Apart from bow ties, we also stock a wide range of uniforms for business environments. Kindly visit our uniform store, and have a look at the different uniform types we have. Feel free to choose and buy the best uniform for your business as this will go a long way in building your customer loyalty.

Our bow ties won’t disappoint; you will have a wide array to choose from. I bet you love the feeling one gets when a friend asks where you bought that cool outfit from; it will be no different once you purchase from us. Our sales team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect bow tie for your outfit.

For more information about our selection of aprons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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