The neck tie has been around for quite a long time but sadly, it’s one fashion accessory that gives men a headache when it comes to incorporating it into their casual or formal outfits. The necktie is a powerful addition to a business suit, or a dress shirt look. It’s one of the items people get to notice when you wear a suit. This means a suave neck tie can separate you from the rest; if you know how to pick and match one. Getting it wrong can lead to carrying an antagonized look despite the money you spend to get it.

Today, mastering the tie game isn’t any easy, the variations and specifics with ties and knots can leave you in a bind. It’s true that there are some rules, and some common sense you need to observe to nail the kind of statement you want with your attire. Some of the basics, such as you shouldn’t wear a tie with a shirt with similar patterns is easy but difficult for some people to grasp. Getting to know these useful tips will enable you keep your tie game on point.

Get the Tie Game Right

A neck tie can make or break your suit game. It’s important to invest in high quality ties; the cheap stuff gets noticed anyway. At the same time, you should consider buying more than a dozen ties. It’s embarrassing to be wearing the same neck tie after every two days. When you have a variety of neck ties in different colors or fabrics, you don’t have to overdo it; you will look classy with minimum effort.

Buying the right ties isn’t everything. Spending on quality ties is advisable but what’s the point if you can’t pay attention when tying it up. The good thing is that you can get it right, if you look for and follow the right tips about tying and fitting your neck tie.

To get a superb look when you fix your tie in position, you need to work with the tight knot, tight look approach. The tension on the knot should be balanced to avoid slipping, as you move your neck. It’s important that you avoid over tightening, with time, it could damage the fabric. When you tie the knot, remember to place it correctly over the top shirt button. You can only work with a loosened tie, if you are in an informal setting.

Symmetry when you tie the knot is crucial. Many people get it wrong by tying the tie such that the tail ends up jutting out past the blade. The tail should always be shorter than the blade. If you can get it right for the first time, keep practicing; it’s not too difficult to master the art. It’s important that you practice with different knot style. Some styles such as the Windsor not will require longer fabrics to complete. The perfect knot should place the blade right somewhere around the center of your belt buckle.

The size of the knot and the collar of your shirt should create some harmony. The type of collar on your shirt should determine the knot or the size of tie to wear. A wide collar will do well with a bigger knot, while the narrow knots are fine with smaller knots. Remember to use an even-sided knot or you will have problems aligning the tie vertically. Even the best of ties make your look distorted, if you are not able to align it in a way that it hides the buttons of your shirt.

First timers at the tying game are likely to falter. There are many knots to learn and you should start with the simple ones. For instance, you should practice and perfect the Four-In-Hand or the Half Windsor. As time goes, you can venture into complex knots. It’s wise to learn the sophisticated knots such as the Eldredge Knot and get to know the best events or settings that match with the complex knots.

The shirt and tie you adorn should have patterns. There are as many colors, as there are patterns on the tie market. You should get to know the event first before you buy a patterned tie. The pattern should go well with your outfit for the bold shirt pattern; you can opt for a tie with subtle tones. If the shirt is mute, a flashy tie will tone tongs up.

Wrinkled or Stained Neckties are a spoiler, which is common knowledge. The ties draw attention to the wearer and if it’s stained or creased, you end up looking odd. It’s advisable to keep the ties untied after you remove them. There are important tie care tips you need to know. Ties can be accessorized with tie-clips, bars, tie pins, and chains. However, take care not to overload; too much of pins and chins could give you a garish look in the end.

Our Neckties

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