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Formal vests are also known as suit vests. Formal vests are often worn with three piece suits and are regarded as the final piece of these three-piece suits. However, one can buy or have one sewed up – it doesn’t necessarily have to emanate from a suit. With most formal vests showcasing the sleeves of shirts, you can be sure that each and every time you rock a formal vest, you will have a flashy and fashionable look. Formal vests have their own place in the fashion world as they cater for both men and women.

Formal vests have been used for ages, and they are here to stay. An observant eye would note among other things, that formal vests are often skin tight. This is often an intentional move by most tailors or seamstresses, in an effort to highlight and accentuate one’s figure. Yes – it is aimed at making you look good, by focusing on your best features.

Well, the word ‘formal’ doesn’t necessarily mean that formal vests are to be worn for official or formal purposes only - far from it. Formal vests can also serve a casual role as they present themselves in many colors and styles to help you find your perfect look. Most people supplement formal vests with official shirts as they often wear a suit jacket on top of it. This is a very accurate move and style as it portrays a very sharp and fashion forward person.

The style is also quite modern, but has stood the test of time and has had a soft spot in most people’s hearts. King Edward VII loved formal vests and worn them essentially for formal purposes. However, with remarkable changes in the fashion industry, formal vests also serve a casual and laid back role in our wardrobes. For example, it’s not necessary to always wear your formal vest with a collar shirt; you can also wear a formal vest with a t-shirt. Notice how versatile a formal jacket is? Well there lies the need for a formal vest – its versatility, flexibility as well as the edge it gives you when you wear it.

What makes a good formal vest?

For starters, a good formal vest must fit you perfectly as it is often aimed at making you look fashionable by focusing on your body shape. To this effect, never go for a formal vest that is oversized, as this will defeat the purpose of a formal vest.

Subsequently, the number of buttons on a formal vest will tell you if the vest has been properly designed. Look out for the number of buttons a formal vest has. Often, most formal vests have five to seven buttons. This however doesn’t mean that you should always be subject to this – far from it. You may custom sew a formal vest that has less buttons, if it suits you better. Remember, fashion and style is subjective; as such, you have to be comfortable in what you wear before worrying what’s trendy or not.

When you buy a formal vest, make sure that it is made from durable materials. Remember that you want a formal vest to work for you for a reasonable time, so be careful when you do choose a vest so that you won’t have to buy a new one every now and then. Consequently, make sure your formal vest has two side pockets and has two sharp pointed fronts. 

Our Formal vests

Here at UniformsInStock, we have formal vests that have all the right features. Our Men's Black with Satin Lapel Vest and our Women's Black with Satin Lapel Vest are ideal for men and women respectively. They have all the features of the perfect vest, and are available in black. They have a solid pattern and are made of polyester material. Their inside material is silk in nature. To ensure that we serve a wide range of customers, we have them available in different sizes and shapes. Sizes range from small to 5XL. They are designer vests as they are designed by Neil Allyn, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also have the popular "Paisley" Men's Vest. The vest has a Paisley pattern which is increasingly exquisite. It is made up of polyester material and is designed by Neil Allyn. The beauty with this type of formal vest is that it comes in so many colors: pink, raspberry, grey, gold, black and purple. To this effect, you can choose one for either official or casual purpose.

We also stock the Wave Men's Vest and the Wave women's vests in our uniform store. They have a geometric pattern and made of polyester material. Designed by Neil Allyn, these vests come in different colors and sizes to serve the needs of our buyers. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

We also have the Sierra Men's Vest and the Sierra Women’s Vest for men and women respectively. Both offers a geometric pattern and are made of polyester material. This means that they are durable and easy to wash. Their inside is elastic and are both designed by Neil Allyn. We stock them up in different colors and sizes to ensure that they we meet the needs of our buyers. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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