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The incentive to look good does not just fall on the clothes we wear – far from it. It is also exemplified in the accessories that are laced up on us or on our clothing. Cufflinks for example, are extremely essential accessories often fixed and positioned on the sleeves of our shirts. Some shirts use buttons in place of cufflinks. There is nothing wrong with buttons replacing cufflinks; however, when one wears cufflinks, everything from personal perception to public perception changes.

When you buy cufflinks from our uniform store, you will boost the style in your outfit and what’s more fulfilling than feeling comfortable and styled up in your own outfit? With their use being to protect shirt cuffs, varieties of cufflinks have hit the market, each being a different type and design. Cufflinks have a long history and as such, they are here to stay. So, have a seat guys, and learn how to rock your cufflinks as they are here to stay.

Coming into the fashion scene in the 17th Century, cufflinks served the purpose of completing the tuxedo that one rocked – without cufflinks, a tuxedo was simply not complete. However, in our modern world, cufflinks are fulling more duties in our wardrobes than ever before.

How Cufflinks Work

Do you have a shirt that has holes on the edge of its cuffs? If so, this is the basic requirement for rocking cufflinks. So essentially, one takes a cufflink and slides it through the hole then soon after locking it through the immovable end which holds both sides together. Simple, right? You will note that only one side of the cufflink is decorated: this side is called the insert member.

Often, cufflinks are made from metal or steel which means that they take the form of jewels or even ornaments if you want to classify them. So, men can wear jewelry too? Yes – cufflinks qualify as jewelry and as a man, this is one of the very few chances you will get to rock jewels so take full advantage of it. Remember the proverbial saying that the devil is usually in the details? Well here you go guys; cufflinks pass up as very small details but speak volumes about you and tend to style up your whole outfit.

Buying Cufflinks

You wouldn’t want to shoddily choose something that has an effect on your entire outfit. As such, be sure to consider the following aspects when buying your next cufflinks;

  • Pattern and shape - The pattern embedded on the insert member should be stylish and unique. This will make your outfit stylish and more detailed.
  • Type of cufflinkchoose a cufflink of a whale black design. The design is characterized by a flat head and a straight post. Consequently, choose a cufflink with a bullet black design.

So, next time you go out shopping for cufflinks, you know what to look out for.



Our Cufflinks

As always, UniformsInStock has your back when it comes to cufflinks. When buying cufflinks, we offer a wide variety to choose from. The design and patterns in our cufflinks is just wow; what’s more, you can choose from our variety of designs and pick the pair that appeals to you most.

We have the Basic White with Gold Trim set of cufflinks that is simply classy and flashy – one that gets you noticed from miles away. They come at affordable prices and they guarantee nothing less but to impress. We also have Basic White with Silver Trim set of cufflinks that are of the bullet design mentioned above. With their sassy outlook, they fit carefully into your shirt cuffs to give you that manly decent appeal. Try these and be sure to receive compliments all day long.

We also have in stock the Basic Black with Gold Trim cufflinks. Gold is a sign of winning and be sure that you have won the fashion battle each time you rock the Basic Black with Gold Trim cufflinks. The pattern and shape of these cufflinks is unique and stylish, one that guarantees a minimum of a million compliments each day you rock them. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Basic Black with Gold Trim from UniformsInStock and you won’t be disappointed.

Studs at UniformsInStock

Our jewelry stock doesn’t stop at cufflinks only – far from it. We also have in stock studs that are sure to pull off that wow effect in you once you rock them. See the importance of jewelry is to supplement and give you a sharper fashion edge – one that keeps you afloat of your peers.

Studs are characterized by their unique feature of floating on the earlobe without a crystal-clear articulation point. Hence when you rock studs be sure choose something striking and well designed to complete your sassy fashion look. Here at UniformsInStock, we have the best stud patterns in line for you – the kind that never disappoints; the kind that assures you of a dozen of compliments each and every day you have them on.

We have the Black Enamel Inset with Gold Setting Studs Set which is strikingly exquisite and is available at a pocket friendly price. Yes, you heard it, very pocket friendly. It is made of enamel material and has a solid pattern that is guaranteed to have that wow effect. Consequently, we have stocked up White Enamel Inset with Gold Setting Studs, a set of sets made o enamel and of classic collection design.

The set is pocket friendly and guarantees nothing less than a dapper effect on you. Silver lovers, we got covered. We have stocked up Black Enamel Inset with Silver Setting Studs Set that is simply enchanting (yes, that word enchanting). Black in color and of silver setting, you will simply stand out from your peers at a pocket friendly price. We also have stocked up the Basic Black with Silver Trim Studs and Cufflinks Set which happens to be our best seller. The set is made up of cufflinks and studs and made up from pure enamel. You don’t have to trade it for gold as it is pocket friendly.

For more information about our selection of cufflinks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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