Are you in search of a clothing item that will always be relevant in the fashion world – one that’s going to bring out that fashion guru in you? Well, rest assured that jackets will fulfil this purpose for you. Jackets fulfill essential yet versatile roles in our wardrobes, which is why each and every person owes one. Yes, each and every person owns a jacket, if you don’t own one; catch up with the ship before it starts sailing.

Why own a jacket?

  1. Protection

The reasons for owning a jacket lie by and large on what jackets can do for you. For starters, think of the warmth jackets provide on seasons like winter, where the weather is usually overwhelmingly chilly. Protection from cold is one admirable reason why you should own a jacket and more so because seasons like winter recur each and every year. Remember the proverbial saying ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’? Well there you have it folks, protection rendered by jackets might just do wonders to your health, as you the likelihood of catching a cold will be close to null.

  1. Longevity

You can be sure that a jacket you purchase today will last for close to three to five years; that is if you manage to select and preserve your jacket prudently. Assuming you choose your jacket prudently, you won’t have to worry about buying another for the next three years (unless you want to have a variety of course). Some of the jackets we wore as kids still exist and most are the times that we attach an heirloom purpose to them; we want them to serve other family members like they did us. Want to test this fact? Some of the jackets clad by roman soldiers are still very alive at museums, one might not be wrong when thinking they were cut just the other day. Isn’t the latter the more reason why one should buy a jacket?

  1. Outlook

You will almost never find a sloppily designed jacket; most jackets are carefully designed to give an increasingly appealing style. To this effect, you can be sure that the outlook of the jacket you will command a lot respect in the streets. Well of course there are some who love low key silent jackets, but remember this is by choice. In fact, this should be the top of the reasons why you should own a jacket.

Types of Jackets

Well, just like most material things, jackets vary and exist in many forms and types. The difference lie in the goal your jacket will fulfil. Some fulfil official roles while others bear out casual roles. Others play both depending on the design and material.

  • Bomber jackets – they are characterized by their waist length height as well as the lax inner lining they possess. Bomber jackets can play both official and casual roles. To this effect, you can consider buying a bomber jacket for going to the office as well as going to outdoor events that are not necessarily official.
  • Blazers – These resemble or take after suit jackets. Their distinctive feature from suit jackets is that they are often cut more casually to make them fit easily. Just like bomber jackets, blazers fulfil both official and casual roles as they present themselves in many colors and sizes. Blazers are classy and fashionable; they rarely disappoint. What’s more, blazers can be worn by both men and women.
  • Leather jackets – These are jackets made of leather and are ideal for both casual and official purposes. Motorbike riders also wear leather jackets as they are very protective.

Our Jackets

At UniformsInStock, we have the popular Men's Value Blazer which is a designer made and made of polyester material. It is a two-button blazer and is easy to wash and maintain thanks to its material. The blazer has no vents and is a classic fit for you. We have the blazer stocked up in five different colors: red, black, navy, dark navy and burgundy. It is guaranteed to please you.

We also have the Women's Value Blazer specifically for the ladies. It presents itself in many five different colors: red, black, navy, dark navy and burgundy. This is to ensure that our buyers have a wide variety of colors to choose from. The blazer has a solid pattern and is two-buttoned. It lacks vents but is sure is a designer blazer designed by Edwards. You can have the blazer at a pocket friendly price.

"Holden" Men's Eton Jacket is also available at UniformsInStock. The jacket has Shawl lapels and one buttoned. It presents itself in five different colors too: red, black, hunter, heather grey and burgundy. It is a designer blazer designed by Henry Segal whose material is solid. It is a classic fit.

We also have the “Maggie” Women’s Eton Jacket specifically for women. It is one buttoned in nature and stocked up in five different colors: red, black, hunter, heather grey and burgundy. The blazer is also designed by Henry Segal and a perfect fit for women. It has no vents.

Men's Hopsack Blazer and Women’s Hopsack Blazer are also stocked up at UniformsInStock. They are available in only two colors: black and navy blue. They are two buttoned and made of wool blend material. Their patterns are solid. These blazers are extra comfortable and as such cost a bit more than the aforementioned blazers.

For more information about our range of jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. "Lexington" Black Tuxedo Jacket


    "Lexington" Black Tuxedo Jacket
  2. "Austin" Black Tuxedo Jacket


    "Austin" Black Tuxedo Jacket
  3. Neil Allyn "Jamison" Black Tuxedo Jacket


    "Jamison" Black Tuxedo Jacket
  4. "Charleston" Black Tuxedo Jacket


    "Charleston" Black Tuxedo Jacket
  5. Andrew White Dinner Jacket


    "Andrew" White Dinner Jacket
  6. Neil Allyn Women's Black Notch Tuxedo Jacket


    "Jennifer" Black Tuxedo Jacket
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