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Formal Pants

For most people, pants are just another type of legwear – just like shorts and tights. However, pants shouldn’t be taken so lightly or casually as the type of trousers you wear speaks volumes about you. While in the sixteenth century trousers were often worn by the rich and affluent in society, the stereotype that trousers only belong to the wealthy has revolved a great deal.

Although the quality of trousers a rich man can wear might vary greatly from that of meagre man’s, trousers are in this modern day and age worn by both the affluent and the meagre. This then shows that trousers have been accepted whole heartedly in the prevailing society; hence one ought to be very judicious when choosing trousers as they play a significant role in your daily outlook.

Who can wear pants (trousers)?

Another revolution in the fashion scene was seen when the stereotype of women being limited to wearing dresses thwarted. This then made women eligible to wear trousers just like men did. Paul Poiret, a French designer, made the latter increasingly possible by introducing women pants into the fashion world in 1913 (trouser wearing ladies should thank Paul each and every day for this). So yes: men, women, and children can wear pants.

Types of Pants

  • Tuxedo pants – These make up an essential part of both men and female attire. This is because when worn, they have that commanding power and sense of class in them. They supplement the tuxedo suit jacket. They are simply exquisite.
  • Jeans – Anytime you think of casual pants, this should be at the top of your list. Made from raw denim, jeans serve up that casual role in our wardrobes, a role that jeans have played very well since their advent in 1871 into the fashion scene.
  • Khakis – These are characterized by the pure cotton material from which they are made from. Go for khakis when you want to achieve that business casual aura – you won’t be disappointed.
  • Corduroys – These are characterized by the vertical ribs embodied on their material. Aside from jeans, you can choose corduroys to serve up that casual role in your wardrobe. Their soft material makes them increasingly flexible which makes them durable and easy to wash too. Presenting themselves in a wide array of colors, you can choose that which serves your interests best. They never disappoint and have been in the fashion scene for a good number of years. However, they are not as flooded in the market as jeans or khakis. This aspect might make them a bit expensive compared to jeans or khakis.

What to consider when choosing pants

It must be appreciated that despite millions of blogs encouraging body-hugging pants, people tend to go for the type of pants they are comfortable in. The first thing you have to consider when buying formal pants is their comfort. Are you comfortable in your own pants? This should be the first question you ask yourself when trying out those new pants.

Often, people tend to become slaves of what’s trendy and what’s being lobbied for by most fashion blogs at the expense of their own comfort. Choose pants that you will walk freely in, pants that you can squat easily in even.

‘If it’s not fitting or skin tight, it’s not good enough’. Your pants don’t have to be extra fitting or tight to meet the cut – far from it. Skin tight or fitting pants might be trendy and fashionable but remember your own interests come first - choose to be free; don’t fall for extra tight pants if you are not into them. You’ll have yourself to blame best believe.

And yes, skin tight and fitting pants tend to be trendier than oversize or extra-large pants. So, if skinny or extra tight works well for you, by all means, go for them!

Tuxedo pants such as the Women's Pinstripe Pant should be worn extra cautiously. Why you ask? Well this because the tuxedo pants you wear should be cut from the exact same cloth that your suit jacket is cut from; both should match without any disparity whatsoever.

The colors should match too. Consequently, tuxedo pants such as the Women's Pinstripe Pant should have one stripe down the limb to equal the revere facings on the tuxedo suit jacket. These are the simple and subtle aspects that set you apart from our peers; important aspects that will make you stand out I must say.

Our Pants

As always, UniformsInStock has your back on pants, just like on any other apparel. We have stocked the Women's Pinstripe Pant which is a tuxedo type of pant. It is made of polyester material which means it is durable and easy to wash. Consequently, the pants are stocked up in black color as we noticed this is the all-time favorite among our female buyers.

With its solid pattern, you can be sure to get it in a variety of waist sizes: 2 to 28W. Its waist is non-expandable as should be most tuxedo pants. It is designer made and has a plain front. It is designed by Edwards.

Keep in mind that you may need to wear formal pants as part of your workwear, which is why you can benefit from having formal pants bought for your employees. You can choose from various styles and designs, making it perfect for any formal working environment.

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