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As basic as shirts sound, getting the right shirt to rock is often difficult to do. We might wear shirts every day but remember: the goal is to look stylish with each and every clothing item we wear. So, how do you get that ‘wow’ effect from a shirt? Easy – when you’ve chosen the right shirt, it will bring out the best in you and accentuate your best features.

Just like trouser pants, shirts were initially cut out or predestined to be worn exclusively by men. However, a massive revolution took place in the fashion scene deep down into the twentieth century, where the latter became a stereotype, propaganda even; women started to rock shirts too. In retrospect, thwarting the stereotype was a good move as women look amazingly sumptuous in shirts too.

The beauty with shirts is that; they are an ever-relevant piece of clothing, so you’ll always look your best when you have your shirt on. Consequently, the versatility that comes with shirts is also an exquisite feature of shirts – you can wear shirts in a million different styles, each style being a sure winner. Well there you have it folks, shirts are simply indispensable.

Types of shirts

T-shirts – Everyone owns a few of these, right? T-shirts are the most basic type of shirts and always fulfil a casual look in our wardrobes. They are unisex which means that any gender can rock these. They are characterized by their lack of a collar, as well as short sleeves which eminently made them get the name T shirts.

Dress shirts – Well those who dress formally know a thing or two about dress shirts. Dress shirts are characterized by the presence of a collar, long sleeves with cuffs embodied, as well as an entire opening at the collar straight to its hem. They can be worn both casually and formally.

Sweat shirts – they strictly serve up a casual role in our wardrobes. Don’t use for formal purposes. Sweat shirts are characterized by their collarless round neck with long sleeves. They are made of heavy material and can come with or lack hoods.

Tuxedo shirts – From their name, we can deduce the fact that they simply supplement a tuxedo suit, most of the times that is. Tuxedo shirts take up many forms and shapes, as tuxedo have the burden of being multi-diverse and increasingly versatile. A unique feature with tuxedo shirts is that they are unisex which means, as seen herein above; they can be worn by both men and women – exquisite right? Tuxedo shirts, as herein stated, can hoard very many styles. For instance, some tuxedo shirts can be plain fronted while some can have a pleated front; others might have a pique rib front.

Polo shirts – these always serve a casual purpose. They are short sleeved and have a button placket at the helm of the neck. Most harbor the polo signature logo.

Our Formal Shirts

The bulk of the shirts we have available are tuxedo shirts. We give a brief overview of formal shirts, but, here are some of the things to look out for when choosing that exquisite tuxedo shirt;

  • For starters, tuxedo shirts take up different collar styles and as such you can choose the collar pattern or style that appeals to you most. There is the president spread type of collar which is pretty much the same type of collar exhibited in dress shirts. Consequently, there is the wing tip collar that takes after the shape of bird wings as the name suggests; rocking a bowtie with a wing tip collar shirt is always a winner. Tuxedo shirts also come with the English spread collar.
  • The cuff styles are an important feature that you need to consider when choosing what type of tuxedo shirt to wear. There is the French cuff style that is pretty much the same cuff style exemplified in dress shirts, and there is the one and two button barrel exemplified specifically in tuxedo shirts.
  • At UniformsInStock, we have the Women's Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat which is purely made from an amalgam of polyester and cotton. Consequently, the shirt is designer made by famous designer Edwards. Axiomatically, the shirt is long sleeved and hoards a solid pattern. As it the design is solely for women, the move to exclude cuffs was intentional. The shirt is pleated.
  • We have something for the men too: "Devon" White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt. This shirt is purely made from cotton and is designed by Neil Allyn. With its solid pattern, the shirt hoards ½ pleats which make it very exquisite.
  • The cotton material also makes it light and easy to wash and maintain. As it is designed for men, the shirt harbors barrel cuffs that call for the use of cuff links each and every time you have it on. However, the formal jewelry (cuff links) to supplement the shirt are sold separately hence are not included in the shirt. Its collar is mandarin in nature which means that, you can dispense with the use of bowties and ties when you have it on – cool right?  To help meet the needs of our buyers, we have the shirt stocked up in different neck and sleeve sizes. To this effect, you can be sure that here at UniformsInStock we have the perfect tuxedo shirt fit for you. Worry not!

For more information about our range of formal shirts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Women's White Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat


    Women's Tuxedo Shirt 1/4 Pleat
    $23.95 As low as $20.36
  2. Aldo White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt


    "Aldo" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt
  3. Sherman White Pintuck Laydown Tuxedo Shirt


    "Sherman" White Pintuck Laydown Tuxedo Shirt
  4. Timothy White Pintuck Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt


    "Timothy" White Pintuck Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt
  5. Roger Dress Shirt


    "Roger" Dress Shirt
  6. Dina Women's White Tuxedo Shirt


    "Dina" Women's White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt
  7. Franco White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt


    "Franco" White Pleated Wingtip Tuxedo Shirt (Slim Fit)
  8. Neil Allyn Devon White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt


    "Devon" White Pleated Mandarin Tuxedo Shirt
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10 Items