Classy tie ideas have always popped up on the fashion landscape. Different than conventional neckties, ascots have become quite popular. Although this piece was seen as a representation of the elite, it later became a fashion accessory that was a winner for those who dared try it. Today, ascot ties are trendy and irresistibly cool. However, many men have always had trouble donning this stylish accessory; perhaps things are different for those who take time to learn the pros and cons, how to wear, and where you can buy ascots.

Ascots, like cravats, are back on the fashion scene and they are just as versatile. They can transform any bland outfit into a stunning dress. Ascots were originally worn with morning dresses; a style that went with early morning races, when people had to wear their very best. History aside, ascots have evolved into a trendy, versatile form of neck wear. Ascot ties don’t carry a rigid theme as traditional neck ties. It can be classified as a tie since it’s possible to make, tie and wear one just like a typical neck tie.

When you buy ascots, they can be eye catching accessories. However, you need to approach it with caution. It’s advisable to avoid overdoing it. Instead, think about it like you would with a simple necktie. To get the perfect look, it’s wise to wear an ascot with sleek, light-colored shirts. Patterned conservative suits are best worn with ascots as well. Today, most workplaces are gradually letting go of the shirt and tie policy and ascots are the ideal replacements for men looking for smart formal looks.

These ties add a dash of style and elegance. Even though you want to make a super statement, it takes a lot of guts and confidence to pull off the ascot look. It’s rewarding since it helps the wearer make a bolder statement compared to those donning bow ties.

When to Accessorize with an Ascot

Ascots are best worn for formal events. However, you will need some tips on top of the confidence to appear classy; one of the cardinal rules of wearing an ascot is keeping your dress code simple. The simplest of looks with an ascot still mean something. You don’t have to overdo it. It will make your statement just like a simple pocket square. It’s wise to stick with solid colors and minimum patterns.

The way you tie your knot on a neck tie or any neckwear says a lot. To get the ascot look you should learn how to tie it up. It’s not a complex task; you handle it just like you would an average tie. You need to tie with one end longer than the other after your loop, and you tuck it inside your shirt. Don’t overemphasize the look, as simple is better. It’s possible to complete the look by adding a pin to hold the knot in place. When you wear an ascot tie, you are not placing a nose on your neck. It helps to wear it low.

When you try any fashion look, your attitude matters; when you want to dare your inner fashion cravings with buying an ascot, you will need a lot of attitude. If you are self-conscious or fretful, it’s difficult to pull it off. It’s easier and more fulfilling if you wear one and carry yourself just like you were wearing a regular piece of clothing. It’s advisable to wear an ascot to the right event and at a time when you feel you are doing something that is fashionably acceptable.

Just like with an average tie, you need to learn the rules, when it comes to matching ascots with the outfit of the day. The ascot should in no way match the rest of your dress. You can spice up the looks by choosing multiple shades that from the real contrast. After all, the ideas here is to stand out and be noticed. If you chose dark suits, you can light up your appearance by choosing bright neckwear and vice versa.

Learning to match an ascot tie to a suit is invaluable. However, you still need to have mastered the art of tying the ascot. It helps to learn different tie styles including the simple knot straight tie, and the traditional knot. If you are a slow learner, who is not bothered to learn the tricks, pre-tied ascots are available. Additionally, there are pins that can be used to keep the ascot in place. Make sure to avoid overly flashy pins or they will give off a glaring appearance.

Our Ascot Ties

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