When your work takes you outside, you need the right workwear to handle it. That’s why our affordable uniform store offers you a wide range of outerwear for a variety of applications. From jackets and coats, to vests and visibility wear – UniformsInStock has everything you need. Our products are made from high quality materials, and we offer value for money with every purchase.

Outerwear is extremely important, as this is often your first line of protection when working in the field. A good example is firefighters; they always have protective outer wear available, to help protect them from fire and other dangerous chemicals. It is also used in the construction industry, as you need to make sure that every employee is visible at all times. Visibility is essential since you will be working with so many types of equipment, or a large scale. 

Our hi-visibility safety vest is available in bright yellow, and comes in many different sizes. It has a solid pattern and is made from polyester material. It is ideal if you have to ensure visibility on site, which is perfect for professionals in the construction-, maintenance- and law enforcement industries.

If you are interested in shorts, we have the women’s flat front shorts, which is available in three colors. It has three pockets, made from a cotton blend, and is very laundry friendly. It is made from moisture wicking fabric, and is soil and wrinkle resistant. 

In terms of coveralls, you have a wide range to choose from with us. Our speedsuit is available in different colors, and different sizes. It has a solid pattern, with four pockets and a wickable finish. It’s perfect for an industrial wash, light soil, or a home wash.

We also have flame resistant outerwear, which includes the disposable flame-resistant coverall. It’s not washable, as it’s disposable when soiled. It has a solid pattern and is flame resistant. It does not have any pockets and are comfortable to wear. You can also consider the chemical splash disposable flame-resistant coverall, which has elastic cinch sleeve ends, leg ends, and face openings.

If you are in the market for jackets and suits, look no further than UniformsInStock. We have a range of butcher coats, counter coats, lab coats and outdoor jackets. Our outdoor jackets consist of a range of stylish jackets like the zip-in/zip-out liner jacket. Available in black, this jacket has a classic fit, and a solid pattern. It’s ideal for wearing outside, as it’s comfortable, lightweight and warm. 

We also have the splash pocket jacket, which is available in black, navy, green and burgundy. It’s very comfortable, and convenient to wear. Another great work wear item is our men's short-sleeved tagless T-shirt. It is available in dark blue and grey, and is made from 100% cotton. It offers a solid pattern with a classic fit. This is ideal for various working environment, as it is very comfortable and easy to wear. You can peer this with our men’s work pants. These pants are flame resistant come in a variety of colors, such as green, blue, and black.

Our men’s brown duck flame resistant vest jacket has a CAT 4 NFPA rating, which represents effective protection for any individual. It is made from a cotton billing and has a solid pattern with a classic fit. It is a light weight jacket that sits comfortably and provides you with effective protection.

Other outerwear in our uniform store include men’s jackets, work coats, and more. They are very comfortable and are perfect for colder areas. They provide you with the protection you need, so that you can enjoy a safer working environment. We also have a men’s cotton brushed fleece sweatshirt, which is made from a cotton blend, has a classic fit, and a solid pattern. 

Buy Outerwear

When you buy outerwear, start by finding the best clothing for your industry. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or on construction sites, make sure that you are visible and protected as much as possible. You should also be comfortable, which is why you should browse through our selection of workwear. 

When it comes to buying outerwear from UniformsInStock, choose high-quality materials that has the perfect fit. We offer a large variety of uniforms, that will be well-suited for almost any working environment. Ensure that provides you with the safety you need, while also being comfortable. You can browse through our selection of workwear, to find everything you need to make your work place or comfortable and safe. Our uniform store has clothing items from various designers, offering you a great variety, as well as affordable pricing.

You can also have your company slogan or company logo embroided or printed on your workwear. It’s a great way to ensure that your employees have professional clothing to wear, and that your customers can always recognize your team. When you’re working outside, you can benefit from the additional exposure that your business can get from branded workwear. 

For more information about our outerwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


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  1. Hi-Visibility Safety Vest


    Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  2. White Men's 4-Button Lab Coat


    Men's 4-Button Lab Coat
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  3. Red Kap Men's Light Blue Lab Coat


    Men's 4-Gripper Lab Coat
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  4. Red Kap Men's White Specialized Lapel Counter Coat


    Men's Specialized Lapel Counter Coat
    $22.95 As low as $14.92
  5. Men's Specialized Lab Coat


    Men's Specialized Lab Coat
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  6. Red Kap Women's White Specialized Lab Coat


    Women's Specialized Lapel Counter Coat
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  7. Red Kap Men's Black Zip in Zip Out Liner


    Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  8. White Women's Red Kap Lab Coat


    Women's 6-Gripper Front Lab Coat
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
  9. Red Kap Men's White Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat


    Men's Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat
    $27.95 As low as $18.17
  10. Red Kap Men's Charcoal Quilted Vest


    Quilted Vest
    $34.95 As low as $22.72
  11. Red Kap Womens Light Blue Lab Coat Button Front


    Women's 6-Button Front Lab Coat
    $28.95 As low as $18.38
  12. Red Kap Men's White Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat


    Unisex Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  13. Red Kap Women's White Staff Coat


    Women's Staff Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  14. Red Kap Men's White Staff Coat


    Men's Staff Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  15. Speedsuit


    $38.95 As low as $25.32
  16. Slash Pocket Jacket


    Slash Pocket Jacket
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  17. Solid Team Jacket


    Solid Team Jacket
    $41.95 As low as $27.27
  18. Red Kap Men's Brown Blended Duck Insulated Vest


    Blended Duck Insulated Vest
    $55.95 As low as $36.37
  19. Men's Red Zip Front Cotton Coverall


    Button-Front Cotton Coverall
    $48.95 As low as $31.82
  20. Duo-Tone Team Jacket


    Duo-Tone Team Jacket
    $49.95 As low as $32.47
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