Jackets & Coats

Jackets and coats have been used by the people around the world for many years; these items are very popular and there are many different designs and options available when you buy jackets and coats. They are designed as an outer garment which can be used in different environments for various purposes. They are also ideal for both professional and personal use. 

Jackets are one piece garments which extend up to the waist and typically consists of sleeves, fastening down the front. It’s like an outer layer of material which is placed around the neck; they are structured in such a way that they can be used for work and other occasions, and can also be worn as general clothing.

Coats are similar to jackets and have the same design format, with a number of varieties used for both professional and party wear. The different types of coats give a unique persona to the individual wearing it and it reflects their style. They are best to use as professional wear for people who work in corporate offices, and there are number of varieties available to buy. 

These days’ jackets and coats are not only used for looking stylish but also for many other reasons such as protection, comfort, safety and more. There is not much difference between jackets and coats and they are equally popular for their materials and designs. The main differences between the two are that the jackets are slightly heavier and thicker because of the materials selected, whereas the coats are manufactured using lighter materials.

About Jackets and Coats

Jackets and coats have become the best choice for people to wear it as they are very simple to carry and provide great comfort in all occasions and seasons. They are one piece garments that covers the body up to the waist area and also protects from dust, cold air and many other environmental factors. While people buy jackets and coats they can find hundreds of different types from a variety of great designers.

Jackets are basically divided into many types such as fleece jackets, blazer jackets, wool blend and many others. Suit jackets are mainly made up of wool blend which are very light in weight and also appears very traditional. Leather jackets are very famous among the people as they are very stylish and protective too. It is very common to see riders wearing leather jackets and showing their flare on the road. In addition, many of the people prefer the leather jackets especially for the winter seasons.

The jackets are again divided into many sub categories according to their materials, like fleece jackets – they are made from specific materials which are used by the sports people as they are comfortable in any climatic conditions and also avoid the sweat smell and keeps the body warm. Whereas wind jackets are made of dense material which consists the polyester which protects the skin from the cold air.

Coats are not only designed for professional appearance, but can also be used for different purposes, as there are various designs available these days. As people today are fond of designer wear and branded materials, the best choice would be to select a coat that would suit their needs. Tuxedos are one type of blazer coat which are very famous, providing a great formal appearance and lavish look, which can be worn in the events. The blazer jackets are also one type of coats which are best for both business and casual wear and they have 2-3 buttons with light weight comfort material.

Leather jackets are best for any environment and no person can look out of fashion by wearing it, as it is an al- time fashion style. As the generations have changed, both men and women are equally encouraged to wear stylish leather jackets. Working women often prefer these jackets as casual wear and opt for semi coats for professional use which are also provide cover up to your knee length. The designs for men and women are slightly different, as the appearance and body structure would be different.

Our Jackets and Coats

At UniformsInStock we provide a wide range of the jackets and coats with many different styles and colors. There are number of varieties of branded jackets and coats with required sizes and color and one would definitely like the materials we offer at the store. We also have the classic look jackets along with leather jackets and blazers.

We also have the different varieties of coats and jackets for women with many choices of color and sizes. We have a wide range of women’s staff coats, specialized cuffed lab coats, and 6-button front lab coats which are optimal for the women for any environments. Further, the women’s lapel counter coat is very famous as it’s designed only for women with a good quality cloth, which will cover till the waist. All these can be used for the various environments and events.

The men’s notch collar lapel counter coat is very popular and we also provide different colors such as white, blue, gray and more. The Slash pocket jacket is very suitable for the one who works near the cold areas as it is fully covered by the collar part to waist. The people who travel long could prefer the Blended duck zip front hooded jacket which are available with color choices and good quality of material.

For more information about our selection of jackets & coats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. White Men's 4-Button Lab Coat


    Men's 4-Button Lab Coat
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  2. Red Kap Men's Light Blue Lab Coat


    Men's 4-Gripper Lab Coat
    $19.95 As low as $12.97
  3. Red Kap Men's White Specialized Lapel Counter Coat


    Men's Specialized Lapel Counter Coat
    $22.95 As low as $14.92
  4. Men's Specialized Lab Coat


    Men's Specialized Lab Coat
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  5. Red Kap Women's White Specialized Lab Coat


    Women's Specialized Lapel Counter Coat
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  6. Red Kap Men's Black Zip in Zip Out Liner


    Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  7. White Women's Red Kap Lab Coat


    Women's 6-Gripper Front Lab Coat
    $25.95 As low as $16.87
  8. Red Kap Men's White Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat


    Men's Notch Collar Lapel Counter Coat
    $27.95 As low as $18.17
  9. Red Kap Womens Light Blue Lab Coat Button Front


    Women's 6-Button Front Lab Coat
    $28.95 As low as $18.38
  10. Red Kap Men's White Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat


    Unisex Specialized Cuffed Lab Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  11. Red Kap Women's White Staff Coat


    Women's Staff Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  12. Red Kap Men's White Staff Coat


    Men's Staff Coat
    $30.95 As low as $20.12
  13. Slash Pocket Jacket


    Slash Pocket Jacket
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  14. Solid Team Jacket


    Solid Team Jacket
    $41.95 As low as $27.27
  15. Duo-Tone Team Jacket


    Duo-Tone Team Jacket
    $49.95 As low as $32.47
  16. Men's Black Work Jacket


    Mens's Wrangler Work Jacket
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  17. Enhanced Visibility Perma-Lined Panel Jacket


    Perma-Lined Panel Jacket
    $67.95 As low as $44.17
  18. Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket


    Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  19. Soft Shell Jacket


    Soft Shell Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  20. Blended Duck Chore Coat


    Blended Duck Chore Coat
    $83.95 As low as $54.57
  21. Men's Concealed Snap-Front Lab Coat - 7 oz.


    Men's Concealed Snap-Front Lab Coat - 7 oz.
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