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Work Jeans and dungarees have always been iconic statement garments over the last few centuries. They have been adapted by different generations to make unique fashion statements. These garments are worn by young and old and are seen as a method of self-expression. The good thing is that jeans, also referred to as dungarees or blue jeans, are long lasting, classy and practical for different occasions and climate.


Jeans became popular in the 20th century. This was the chic reference to denim pants that were designed with a form fitting design and pockets riveted with copper caps. It’s believed that the earlier version was derived from French word used to denote Italian sailors, who wore thick pants made from a fabric made out of cotton, linen or fustian. In the 16th century, the fabric was known as “Jene Fustyan”. Later in the 18th century, jean fabric was all cotton and was used to make different types of work cloth.

Jeans and dungarees are believed to have originated from the city of Dungri in Mumbai India. They were made from a heavy-duty fabric used to make work pants. The fabric was also used to make boat sails. Later it was used to make clothes for workers and slaves. During the Word War 1, dungarees were used as utility uniforms for the US navy. The word dungarees was later dropped and the word jeans became the popular version

In modern times, jeans and dungarees are seen as clothes that depict a rustic individuality, rebellion, and adaptability. They are no longer work clothes and can be worn by everybody. Some designs have become status symbols and are highly coveted within fashion circles. It’s no longer an item for fashion enthusiasts, but they can be worn by cowboys, movie stars, and the average person.

Choosing the Right Fit

Choosing the right pair of jeans isn’t an easy task. People have unique shapes, sizes, and preferences. However, there are useful fashion tips that can lead you to the right pair. It’s never a walk in the park going through the denim section hoping to find the perfect fit. It can be frustrating to pay for a pair only to realize it doesn’t make the right statement together with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you have been stressed out looking for jeans and dungarees, it’s important to note that there is a pair for everyone. Quality and price go together, meaning you don’t have to pick a cheap pair. Premium jeans will offer you value for money and they will last long. Whether you intend to purchase from the brick and mortar store, or whether you are placing an order with your favorite online retailer, you will need to know your body type first.

Whereas you have to know your body type, it’s wrong to obsess over it at the same time. For women, getting the right fit can be stressful. You are probably worried over hiding all the bulky places. With men, the story is different. It’s easy to look savvy in jeans, as long as they are fitting and not too baggy. You should consider the occasion or event you want to attend with your pair. Classic jeans designs go well with casual events, while a finely tailored cut can work for formal occasions.

jeans and dungarees looks suave if you have them fitting snugly. You should opt for a smaller size than normal. It’s wrong to choose a tight waistband, but it is too loose, you may end up uncomfortable and without the statement you intended to make. If you can push two fingers past the waistband, then it might be a size too big for you.

When you choose a slimmer fit for your jeans, it’s likely to look sophisticated and stylish. However, you must check the pockets as well. It’s advisable to avoid attracting too much attention to areas such as the butt or thighs. Decked pockets don’t help either it’s wise to keep off jeans with too long or too large pockets. They will display your assets in a saggy manner.

Slim fitting jeans make the superb statement any day. However, you should make sure that you have a pair with enough elasticity or stretch. If they are too tight, you will miss out on the comfort. It’s important to check the labels to see if the material is made of elastic blends. If you can move and breathe better in your pair, it’s a plus for your confidence.

The good thing with jeans and dungarees is that they can be worn anywhere and everywhere. However, you should take note of the colors. It’s okay to wear superior whites, but if you are going out with a pack of activities in hand, choosing dark jeans will save your day. The secret to nailing the jeans game lies in experimenting. You can opt to flip sassy colors during the warmer months. The beach too can be a good excuse to try bright colored jeans.

Our Work Jeans and Dungarees

Discover the fantastic range of jeans and dungarees at UniformsInStock. We have the perfect collection ranging from slim, straight, and loose jeans. Our jeans come designed to fit your unique style. We offer you proper fits and colors made by top designers. The poly-cotton made Men's Duck Dungaree is ideal for those who want rustic shades, while the denim styled Men's Classic Work Jean is ideal for the working gentlemen. Our prices are jaw dropping; we have a pair for everyone.

 When you place an order, we offer same day super-fast shipping and we will refund your money if you are not happy with the pair we deliver. If you have questions, we have our in-house team of experts ready to guide you on the best buy that will fit your style and offer value for money.

For more information about our selection of jeans and dungarees, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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