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Health and safety is always important, especially if you work in dangerous industries. In fact, the law often states that certain industries require the use of safety gear like high visibility pants. This is to protect employees from injury, and to improve safety in the workplace.

These types of clothing are known as high visibility clothing. They have specific properties that allow them to be visible from afar, which helps to protect employees in the workplace. High visibility clothing is divided into different categories. There are high visibility vests, high visibility pants, high visibility head gear as well as high visibility shirts. High visibility pants are especially popular and very versatile.

High visibility pants, as the name suggests, are worn by employees who need to be visible at all times. High visibility pants are also designed to ensure that you are safe in your working environment. To this effect, they are made from various durable materials and often safety tested as well.

High visibility pants can be worn by both men and women and they are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials. As high visibility pants are a necessity in certain environments, there are certain aspects that allow pants to be classified as high visibility pants. This mean that, high visibility pants has certain properties that make them highly visible.

Qualities of high visibility pants

  • Reflective strips – reflective strips can cause reflections in low light environments. You will find that clothing might not have bright colors but have a reflective strip for reflection purposes. Consequently, clothing  with high visibility colors can also have a reflective strip for reflective purposes.
  • Color – High visibility pants should always harbor a very striking and unique color. This is to ensure that someone wearing such outwear is easily spotted even from a far. Such colors include but are not limited to; yellow, lime green, orange, blue and red.
  • Material – High visibility pants are often made from materials such as fire resistant material, denim, cotton or polyester. These materials are essential when it comes to the pants’ durability and maintenance.

Our High Visibility Pants

UniformsInStock is your number one uniform store, and we have a wide variety of highly visible clothing to meet your unique needs. We also understand that such these clothing items are necessary for the improvement of safety in the workplace. These clothing items can also be combined with other uniforms, as they are versatile, comfortable, and promote safety where you work.

We have the Men's Enhanced Visibility Relaxed Fit Jean which has a plain front and harbors a solid pattern. It is made of denim material which means that it is jeans in nature. Being made of denim, its durability is guaranteed as denim has the reputation of providing its services for a good period of time. For maintenance purposes, never hand wash these pants. Instead, incorporate the use of a washing machine or take them for laundry. These pants have a non-expandable waist hence ensure that you choose the right waist size before making your order. It is designed by Red Kap and is available in the navy color. As it is for visibility purposes, it has reflective strips below the knees to enhance reflection in low light environments. It also has yellow strips below the knee to enhance visibility during the day and night.

We also have the Men's Enhanced Visibility Industrial Cargo Pant which is available in blue, and has reflective strips to ensure visibility. this is ideal in many working environments, including construction, oil & gas, and even automotive. Any working environment where you are required to work outside, especially when lighting may not always be as good as it should, this pants can be worn.

The Men's Enhanced Visibility Dura-Kap Industrial Pant is available in many different sizes, and it has a non-expandable waist. it offers a classic fit, with a plain front and a solid pattern. it’s perfect for outdoor working environments, especially since it’s made from durable polyester and cotton blends. The Men's Enhanced Visibility Wrinkle Resistant Cotton Pant is also available at UniformsInStock. It has a non-expandable waist, with a classic fir and a plain front style. it is made from pure cotton and great for everyday use. These pants can help you to improve your visibility on site.

For more information about our selection of high visibility pants, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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