High visibility vests, as we can gather from their name, are vests designed to enhance visibility. These are vests worn in environments with both good and low lighting. The law has made it a requirement for high visibility vests to be worn in certain environments where it may be dangerous to work. These environments include roads, building construction sites, road construction sites, as well as regions with water recreation activities such as swimming and boat riding.

High visibility vests are also called safety vests as they are solely worn for safety purposes. In road construction sites, for example, high visibility vests are worn so that road users can spot the road constructors and avoid causing accidents by hitting them. Consequently, motorcyclists are also encouraged to always wear safety vests when using the road so that other road users can spot them and avert running them over accidentally. With the increased number of road accidents in contemporary times, the relevant road authorities have seen it necessary to make it incumbent of all road users to wear safety vests to avert instances of road accidents which lead to both injuries and death.

High visibility vests have indeed reduced incidences of unnecessary and foreseeable road accidents since road users are now able to spot fellow road users who are wearing safety vests. Train accidents have also reduced since those who work on maintaining railways wear high visibility vests which alert train driver from afar. This averts instances of railway or train accidents. To this effect, we can only embrace high visibility vests with open arms as they have saved an entire populace from avoidable instances of road, water and train accidents.

Always be aware of your choices when choosing a high visibility vest as it is necessary that you be comfortable when you have one on. Consequently, there are a few factors that qualify vests to be high-quality vests. Hence you should always be on the lookout for the following factors when choosing a high-quality vest;

Qualities of high visibility vests

  • Color – High visibility outwear should always harbor a very striking and unique color. This is to ensure that someone wearing such outwear is easily spotted even from afar. Such colors include but are not limited to; yellow, lime green, orange, blue and red.
  • Reflective strips – reflective strips are to spark reflections in low light environments. You will find that apparels might not harbor bright colors but have a reflective strip for reflection purposes. Consequently, apparels with high visibility colors can also have a reflective strip for reflective purposes.
  • Material – A good high visibility vest should always be made of polyester. This is because products made of polyester offer services for a very long time. Consequently, polyester products are easy to maintain and wash.


Modern trends in High visibility safety vests

Over the years, high visibility vests have been designed as very heavy clothing which were increasingly uncomfortable to those who wore them. As a result, those who wore them sweat profusely since the vests offered excess heat which was very uncomfortable. In fact, some road users dispensed with the use of high-visibility safety vests for this reason. In modern day and times, however, high visibility vests have been designed to be light to prevent them from being a burden to the wearer. Consequently, they have been perforated to allow sufficient air exchange which prevents profuse sweating and excess warmth.

Our visibility vests

At UniformsInStock, we understand that high visibility vests are necessary for our buyers’ health and safety. To this effect, we have stocked high visibility vests to meet the needs of our buyers.

We have the Hi- Visibility Saftey Vest which is made of polyester and harbors a solid pattern. The fact that it is made of polyester makes it durable as products made of polyester offer service for a good period. Consequently, polyester products are easy to wash and maintain. To ensure that it gives you service for a good number of years, kindly preserve it well. Also, desist from hand washing it and employ the use of a washing machine when washing the High-visibility Safety Vest.

Having followed these instructions, the vest is guaranteed to serve you for a long time. We have stocked the High Visibility Safety Vest in the yellow color as the yellow color guarantees visibility both in high and low light environments. It is also a designer vest. It has been designed by famous apparel designer, Red Kap. The beauty with this High-Visibility Safety Vest is that it is unisex which means that it can be worn by both men and women. Consequently, this vest is also available for infants who might want to go boat riding. It is also available in a wide range of sizes to meet our buyers’ needs.

Apart from visibility vests, we also have visibility shirts. For instance, we have the Men's Enhanced Visibility T-Shirt. It is essentially a t-shirt designed by Red Kap and only stocked in yellow color. It has a solid pattern and made of a polyester pattern. It is also short sleeved. Rest assured that you will find the right neck size for you as we have it stocked up in a wide range of neck sizes.

For more information about our selection of high visibility vests, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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