Automotive Work Coveralls

A coverall is a one-piece garment that is worn as a protective layer, by workers who need protection from different elements. It’s ideal for those in the industrial industry, assembly lines and in the automotive industry. Coveralls are also ideal for painters, engineers, firefighters and anybody who handles heavy and light duty tasks. In fact, the benefits of wearing coveralls cannot be overemphasized.

The ideal set of automotive coveralls should cover the body from the wrist to the ankles. Some are designed with a hood. The good thing about these garments is that they come with fabrics of varied density and weight. Some of them are disposable, while others are made to last. The ideal coverall should not only be durable, but it should have colors that complement the task in hand. It’s never wise to wear bright colors to a messy workplace. There are specific shades such as brown, blue, orange, khaki or olive for demanding and dirt prone areas.

Automotive coveralls have different features and add-ons. Some are designed with waterproof features, while others have reinforced knees and elbows. There are coveralls that come with great visibility features. This enables the worker to be noticeable, especially in busy workplaces. Others are designed with utility pockets and straps to hold crucial tools in place.

For the automotive industry, coveralls help mechanics a great deal. The grease and grime associated with handling automobiles are too much to cope with in plain casual clothes. If they are paired with a great set of mechanic gloves, they will protect you from dangerous fluids, especially on exposed hands. It’s never easy to select the right coveralls, but there are tips that can help you choose the coverall that best suits your application or task.

How to Choose Coveralls

Before you opt for coveralls, it’s wise to evaluate the task in hand. You need to know how you will be using the garment, it’s important to look at the elements you will be up against. As an automotive expert, you need a coverall that can handle all the grease and oil for several days. You should look at the coverall material and decide whether the fabric can keep up with the rigorous automotive repairs or assembly.

Short Sleeve vs. Long Sleeve

Automotive coveralls are designed as short or long sleeves. There is a need to stay cool; which is possible with short sleeves, but you will be compromising the protection offered by long sleeves. If you opt for short sleeve, it will be ideal for activitiers that are not full of grease or grime. If you go for long sleeves, make sure that the weather isn’t too hot. You can still wear long sleeves as long as you choose a coverall made out of breathable fabrics. If the weather is a bit too cold, short sleeves will not work well.

At the same time, you need to look at the kind of machines you are working with. If you have running engines, lathe grinders or rotating machinery, long sleeves can pose a threat. You should avoid long sleeves that are baggy. It’s easy for them to get caught in rotating blades and it can have dire consequences or fatalities.

The choice of material or fabric for your automotive coveralls matters a lot. Some fabrics are better suited for some industries and tasks. For instance, cotton is fine with automotive jobs. It’s heavier for added protection and it’s still breathable. Pure cotton is perfect. If you are working in cold environment, you can pick insulated coveralls.

Comfort and Added Features

Working tough jobs such as those in the automotive industry requires comfortable protective clothing. Before you opt for automotive coveralls, make sure it’s a comfortable fit. The garment should offer easy mobility, and shouldn’t be too tight. Always make sure you know your measurements to avoid buying something that’s oversize or too small a size. Since you will wear the coveralls over your clothes, make sure there is enough allowance for the same.

Coveralls come with additional extras that make your work easy. Check whether you need too many add-ons, or whether the basic pocket and straps will do fine. It’s important to select reliable zippers or snap closures. You need a fastening method that can keep up with the exertion while on the job. If you work in hazard-prone areas where gas or electricity poses risks, you should opt for fire resistant coveralls. Visibility features are also crucial

It’s important to choose the right coverall color. Different colors augur well with varied work settings. Tasks within the automotive industry can be messy, it’s important to pick the color that won’t show all the grime and dirt. Dull colors are the best. If you want value for money, it helps to choose quality coveralls. You will benefit if you purchase these garments from reputable manufacturers, it is wrong to waste money on cheap, low-quality coveralls, you will incur more replacing them all the time.

Our Coveralls

 At UniformsInStock, we have an amazing coverall collection from top designers. Our products come in a wide array of colors and shades to choose from. We have the right coveralls for the quintessential automotive engineer and mechanic. Try the Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR, which is flame resistant and laundry friendly. You can choose the Premium Coverall - CSA Compliant Reflective Trim for optimum visibility, or the Women's Deluxe Coverall - 6 OZ for exceptional comfort at work.

We have incredible prices for our automotive coveralls and your order will be on the move the same day you shop with us. You don’t have to sweat looking for right coverall, our page has easy to follow filters and we have in-house experts ready to help you choose the right coverall for your needs.

For more information about our selection of automotive coveralls, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Speedsuit


    $38.95 As low as $25.32
  2. Men's Red Zip Front Cotton Coverall


    Button-Front Cotton Coverall
    $48.95 As low as $31.82
  3. Button-Front Cotton Coverall


    Button-Front Cotton Coverall
    $50.95 As low as $33.12
  4. Snap-Front Cotton Coverall


    Snap-Front Cotton Coverall
    $50.95 As low as $33.12
  5. Enhanced Visibility Action Back Coverall


    Enhanced Visibility Action Back Coverall
    $65.95 As low as $42.87
  6. Insulated Twill Coverall


    Insulated Twill Coverall
    $80.95 As low as $52.62
  7. Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR


    Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  8. Deluxe Contractor Coverall


    Deluxe Contractor Coverall
    $112.95 As low as $73.42
  9. Gripper-Front Coverall


    Gripper-Front Coverall
    $114.95 As low as $74.72
  10. 213 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    7 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  11. Industrial Coverall


    Industrial Coverall
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  12. Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $120.95 As low as $85.12
  13. Men's Brown Insulated Blended Duck Bib Coverall


    Insulated Blended Duck Bib Overall
    $128.95 As low as $83.82
  14. Deluxe Coverall


    Deluxe Coverall
    $134.95 As low as $87.72
  15. Insulated Blended Duck Coverall


    Insulated Blended Duck Coverall
    $134.95 As low as $87.72
  16. Deluxe Coverall - 7 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 7 OZ
    $136.95 As low as $89.02
  17. Premium Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Premium Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $136.95 As low as $89.02
  18. Classic Coverall - 9 OZ EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Classic Coverall - 9 OZ EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $144.95 As low as $94.22
  19. Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ
    $146.95 As low as $95.52
  20. Women's Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ


    Women's Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ
    $148.95 As low as $96.82
  21. Deluxe Contractor Coverall - 7 OZ


    Deluxe Contractor Coverall - 7 OZ
    $168.95 As low as $109.82
  22. Deluxe Coverall - 5.8 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 5.8 OZ
    $169.95 As low as $110.47
  23. Contractor Coverall - 4.5 OZ


    Contractor Coverall - 4.5 OZ
    $176.95 As low as $115.02
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