Automotive Work Jackets

The work wear market has grown to offer a variety of clothing items for all industries. It’s more than just a cotton only sector; in fact, you can find all types of work jackets that suit different industries. The benefits of safety garments are important in just about any industry. In the automotive sector, there are many jacket designs and styles that suit different tasks, body sizes and environments.

Choosing the right automotive work jacket is very important. There are many things to consider; you have to evaluate fabrics, comfort, safety mobility and durability. But, how do you decide on the best jacket to spend money on? When you pick an automotive work jackets, it’s crucial to work with the benefits in store, instead of choosing one just because it’s in style.

Choosing Automotive Work Jacket Materials

Like many other jacket styles, automotive work jackets are available in a number of fabrics. Apart from safety, personal preference is a major factor when it comes to choosing the right jacket. It’s also important to consider the work you do before you choose a specific fabric. Fabrics like canvas are ideal for work jackets. They have a hard-wearing material that meets the demands of the automobile industry. There are heavy and light canvases; the good thing with canvas is that they can handle static, meaning a mechanic will be safe from electric shocks.

Polyester is also a reliable fabric for an automotive work jacket. Its long lasting compared to cotton, however, it’s not the best choice if you want to be comfortable. In messy work environments, polyester is not ideal since it tends to hold stains. Also, it has great sweat absorbing capabilities but it can pose challenges since it can hold sweat odors for long. However, there are polyesters that are engineered with anti-microbial properties. This applies best if 100 percent polyesters are involved.

Fabric blends are ideal for work jackets. Buying fabrics that combine two materials can offer more benefits. You only need to find the right blend for your needs. For instance, spandex mixed up with other fabrics will give you added stretch for easy mobility and task maneuvering.

 Buying an automotive work jacket doesn’t have to be stressful. You should ensure that it’s the right fit and that it’s suitable for the purpose or task in hand. Most retailers have useful guides and tips, not to mention size charts that help you to find a jacket for your size. If you are an automotive engineer or an expert within the industry, you need to decide which jacket fits perfectly with your profession. If you need to be visible around your areas of work, high visibility jackets will do just fine.

 Choosing the right automotive jacket is all about sizing and fitting. You should note that not all manufacturers come with same size chart. Also, your body type and build is unique. At times, you should check whether you need tight fitting clothes to consolidate safety. Baggy jackets can hamper your speed of execution and they can get caught up within fast moving machinery. It’s recommended to choose a garment whose cuffs, hems or waist is elastic for a better body grip.

Safety Specifications

If you handle sensitive automotive work, you may be required to wear jackets that comply with safety regulations. Check to see if the garment has ANSI certification. Look for specific numbers that denote security or protection levels. It’s important to check with your employer or garment retailer about safety regulations and the certification needed. It’s important to check safety requirements for jackets especially, in harsh weather environments, windy or areas with too much humidity.

Working in exterior environments or cold climates can take a toll on you. It’s important that you choose a jacket that is designed to retain heat. Insulated jackets can facilitate proper circulation and keep the working day as normal as any other. Work jackets made with fleece or wool are excellent for cold climates. You only need to ensure that it’s right for prevailing conditions.

Buying an automotive work jacket comes with the issue of budgeting. The best jackets are expensive and cost more. Don’t waste money with cheap options that won’t last. At times, it pays to shop and try many jackets. You can get lucky and get a great bargain that offers you quality construction, practicality and value for money. You should watch out for features such as fire resistance, waterproofing, hoods Velcro fastening and others. It’s useless to have a top end jacket that doesn’t offer protection and the comfort you need to perform excellently.

Our Jackets

The automotive work jacket collection at UniformsInStock is beyond impressive! We stock ideal jacket brands from leading designers and brands. Our prices will melt you away. When you want a durable jacket for a taxing engagement, we got you covered. Our jackets provide exceptional performance and they have top of the range craftsmanship. You get your desired style, fabric and weight. For instance, the Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration is ideal for enhanced visibility in busy workplaces. Pick the Enhanced Visibility Perma-Lined Panel Jacket for comfort and a snug fit all day.

When you want to sample colors, we have a great selection of shades to fit your messy workplace. Ask our experts to guide you, if you can’t seem to get exactly what you need. We have a wide range of size for almost any body type and build. We ship your jacket the same day and we will refund you if you feel uncomfortable wearing what we delivered.

For more information about our selection of automotive work jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Red Kap Men's Black Zip in Zip Out Liner


    Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  2. Slash Pocket Jacket


    Slash Pocket Jacket
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  3. Solid Team Jacket


    Solid Team Jacket
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  4. Duo-Tone Team Jacket


    Duo-Tone Team Jacket
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  5. Men's Black Work Jacket


    Mens's Wrangler Work Jacket
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  6. Enhanced Visibility Perma-Lined Panel Jacket


    Perma-Lined Panel Jacket
    $67.95 As low as $44.17
  7. Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket


    Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  8. Soft Shell Jacket


    Soft Shell Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  9. Blended Duck Chore Coat


    Blended Duck Chore Coat
    $83.95 As low as $54.57
  10. Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration


    Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration
    $107.95 As low as $70.17
  11. Black Heavyweight Parka


    Heavyweight Parka
    $125.95 As low as $81.87
  12. Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 2 Level 2


    Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 2 Level 2
    $145.95 As low as $94.87
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