Automotive Work Jeans

Whether you are a mechanic, construction worker, or heavy duty industrial worker, having the right work jeans is crucial. Heavy duty tasks require pants that are hardwearing and comfortable, just like what you will get with the right pair of work jeans. There are various work jeans or dungarees designed for the automotive industry. You only need to identify your style and make sure it fits in with the job in hand. They can be prewashed, stone washed and they can come in fit, classic, relaxed and lose fit designs.

Automotive work jeans give auto engineers and mechanics a professional look. Even though coverall will take in the grease and grime with a stride, work jeans are easy to care for and they offer lots of comfort on the job. To find the ideal pair, you need to know the right tips for finding the perfect work jeans. Given the many cuts and brands out there, it can be a headache to choose the work jeans that fit your profession and daily tasks.

Consider Your Profession

If you are in a field as tough as the automotive one, you need durable jeans that enhance mobility and offer you easy task maneuvering. Some professions require jeans that don’t come decked with too many frills. It’s advisable that you pick jeans that have dark colors. Sometimes, you don’t need the oil and grease shouting all over.

The weather is a major consideration when you pick your work jeans. When you are in cold climate, it’s wise to opt for flannel lined jeans. The lining will keep you warm. Rugged jeans are perfect for extreme winter. Lighter jeans will do, if the weather is all warm and sunny.

It’s important to choose automotive work jeans that have the right inseam measurements. It’s essential that they are not too long and they shouldn’t be too short either. If they are too long, it can pose risks when handling demanding tasks. If you do them short, they won’t look professional. The good thing is that they can be hemmed, if you choose the right length when shopping.

Work jeans come in different fits including slim, loose fit, and modern among others. The leg opening can come as boot cut, straight, tapering or semi tapering. If you want to be comfortable with your chores, relaxed, slim and straight jeans are the best. These tend to give off a smart look and you can move around easily.

Your work jeans should have the right color or wash. If you want to enjoy versatility, choose darker jeans. The automotive industry involves messy tasks and lighter colors are not the ideal jeans to work with.  Remember, you are not hitting a fashion catwalk and you should go for a pair that will help you deal with stains, exertion and keep your legs protected.

Jeans fabrics vary in weight and density. Lightweight fabrics will give you a comfortable pair, but they won’t last compared to heavy denims standard wise. The average pair should have fabrics that weigh around 7 to 18 ounces. Since it’s a heavy-duty industry, fabrics on the lower side of the scale may not last the daily rigors at work. Dense fabrics may be heavy and uncomfortable. You will need to decide and find a balance between durability, comfort and fit.

What and Where to Buy

Even though you will be choosing work wear jeans for your heavy duty automotive tasks, you need to go with the brands that have been around for long. Trusted jeans brands offer quality and value for money. There is a reason why top brands are trusted by the working fraternity. Nobody wants to buy imitations or counterfeits. Fake jeans might have the appearance of renowned brands, but their construction is weak. It’s useless to spend money on a pair that will fray or rip in no time.

When you shop with us, you are sure to get high quality work jeans designed for the professional automotive technician. We have a striking collection for men and women. Our work jeans are designed to last and we have a pair for everyone. We boast of testimonials from real, hands-on technicians, who wear our products on a daily basis. Our dedication is to give you high performance jeans at affordable prices. Chose the plain front Men's Classic Work Jean and enjoy durability.

At UniformsInStock, our customer service is unrivalled. We ship your order the same day you place it and we have experts who are ever ready to guide you. We are a respected outfit and our customer reviews section says it all. Our range of jeans comes with different styles and sizes. You can’t miss your choice. Pick the Men's Jean Style Pant - Flame Resistant - 9 oz. if you handle automotive tasks with high fire risks. The Men's Dungaree - EXCEL FR ComforTouch offers versatility and comfort all day. Shop with us today and enjoy the best prices and a guaranteed return period of 90 days.

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