Casino Blazers

Casino blazers are the most overlooked item in your wardrobe. Blazers are very versatile, as they are not only stylish but also go with a wide variety of outfits. Casino and gaming blazers are especially helpful as they are ideal for anyone working in these industries; they will certainly impress and allow you to maintain a professional appearance at all time.

At UniformsInStock we allow our customers to dress up as stylishly as possible. Our range of blazers carries with it several benefits, including a range of colors, designs, and sizes. Blazers will give you the opportunity to boost your professional appearance, and they are ideal to wear with a uniform. But it all starts with choosing the right casino or gaming blazer.

Styles of blazers

There are many different styles when it comes to choosing blazers, including:

  • American Blazers. This style is more like a suit jacket with two buttons and center vent. The pockets of this blazer are flap or patched.
  • English style. Within this range there are further two types i.e. single and double breast. It has a bossy look. The main emphasis of this style is on shoulders as well as chest.

Our Blazers

Our casino blazers offer the following benefits:

  • More comfort. We make sure that we stock blazers from well-known designers, to offer you the utmost comfort. You no longer need to worry about your keys, credit cards, phone and writing aids, as our blazers have plenty of space to utilize. We know that the pants are getting slimmer so you don’t get to worry about it. Our blazers will handle your things as you wish.
  • A variety of options. Our gaming blazers offer a wide range of options, to fit with any style you with. There are literally hundreds of options that fit with our blazers. They are casual as well as formal at the same time. This is a result of careful planning and professional design. Our blazers are designed by Edwards and Maxwell Park, and they offer quite a lot in terms of price as well as the styles that they offer.
  • You’ll stand out. As a professional employee in a casino or hotel, you need to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. And this is exactly what our blazers will do. Our blazers are designed to meet the unique needs of young professionals, helping you to make the most out of your professional appearance.
  • They are fashionable. Always stand out from the crowd with blazers from UniformsInStock. The reason is simple as the V-shaped lapels of our blazers will also add to your appearance as they will make your waist look small. On the other hand, your shoulders and chest will also look broader. This ensures that you instantly attract the attention of others with this awesome style, which was designed for professionals like you.
  • You will forget your tailor. Again, we mean it. Just because we believe that UniformsInStock is the only company that will bring you the best stitched blazers in the market. Our careful choice of blazer cloth as well as professional stitching and designing will get you satisfied. With practice comes perfection and UniformsInStock is in the market for a very long time now. Consider us your partner in process of blazer choice and feel the difference.
  • We will confuse you. What should I wear with a blazer is a question that every man and woman asks. Our blazers give you an executive look and fit in comfortably with every possible under layer that you could imagine. The point is simple; you will get confused what to wear with our blazers.

Fabrics used for blazers

As mentioned, your choice of fabric is very important. We use the right stuff with the right design. Some of the fabrics used for our gaming blazers include the following:

  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Silk

These fabrics are used to support the sustainability as well as luxury you are looking for. Our blazer range designed by Neil Allyn, Bolzano and Caravelli will make you look great, feel great, and always be comfortable and stylish. It’s the perfect look for anyone involved in the casino or gaming industry.

Our products

At UniformsInStock we have the right blazers for men and women to fit their needs and demands. Our Caitlin Women’s Eton Jacket will definitely impress and is very stylish. On the other hand, our popular  Spencer Men’s Eton Jacket is developed by Neil Allyn and will make anyone look great. The lapels of our Maxwell Park Men’s Blazer will keep your shirt collars in line, and is very comfortable to wear.

UniformsInStock offers durability as well as sustainability so you don’t have to worry about getting value for money. We aim at turning you into a gentleman, and a stylish employee. Speak to our helpful agents today to find the perfect casino blazer for your unique needs. We can also assist you with branding for your uniforms, where you can add your company logo or slogan to your blazers.

 For more information about our selection of gaming blazers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. "Holden" Men's Eton Jacket


    "Holden" Men's Eton Jacket
    $56.95 As low as $37.02
  2. "Spencer" Men's Eton Jacket


    "Spencer" Men's Eton Jacket
    $52.95 As low as $34.42
  3. "Maggie" Henry Segal Women's Eton Jacket


    "Maggie" Women's Eton Jacket
    $56.95 As low as $37.02
  4. Women's Grey Veronica Blazer


    "Veronica" Women's Blazer
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  5. "Oliver" Men's Blazer


    "Oliver" Men's Blazer
    $77.95 As low as $50.67
  6. "Isabella" Women's Blazer


    "Isabella" Women's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  7. "Winston" Men's Blazer


    "Winston" Men's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  8. "Alberto" Men's Blazer


    "Alberto" Men's Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $45.57
  9. Women's Value Blazer


    Women's Value Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $59.46
  10. Edwards Mens Value Blazer


    Men's Value Blazer
    $69.95 As low as $59.46
  11. "Asher" Men's Blazer


    "Asher" Men's Blazer
    $74.95 As low as $48.72
  12. "Caitlin" Women's Eton Jacket


    "Caitlin" Women's Eton Jacket
    $52.95 As low as $34.42
  13. Women's Blazer


    Women's Blazer
    $78.95 As low as $51.32