Construction Outerwear

As a construction worker or contractor, your working environment can change almost instantly. Working in different climatic conditions or different elements requires protective construction outerwear. It’s important that you pick the right type of outerwear that can withstand the extremes of the cold or hot season. When you find a name you can trust, it’s easy to get the clothing you need.

Within the construction industry, you need construction outerwear that will offer comfort and durability. You need to know that your clothing can provide the protection and comfort you need while working onsite. Common knowledge stipulates that it’s wise to choose outerwear from trusted brands and designers. When you choose construction outerwear, it’s crucial to keep off the trimmings and instead, look for features that make work easy while giving you the comfort you deserve when executing unforgiving tasks.

What’s Important?

Workers at any construction site should have reliable outerwear. Whether it’s a chilly or a hot environment, there are rules to follow. For instance, you should know how to pick quality wear that assures you of comfort and durability. Equally, the outerwear you pick should be able to withstand heavy abrasion or friction. This is where you need to pick dense, rugged fabrics instead of light material that tears off easily. The outerwear garment you pick should have the perfect fit and should offer you freedom of movement.

Different types of construction wear can be classified as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). They should offer protection in busy work sites. If you want protection from elements, your outerwear should be water (rain) resistant. It’s advisable to choose garments that will dry fast, help you retain heat and protect you from harmful UV rays. You should make sure that there are additional features including high visibility and flame retardant properties.

In the construction sector, the ideal outerwear should be waterproof and breathable. It’s important to understand the breathability factor. This denotes the fabric’s capability to let vapor or heat escape. Workers who handle strenuous tasks sweat a lot. If the fabric is not breathable, it could mean drenching in sweat all day. This is not ideal for you as a worker. Equally, you should choose clothing that keeps out rainwater to avoid getting wet.

 Choose Functionality Not Frills

When you choose construction outerwear, it’s important that you opt for functionality instead of the bells and whistles. Check to see whether there are ample venting features. This will enhance breathability. There are other features you need to check out before you choose.

Workwear brands are subjected to extreme force and exertion. You need to wear jackets, coveralls, or work pants that are firm. Check to see if the fasteners such as zippers are made from rugged outerwear. Weak zippers can rip away in the middle of a demanding task and can lead to discomfort or poor productivity. You should ensure that rivets and tacks are in the right places; they will reinforce seams and keep pressure points intact.

Construction outerwear is prone to ripping, wear and tear. Thus, you should ensure that the stitching is a beyond what is normally found in standard clothes. It’s advisable to opt for double or triple stitching. Additional stitching makes the seams strong; if one row of stitches wears out, there is ready back up.

In a construction site, there are tasks that require welding or electric blow torches. Your outerwear should be heat resistant and flame retardant. The fabric should be rugged enough to withstand hot surfaces, sparks or flames.

Construction Work Jackets and Coats

On the construction site, your outerwear is the most critical layer of clothes. It should offer proper visibility and keep off harsh elements. You should choose fabrics that match with the task ahead. Don’t pick weaker fabrics or you risk injuries or recurring expenses buying new outerwear every time. On top of the weather resistant properties, ensure that the construction is rugged for durability. Cuffs should be adjustable or ribbed to enhance proper fit in a demanding work environment. Loose fitting arms and legs can get entangled and lead to injuries.

Coveralls and Overalls

Coveralls and overall are ideal for some tasks in the construction site. They are ideal when you have a demanding job that requires lots of kneeling, heaving, or moving around. You should opt for insulated coveralls if the weather is cold, or pick coverall fabrics if the work is being done in summer. Remember to check whether there are other useful features such as double leg zippers that reach up to the waist. These will help you wear or glide the coveralls. You should include utility pocket, hammer loops and gusseting and double knees for added knee or elbow protection.

Our Outerwear Collection

At UniformsInStock, you can’t simply exhaust our construction outerwear collection. We have all types of rugged outerwear for different construction sites and tasks. Browse our collection and sample a variety of contractor coveralls, heavy duty parkas, Hi-Visibility Safety Vest and jacket and work pants. We have outerwear made by leading designers and they come in a variety of colors. We stock garments made out of quality fabrics including pure cotton, polyester, polyester blends, and a variety of flame resistant materials

We have the experience and the inventory to satisfy your needs. We stock protective outerwear for men and women like the Men's Flame-Resistant Work Coat - 9 Oz. Surprisingly, we have an in-house team that will help you find your dream jacket or coverall. Our website is easy to navigate given the intelligent features on board. Talk to us and enjoy the best prices, fast shipping, and a money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our delivery.

For more information about our construction outerwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Hi-Visibility Safety Vest


    Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  2. Red Kap Men's Black Zip in Zip Out Liner


    Zip-In/Zip-Out Liner
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  3. Red Kap Men's Charcoal Quilted Vest


    Quilted Vest
    $34.95 As low as $22.72
  4. Slash Pocket Jacket


    Slash Pocket Jacket
    $40.95 As low as $26.62
  5. Solid Team Jacket


    Solid Team Jacket
    $41.95 As low as $27.27
  6. Red Kap Men's Brown Blended Duck Insulated Vest


    Blended Duck Insulated Vest
    $55.95 As low as $36.37
  7. Duo-Tone Team Jacket


    Duo-Tone Team Jacket
    $49.95 As low as $32.47
  8. Men's Black Work Jacket


    Mens's Wrangler Work Jacket
    $63.95 As low as $41.57
  9. Enhanced Visibility Perma-Lined Panel Jacket


    Perma-Lined Panel Jacket
    $67.95 As low as $44.17
  10. Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket


    Blended Duck Zip Front Hooded Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  11. Soft Shell Jacket


    Soft Shell Jacket
    $78.95 As low as $51.32
  12. Blended Duck Chore Coat


    Blended Duck Chore Coat
    $83.95 As low as $54.57
  13. Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR


    Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  14. Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration


    Hi- Visibility Ike Jacket-Class 3 Level 2 X Stripping Configuration
    $107.95 As low as $70.17
  15. Deluxe Contractor Coverall


    Deluxe Contractor Coverall
    $112.95 As low as $73.42
  16. Gripper-Front Coverall


    Gripper-Front Coverall
    $114.95 As low as $74.72
  17. 213 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    7 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  18. Industrial Coverall


    Industrial Coverall
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  19. Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $120.95 As low as $85.12
  20. Black Heavyweight Parka


    Heavyweight Parka
    $125.95 As low as $81.87
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