Construction Work Pants

Whether you are a handyman, plumber, or any other worker on a construction site, you need to have the best gear for the job. It’s important that you have the right pair of reliable work pants available, to be safe, comfortable and productive. A construction site requires work pants that are hardwearing and comfortable. There are different types of work pants made from different fabrics. Before you pick one, it’s important that you know how to choose the pair that matches the tasks and work environment.

Types of work pants

Of the many types of work pants that are suitable for a construction site, dungarees stand out. They come with a spacious seat area and thigh areas. There are pants with more material than the conventional pair of jeans. A pair of dungarees sits naturally at the waist and they are durable. Usually, they come with a spacious leg opening that covers your work boots perfectly.

  • Cargo pants. Cargo pants are almost similar to jeans in terms of material. However, they have an added advantage over jeans and other types of work pants. These come designed with more pockets. The pockets are spacious and are able to hold more tools than any other work pants. They provide a loose fit compared to traditional work pants.
  • Double knee work pants. With many work pants, the abrasion subjected to the knee area leads to faster wear or tear. With double knee work pants, you will enjoy durability from the additional layer. Even though they might cost more compared to single layered pants, you will enjoy longer service and protection.
  • Carpenter pants. Carpenter pants can be distinguished from other types by the loose flexible fit. This enables a wearer to squat and move with ease. They also feature pockets, tabs, and loops that make it easy to move around with tools. They also have a wide waist that makes it easy for one to wear a tool belt.

Choosing the Best Construction Work Pants

Before you shop or choose work pants for the construction site, it’s important that you consider your profession. You want a pair with a rugged and sturdy construction. It’s important to look at the fabric to weigh its durability. You want dungarees or work jeans that will withstand the rigors and pressure of the demanding construction work site.

It’s important to analyze the weather before you pick your work pants. If you are working in a cold region, flannel or fleece-lined pair will keep you comfortable. If you are in hot weather, choose work pants whose fabric offers great breathability. It’s advisable to look for hardwearing material that allows heat to escape.

Construction work comes with various hazards. It’s important to choose work pants that are not too long. Long pants can get disentangled in machinery and they could hamper swift movement. If you chose pants that are too short, it could mean reduced protection around the leg opening. Make sure you find the right height.

Comfort within the construction site is crucial. When choosing your construction work pant, you should pay close attention to the fit. There are pants that come with loose, slim, classic, relaxed or a straight fit. You should look at the leg opening and whether it will be compatible with your work boots. Always choose pants that enable you to move comfortably. You can try to push your fingers between the waistband and your body. If you push the whole hand in, the pair could be oversized for you.

It’s important to consider the color of the construction work pant. Don’t wear bright colors, since it’s a messy construction site. You should opt for darker colors that are able to hide stains and dirt.

Work pant fabrics have different weights and density. Lightweight fabrics mean lighter pants as long as you are sure about the durability factor. Avoid stiff fabrics that feel rough against the skin. It’s important that you feel and try pants such that you pick one that offers comfort and durability.

The construction work pant market is always teeming with brands. It’s important to choose the trusted names instead of the little-known brands. If you buy imitation work wear, they are likely to wear and tear fast. Even though they might appear like they are professionally constructed, they may not offer the perks that trusted brands have in store. If you are purchasing online, you should contact the customer support department for advice on sizes, comfort, and available designs.

 Work pants should offer comfort and easy mobility. You still need to look at the added features on a pair. Check to see whether there are pockets that can hold additional work tools and gadgets. The pair should be easy to clean. Since they are always subjected to intense exertion, the construction should be sturdy. You need to evaluate maintenance and care and choose pants that are easy to clean.

Our Construction Work Pants

When you buy construction work pants from UniformsInStock, you enjoy durability and comfort with each pair. We have a wide range of work pants with different styles and patterns, for instance, the Women's Utility Pant. Our color range is impressive and we have different fabrics ranging from cotton, denim (like the Men's Relaxed Essential Jean), cotton blends, and polyester. We have the best prices and we enhance your convenience by shipping your order on the same day. Our site is easy to navigate and if you have questions, we have a team of knowledgeable experts to assist you. Talk to us today and get the best value for your money!

For more information about our work pants, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Men's Dura-Kap Industrial Pant


    Men's Dura-Kap Industrial Pant
    $20.95 As low as $13.62
  2. Men's Relaxed Essential Jean


    Men's Relaxed Essential Jean
    $21.95 As low as $14.27
  3. Women's Charcoal Dura Kap Industrial Pant


    Women's Dura-Kap Industrial Work Pant
    $22.95 As low as $14.92
  4. Men's Relaxed Fit Jean


    Men's Relaxed Fit Jean
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  5. Men's Ridgid Denim Classic Jean


    Men's Classic Rigid Jean
    $23.95 As low as $15.57
  6. Men's White Specialized Work Pant


    Men's Specialized Work Pant
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  7. Men's Stonewashed Loose Fit Dunagree


    Men's Loose Fit Dungaree
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  8. Men's Prewashed Indigo Classic Work Jean


    Men's Classic Work Jean
    $24.95 As low as $16.22
  9. Women's Black Utility Pant


    Women's Pleated Chino Utility Pant
    $25.95 As low as $22.06
  10. Women's Utility Pant


    Women's Utility Pant
    $25.95 As low as $22.06
  11. Women's Dark Navy Pleated Pant


    Women's Pleated Utility Pant
    $29.95 As low as $25.46
  12. Women's Charcoal NMotion Pant


    Women's Work NMotion Pant
    $30.95 As low as $22.03
  13. Women's Cargo Pant


    Women's Cargo Pant
    $31.95 As low as $27.16
  14. Women's Rugged Comfort Mid-Rise Pant


    Women's Rugged Comfort Mid-Rise Pant
    $32.95 As low as $28.01
  15. Women's Black Mid Rise Hospitality Pant


    Women's Mid-Rise Hospitality Pant
    $33.95 As low as $28.86
  16. Women's Chino Pant


    Women's Chino Pant
    $33.95 As low as $28.86
  17. Women's Tan Chino Pant


    Women's Pleated Chino Pant
    $33.95 As low as $28.86
  18. Men's Duck Dungaree


    Men's Duck Dungaree
    $35.95 As low as $23.37
  19. Women's Khaki Pleated Pant


    Women's Pleated Pant
    $35.95 As low as $30.56
  20. Women's Flat Front Pant


    Women's Flat Front Pant
    $35.95 As low as $30.56
  21. Men's Navy Plain Front Work Pant


    Wrangler Men's Plain Front Work Pant
    $36.95 As low as $24.02
  22. Women's Easy Fit Chino Pant


    Women's Easy Fit Chino Pant
    $37.95 As low as $32.26
  23. Women's Cargo Chino Pant


    Women's Cargo Chino Pant
    $37.95 As low as $32.26
  24. Women's Easy Fit Flat Front Pant


    Women's Easy Fit Flat Front Pant
    $39.95 As low as $33.96