Construction Work Shorts

Protective clothing, including construction work shorts, should provide protection to workers against hazards on site. Shorts are a great option for a construction site, especially in summer. They offer sufficient cooling working in hot conditions. Even though they are not as ideal to protect the wearer from cuts and grazes, they require additional precautions. If you are handling a task with minimal risks, shorts are the ideal option when you don’t want to feel burdened by coveralls or work jeans.

Durable Construction

Construction work shorts have many options. You can choose to dress in khaki, cargo or jeans shorts. You will appear stylish and professional if you pick a pair that is wrinkle resistant and one that can repel stains. It’s important that you pick the right fabrics to enhance neatness and hygiene. You should choose materials that are comfortable, durable and with stretch properties for easy movement. It’s advisable to check for reinforcements such as bar tack on stress areas. This will ensure that your work short is able to stand up to the rugged tasks on a construction site.

Design and Storage Features

You have a plethora of factors to consider when selecting a pair of construction shorts. You want to enhance convenience on the job and as such, you need to pick a pair that has enough pockets and storage features. It helps to look at pocket designs, choose a pair that has useful features such as hammer loops or cell phone pockets. This will enhance productivity and ease of tasks. When you choose shorts, check whether the inseam length is sufficient, longer inseams give a wearer added protection. You should check the fastening method and the type of waistband. This helps to boost comfort and ensures the shorts fit securely.

If you are buying construction work shorts, you should assess the crucial aspects, especially for your employees who will be wearing the shorts. It helps to choose durable shorts such that you don’t incur more costs replacing them all the time. For added comfort, you should choose a pair that is abrasion free and one that feels soft against the skin. The shorts should have a rugged surface to withstand the friction applied by the surroundings, or the machinery you will be working with.

Durable Construction

To enhance durability, you should look at the short’s construction style. Your rugged shorts should be able to withstand constant washing, especially if you subject them to heavy duty machine washing. The stitching should be sturdy with reinforcements to reduce ripping or bursting seams. Choosing work shorts with a weak construction could mean fast wear and tear. Your shorts should not depreciate fast and they should offer you flexibility on the go.

When it comes to the fabric, you can opt for heavy duty canvas or cotton. Cotton canvas is ideal since it can withstand the strains of a construction site and it’s the perfect choice for comfort in a dirty work site. Your shorts will be rubbing against machines, work benches or concrete beams. It’s crucial to look for fabrics with a good abrasion rating.

Fit and Feel

Construction shorts should fit with the application or task in hand. Other than the rugged fabrics, choose materials that offer you easy mobility. The goal is to be able to move in an unrestricted manner and still enjoy utmost protection. Don’t go for shorts that are too tight or too baggy. The additional fabric swaying around machines can get caught up in the cogs and lead to injuries. To get the perfect fit, try as many shorts as you can and let the nature of your work dictate the best option.

Choosing the Right Shorts Fabric

Choosing the ideal fabric for construction work shorts isn’t easy. Whereas you want to be careful about the budget, don’t choose cheap materials. High-quality fabrics can be costly, but you need to know that cheaply is expensive. If you want value for money, stick to renowned brands or products from trusted designers. You may need to factor in the length of the shorts, the style and the type of fiber used; natural or synthetic.

You need to look for the pros and cons of selecting natural, synthetic or blended fiber before you spend money. Sometimes, synthetic fibers are not ideal when working in hot conditions; they lead to excessive body odor retention. When you choose shorts made from natural fibers, it’s an environmental advantage. There are hardly any chemical processes used to create or treat the fabric. Cotton fabrics are breathable and they have superb moisture wicking capacity. When you want the right construction work shorts, the options are endless. There are many trusted online retailers such as UniformsInStock. It’s advisable to shop with retailers who have a wide variety of short, you can benefit from discounts and great prices

Our Construction Shorts

When you shop for construction shorts from UniformsInStock, you get different short sizes, designs, and colors. We have a superb collection that is perfect for men and women. Our prices are enviable and our products come from some of the leading designers and industry brands. Place your order and we shall initiate shipping the same day. We offer exceptional customer service and we refund customers, who are unhappy with our products. For convenience on site, try the easy to maintain Men's Wrinkle Resistant Cargo Short, or you can choose the Women's Plain Front Work Shorts. Ask our experts for assistance, if you are lost with the options available. We strive to offer exactly what you are looking for.

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