Fire & EMS Outerwear

Today, there are different types of specialized uniforms for dangerous careers. For instance, if you work in the emergency response profession, you will need the right outerwear to protect your EMS uniform. EMS outerwear can be unisex or designed for men and women. Women can opt for pants instead of dresses for convenience purposes. The logos and colors can be unique for easy identification. Some of the outerwear can be customized for branding purposes.

EMS outerwear should be durable enough to withstand many laundry sessions. EMS garments are exposed to all manner of dirt, spills and stains. You need to wash them thoroughly sometimes using heavy duty industrial means. The garments should be manufactured from hardwearing materials that are not easy to disintegrate. It’s advisable that you chose outerwear that is wrinkle and fade resistant. You won’t look competent if you have EMS attire that looks faded and worn out.

EMS outerwear and outerwear are exposed to dirt and intense wear and tear. Sometimes, on long shifts, the outerwear may become oiled and may need to be replaced. You should have different types of outerwear at your disposal. However, you should choose outerwear that can handle any emergency situation that might come your way. It’s important to go for fabrics that repel stains, water, and even flames.

EMT specialists can face different rescue situation that can be very involving. When you head out to a given location, you need to move with ease. You might be helping people out of collapsed buildings or in deep ditches. The outerwear you pick should offer you exceptional mobility. If it’s too tight on top of your other clothing layers, it could hamper success. Always look for outerwear that is comfortable and with great stretch properties.

Distinguishable Outerwear

An emergency medical technician is trained to attend the needs of injured persons in an emergency. The outerwear you pick should be easy to distinguish. Once on the scene, you should be able to identify your team with ease. You can opt for jackets or pants with reflective or high visibility features. The logos are equally important, especially when you want to manage a trauma scene. Victims want to know that someone is in charge. If you have standard clothes, you may not look as a professional for such situations.

The emergency response personnel are at times forced to go through difficult terrain and environments. The EMS outerwear for such tasks should be warm, water resistant and protective. The uniform should be functional and light in weight. Wearing cumbersome outerwear can compromise your performance in a situation where split second decisions have to be made. During the hot moths, light outerwear is ideal while heavier fabrics will work well in winter.

To do their work efficiently, EMTs require utmost protection from chemical spills and contamination. The ideal EMS outerwear should keep the technician safe from spilt blood or other body fluids. You need to ensure that these garments are made from stain resistant and non-leak material that keep such fluids or spills from making body contact.

When you reach out to an EMS outerwear supplier, you need to be sure that they are professional and trusted in the industry. Always choose high-quality outerwear, instead of saving money by choosing cheap garments that will last for a short time, then you have to make another purchase, therefore, end up spending more. It’s important to contact retailers, who offer the best customer services. You should look for an in-house team to answer your queries forthwith. You should place your order after ascertaining that you have garments that have the perfect fit for your personnel

When you choose fabrics for your EMS outerwear, there are several aspects to consider. It’s the fabric that determines durability, mobility, and performance. Choose fabrics that can last even with the demanding rescue missions. It will help you save since you don’t have to keep replacing jackets or coveralls. It’s important to look at the climate and choose the right fabrics for to suit the immediate environment.


It’s important to note that the fabric you choose will determine the maintenance steps to take. You need to know whether the garments will do with a simple home wash or you have to involve industrial washing. You need to pick materials that are engineered to release soil or stains fast. This will preserve the fabrics better if you have to clean it every now and then. If you have to bleach, choose fabric blends that can withstand industrial bleaches. Remember to check the color retention aspect. You want to dress in an outerwear that looks new after every wash.

To make maintenance work easy, choose a fabric that doesn’t have to be ironed every time. Wrinkle resistant fabrics are ideal for these garments chose fabrics that have water repelling properties. There are times you have to attend an emergency in heavy rain conditions. Water proof jackets or pants will keep you dry and you can perform excellently. It’s also advisable to choose fabrics that excel in wicking away sweat without retaining body odors.

Our EMS Outerwear

Shop for EMS outerwear at UniformsInStock and get solutions for your emergency needs. Our EMS outerwear collection is impressive. We have the right sizes for men and women. Our color range is perfect for different situations. We have a range of sizes to fit different body sizes. Try the Deluxe Coverall - 5.8 OZ with seven utility pockets, or the Men's Hi-Visibility Flame-Resistant Rain Bib Overall. For extreme conditions, the Deluxe Insulated Coverall will keep you warm as you handle your rescue mission. Check our amazing prices and talk to our design team to get you the right outerwear as a professional EMS technician.

For more information about our EMS outerwear, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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  1. Hi-Visibility Safety Vest


    Hi-Visibility Safety Vest
    $13.95 As low as $9.07
  2. Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR


    Classic Coverall - EXCEL FR
    $88.95 As low as $57.82
  3. Deluxe Contractor Coverall


    Deluxe Contractor Coverall
    $112.95 As low as $73.42
  4. Gripper-Front Coverall


    Gripper-Front Coverall
    $114.95 As low as $74.72
  5. 213 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    7 OZ Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  6. Industrial Coverall


    Industrial Coverall
    $116.95 As low as $76.02
  7. Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Deluxe Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $120.95 As low as $85.12
  8. Deluxe Coverall


    Deluxe Coverall
    $134.95 As low as $87.72
  9. Deluxe Coverall - 7 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 7 OZ
    $136.95 As low as $89.02
  10. Premium Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Premium Coverall - EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $136.95 As low as $89.02
  11. Classic Coverall - 9 OZ EXCEL FR ComforTouch


    Classic Coverall - 9 OZ EXCEL FR ComforTouch
    $144.95 As low as $94.22
  12. Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ
    $146.95 As low as $95.52
  13. Women's Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ


    Women's Deluxe Coverall - 9 OZ
    $148.95 As low as $96.82
  14. Deluxe Contractor Coverall - 7 OZ


    Deluxe Contractor Coverall - 7 OZ
    $168.95 As low as $109.82
  15. Deluxe Coverall - 5.8 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 5.8 OZ
    $169.95 As low as $110.47
  16. Contractor Coverall - 4.5 OZ


    Contractor Coverall - 4.5 OZ
    $176.95 As low as $115.02
  17. Duck Unlined Bib Overall


    Duck Unlined Bib Overall
    $180.95 As low as $117.62
  18. Premium Coverall - CSA Compliant Reflective Trim


    Premium Coverall - CSA Compliant Reflective Trim
    $210.95 As low as $137.12
  19. Unlined Bib Overall


    Unlined Bib Overall
    $214.95 As low as $139.72
  20. Deluxe Coverall - 4.5 OZ


    Deluxe Coverall - 4.5 OZ
    $216.95 As low as $141.02
  21. Premium Coverall - Nomex


    Premium Coverall - Nomex
    $220.95 As low as $143.62
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